How to Get Internet Browser on Roku | Best Ways

What’s Roku?

Internet browser on Roku: Started nearly 13 years ago, Roku is now one of the top digital streaming platforms on the internet. The quality of content and the products that Roku offers to its customers are one of a kind. But when you want to browse something on Roku, the options are really limited and your fun may limit to an extent.

But this doesn’t make Roku any less interesting since you can do much more than just browsing and in fact, you can do browsing too on the internet that too on Roku!

Internet browser on Roku may not be present by default but that doesn’t mean you can’t install one. So let’s kick off our article and see what are the top browsers that you can use on Roku.

Best 3 Ways How to USE Internet Browser on Roku

How o Get Internet browser on roku


Opera is one of the best way to download roku app. Talking about best browsers and not listing opera is simply not possible. Opera is one of the best browsers that keep on being at the top for every platform. From Windows to android to mac and iOS everywhere opera has established its brand name.

And in a similar sense, Opera is also one of the best browsers that you can use on Roku. Just connect your streaming device with your PC and simply launch the browser. Use any general keys on the keyboard to make searches. The ultra-lightweight of Opera with its ultra-fast user response makes it one of the smoothest browsers for Roku.

Web browser X

Another one on the list for top browsers is the Web browser X. The name is famous because Web Browser X provides one of the best internet browsing facilities on Roku. The only drawback comes when you want to search youtube videos or play videos on any other websites.

That’s where the Web browser X lags a bit and doesn’t perform well, but everything else is fine and excellent. From browsing pages to making bookmarks every facility is available on Web Browser X.

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Web Video caster

Next on the top browser list is the Web video caster designed for Roku. This app lets you browse different websites on the internet and also allows you to watch TV and other shows online.

Live streams and other live shows can also be watched using a web video caster. But, you have to keep in mind that this one is paid and the subscription comes at $4.99 per month. Roku Tv is also supported with this and you can virtually visit any website that you want on the internet.


The list simply doesn’t end here as there are many more browser options available out there for you. But these are the best ones that you can use for your Roku. With options there come a lot of drawbacks like lagged performances, not supporting media, and many more.

So make sure you research well before downloading and start using one of the browsers. Everyone will have different needs and hence will be needing different browsers.

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