Alternative App Store for iOS, iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Alternative App Store/ 3rd Party Apps iOS: Apple’s tight security system can be both a boon and a curse. They are quite strict when it comes to privacy policy and allow highly secure apps to run on their OS. Although the App Store has several interesting apps but most of them are either limited to a specific region or you need to pay for them.

But App Store is not the only place where you can download apps for your device, there are some interesting iOS app store alternatives where you can find interesting apps for your Apple device. Here is a list of 3rd party app stores for iPhones.

Alternative App Store for iOS, iPhone, iPad | 3rd Party Apps iOS Free No Jailbreak

alternative app store ios iphone ipad

1. AppCake

You can download some interesting free apps from AppCake. The best part of using this platform is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone. It is also a virus free and you can use it without using your Apple id details. Apple doesn’t get to track what you are downloading from AppCake. You can download AppCake here.

2. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is another iOS app store alternative that offers several applications, games and tweaks for your iOS device. You can download modified and free games on your iPhone. There is no need to root your iPhone to install Panda Helper. Although there are both VIP and free versions of the Store available, the free version has enough exciting freebies for your iPhone. You can download Panda Hepler here.

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3. Build Store

Mario and Pokemon fans having an iPhone miss playing the game on their phones because Apple doesn’t allow them to download these games. However, Build Store allows you to download not just Pokemon and Mario but several other games that you don’t get on App Store. They keep updating their Store every month with new emulators, games, tweaks and apps. You can download Build Store here.

4. TutuApp

Get access to thousands of games, apps and emulators with TutuApp. You can access their Store on your iPhone without having to jailbreak your device. It is a trusted platform and there are several iOS users who are already using it with ease. The platform is known for having interesting apps that haven’t yet been released on other platforms. Here you can know about tutuapp alternatives. You can download TutuApp here.

5. TopStore

TopStore is another alternative app store for iOS users. The Store has been exclusively created for iPhones, iPod and iPad devices. They have both free and a VIP version of the platform. You can get access to tweaked apps without having to jailbreak your iOS devices. You can download TopStore here.


There are other alternative app stores available for iOS users, but the ones we have listed down above are reliable, safe, easy to use and require no jailbreaking of your iOS devices. Download one that best suits your requirements.

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