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Best Avast Alternative for Antiviruses Free: The use of technology in our daily lives has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. Laptops quickly replaced physical registers and mobile phones quickly replaced the landlines. These two things have advanced so much that for many industries today, an employee’s workplace can be inside his own laptop!. Can you imagine thinking about this 10-15 years ago?

But along with advancement came many downsides too, like in today’s life security of your identity and security of your details be it your payment, your address, your emails, all are at risk at all times. And to secure this information people use antiviruses like Avast in the laptop to be safe from any type of cyber attack. And Avast is one of the most popular options for many people.

But sadly, the high scanning time plus usage of a high amount of processor plus multiple bugs makes it a little bit annoying. So, today we will look upon some of the most loved Avast alternatives based on people’s reviews online. We will be showing you the best antiviruses you can use which are not only fast, but light and also better at many places.

5 Best Avast Alternatives you can use | Avast Alternative

avast alternative free

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1. Kaspersky

avast alternative free kaspersky

Apart from Avast, Kaspersky is one of the names which is considered very much reliable in the antivirus segment. The application not only gives you regular updates but also has an option of real-time continuous scanning feature which will scan your computer immediately whenever there seems a threat.

Also, the load Kaspersky puts on your computer is far less than what Avast has. In addition to all this, Karsperky can be your all-in-one antivirus since it provides file protection, password, web antivirus, and much more. 

2. Malwarebytes

malwarebytes avast alternative free

Another name on which you can trust your personal details to be safe is Malwarebytes. The application provides an all-around cybersecurity option and is favorable to use for both personal and office use.

The company provides services to its users who can use the antivirus(once purchased) on any number of computers from 1 to 99. Also, for official use, you can contact Malwarebytes and take solutions based on your company size.

3. Norton 

Norton avast alternative free

Another name that has grown because of its stellar product is Norton. The best feature about Norton antivirus is that you can buy packages based on your user activity.

Therefore, people who use computers a lot to people who use computers not very often have a choice to secure their computers appropriately. From VPN to a password manager and a robust all-time security system, Norton can be your choice if you want to have a strong and tailormade antivirus.

4. AVG

avg avast alternative free

AVG is one of the best avast alternative free. Till now, if we consider the load an antivirus has on your computer, AVG will win the race to be the best and most lightweight antivirus you can have. And AVG is not only the lightest but also considered one of the fastest antiviruses online. With an option to customize your security AVG makes sure its customers are getting what they want.

From file security to password manager, you will get everything in AVG. Also, the information like password, etc kept by AVG is secured in cloud-based solutions and hence are 100% secure and kept confidential forever.

5. Microsoft Defender

Microsoft defender avast alternative free

Microsoft defender is one choice that everyone has because we get this software for free once we install any Microsoft windows version. Recently, Microsoft has announced that they have increased the security features of the defender and are boasting it to be one of the most secured antiviruses you can use.

Along with very little space and memory usage, the defender is also very fast and easy to configure. Also, it runs at all times and is hence designed in such a way that the running software doesn’t even bother you at any time when it comes to processing speeds.


Antiviruses are a crucial part of your security. Hence always research before you buy/choose any one software for your computer/company. Along with money used to buy the packages, there is a lot at stake since it safeguards your personal details. Therefore, always use a reliable and most used antivirus.

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