5 Best Flash Player Alternatives 2021

When Adobe announced its stand on Flash Player, many users were left with the question about the best flash player alternatives. Here is the answer.

In 2017, Adobe announced that it is going to stop supporting Flash Player from December 2020. The same happened on the 31st December 2020. Adobe obstructed Flash content from operating in Flash Player starting 12th January 2021. If you have been using Flash Player, you might have started looking for a Flash Player alternative.

As per the strong recommendation of Adobe, you might have uninstalled Flash Player. Now, let us gather some details about the top 5 alternatives to Flash Player:

Best Flash Player Alternatives to Replacement to Adobe 2021

Top Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives 2021, 2021

1. Lightspark

Lightspark is one of the best top adobe flash player alternative 2021, 2020

Lightspark is a free downloadable and open-source SWF player. It was developed under the terms of LGPL volume 3. A group of graduates from Carnegie Mellon University, who thought of finding a Flash Player alternative developed Lightspark. Even though they had no clues about programming, they developed this SWF Player, which already won the hearts of many users.

It encompasses a browser-based online forum and it provides mobile support like iOS and Android. Also, it is beneficial being an open-source service and by providing contact support.

2. HTML5

html5 is one of the best top adobe flash player alternative 2021, 2020

Again, HTML5 is being used by many techies as the best Flash Player alternative. Its purpose is to structure web documents via a series of attributes, elements, tags and text. It translates what the person browsing the web sees on the browser.

It is a great alternative because it comes with better audio and video capabilities that you were so far enjoying with Flash Player. Also, this successor of HTML comes with new elements with all the flaws associated with the parent version removed. 

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3. Photon Flash Player and Browser

Photon Flash Player and Browser is one of the best top adobe flash player alternative 2021

Have you ever thought of using a browser as a Flash Player alternative? Photon Flash Player and Browser is such a service for you. Yes, it is a browser that supports Flash Player.

With this tool, you can have a better advantage over other alternatives. Do you know why? You need not have to install a separate app to your system or phone for supporting flash content. With this Flash-based web browser, you will get to see content and icons that use Flash.

4. Gnash

Gnash is one of the best top adobe flash player alternative 2021, 2020

Gnash is a dependable Flash Player alternative. It pays attention to being a robust media player to play Flash-based multimedia files. It can function smoothly on PCs and you can add its plugins to some web browsers like Firefox.

Also, it efficiently supports SWF version 7 as it is GameSWF based. Nevertheless, there is an issue with this alternative for Windows PCs. The issue is that it does not get regular updates for Windows. So, it cannot support SWF version 10. 

5. Ruffle

Ruffle is one of the best top adobe flash player alternative 2021, 2020

Of course, Ruffle is not exactly a Flash Player. However, it functions as an efficient emulator for Flash Player. Nevertheless, it can effectively replace Flash Player. In the present situation, this tool is compatible with all major operating systems.

Further, it is an open-source and free alternative written in Rust. Irrespective of whether you use Linux, Mac or Windows OS, you will find this tool the best Flash Player Alternative.


Out of these five, you might be wondering, which one is the best. To the best use and personal experiences of many users, HTML 5 stands out from the rest. It provides benefits like social media accessibility, browser and cross-platform support to name a few.

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