10 Best Download iOS Emulator Window PCs 2021

Best iOS Emulator Windows for PC: Many people often wonder how the iOS experience really is just because they don’t own an iPhone/iPad yet. Enter iOS Emulators for the PC. If you want to run iOS apps on your personal computers, iOS simulators can be functionary.

People often search for the best iOS emulator Windows for PC in the market that can run iOS applications on your desktop. There is a lot of content available on the Internet to confuse and misguide people. These people give up hope believing that relevant content is hard to find.

Note: Do not waste your time as it is important to firstly clear the exact meaning and functionality of emulators. Apple iOS software is one of the most secure OS that restricts the use of iPhone apps on other systems or any use of 3rd party apps on iPhone or iPad.

If your desire to run the iOS app store on other systems, it can be only done with the help of emulator app. For example, on Windows, emulator apps will work like just an iOS app that can be downloaded on your desktop. So, let’s understand what the best iPhone emulators available in the market that are reliable and easy to use.

What’s an iPhone Emulator or iOS Emulator Windows for PC ?

iOS Emulator Windows PC

An iPhone emulator is a virtual program that emulates the original iOS app to run on the Windows platform. Within the existing hardware, iPhone emulator creates an atmosphere that makes iOS apps and games run on your Windows PC.

Isn’t that cool? How awesome it would be to play the popular iOS-only game Infinity Blade or Final Fantasy on your Windows PC, and that too, for free of cost.

IMPORTANT:- iPhone emulators for PC are also used by app developers and testers most often. By utilizing such an emulator, developers can test the functionality of the apps much quickly and produce bug-free applications.

Advantages of iOS emulators

  • It is free of cost
  • It can be used for development & testing purposes
  • Can run on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

Disadvantages of iOS emulators

  • Though it has lots of advantages, iOS emulator for PC consumes a lot of RAM
  • Some apps can’t download iOS apps and games, though it claims
  • Lot of false information is available on the internet.

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Top 10 iOS Emulator Windows for PC Tested & Verified

  • Air iPhone

iOS Emulator Windows PC Air iPhone

To run Air iPhone iOS emulator, you need the Adobe Air Framework. If you’re looking for a seamless iOS experience on your PC, then Air iPhone is all you need. You get a virtual screen that is similar to your iPhone home screen from where you can run your favorite apps & games. You need to install this emulator with the help of Adobe Air.

Download here

  • Smartface

iOS Emulator Windws 10 for PC Free

This emulator is specially designed for professional app developers. It has one of the best features to test newly developed apps. It promotes cross platform development and tests the app on different screen resolutions. A good and clean emulator recommended for app development and testing. However, it doesn’t come cheap as the asking price is $99 along with a limited free edition.

Download here

  • iPadian

Download iOS Emulator Windows PC

The best iOS emulator to replicate the iPad interface on your PC is iPadian. Though it claims to allow users to download apps from the App Store, that isn’t true. As you launch the app, it works absolutely similar to an iPad interface. But it disappoints when you are unable to download the apps from the App Store. The positives are a clean interface, lag-free operation and ease of use.

Download here

  • io

appio donload windows

App.io is a very good iOS emulator available that is available for free on Windows. The emulator is quite user-friendly and the users do not face any trouble in setting it up. Users just need to sync the app bundle with the emulator and then users can use it as they want. It’s one of the chosen emulators to enjoy iOS games as well as perform cross-platform app testing.

Download here

  • MobiOne Studio

Download mobione studio ios emulator on windows

Though MobiOne emulator has been discontinued, it operates fine after downloading. It works for developers as it allows testing iOS apps and games on your desktop and performing cross platform application testing for smartphones. The app does not have many requirements and works effectively with limited hardware availability.

Download here

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  • iPhone Simulator

Download iphone simulator for windows

Great for beginners and especially used for games, iPhone Simulator is very to use and install. The best part is that it can be conveniently used for advanced users as well as beginners. As it is used for gaming, it offers amazing graphics. Replication of your iPhone can be easily done on your desktop and users can enjoy playing games from iOS store.

Download here

  • io

appetize download for ios emulator windows free 2021

Now Appetize.io is a great iPhone emulator for PC/Mac and works almost similar to App.io. The emulator has been made to run smoothly and in a very streamlined manner giving users a pleasant experience.

The app is also more leaning toward the developers who want to test out new apps. After launching the emulator, users may have to give it a bit of time to load the necessary assets, after which the program functions flawlessly.

Download here

  • iMame

Download mame ios emulator 2021 for windows pc

iMame is a good iPhone emulator allowing users to run games and other applications on your desktop. The basic purpose of the app is to allow users to run different iPhone apps on their PC. There would be no issues while using on desktop, as the emulator uses low system resources, has a user-friendly UI and is perfect for gaming.

Download here

  • Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3ds emulator download citra for windows pc 2021

This emulator is the best choice when you need an iPhone simulator especially for playing iOS games on Windows. The best part is that it also supports some popular 3D games. The Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the most recommended program when you desire to run high quality iOS games on your Windows PC.

Download here

  • Xamarin TestFlight

xamiran testfight download for windows pc 2021

Xamarin, which is now owned by Windows, makes a great iOS emulator for PC in the form of Xamarin TestFlight. Coming with plenty of functionality and Advanced support for developers, they can now test out and see their unreleased apps. Starting at $25 per month, the price is well spent on a great performing emulator with a beautiful user-interface.

Download here


So those were our best picks for 10 Best iOS emulators for PC. Let us know which ones worked for you and which ones didn’t so we can keep updating this list over time. On a side note, if you would like us to include more emulators to our list, be sure to comment below and they will be duly noted.

Lastly, we request you to share this article over social media with your friends and colleagues or anyone who’s interested in iOS emulators. We will be back with another useful guide soon.

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