Best MMORPG Games For iOS


Consider Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order if you’re looking for an iOS MMO game. This popular game is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. As one of the best iOS MMO games, you can choose to join a team or play alone as a silent observer. There are also many ways to customize your characters and level up using Skill Points, making it possible to build a perfect team for any occasion. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an ever-burgeoning community with various play styles.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution has excellent graphics and features among the best IOS MMORPG games. Players can play as different characters and compete against others in massive PvP worlds. Unlike other mobile MMORPG games, Lineage 2: Revolution allows players to create characters from various races and classes. You can also level up your character and join guilds to improve your overall ranking.

With various game modes, Lineage 2: Revolution is perfect for a casual or competitive player. The auto-battle mode lets you earn XP while you play without worrying about fighting. In addition, players can join guilds and fight together to defeat bosses and other players. These guilds can also be used to trade items and gear. However, these guilds and clans can only be formed by many players.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Lineage 2: Revolution was initially launched in Korea. While not a hugely popular title, its high-fidelity graphics, and RPG elements quickly earned it a following in the West. While Japanese audiences don’t love Asian-style MMORPGs, it was able to become the first mobile game to hit the iOS charts in that country.

Those looking for a mobile version of the critically-acclaimed PC game should look at Lineage 2: Revolution. The developers took the game and added more features, including a prequel to the original game. While the game uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine to produce its graphics, Lineage 2: Revolution is unique among mobile MMOs because it allows up to 200 players to fight each other in the same zone.

Old School RuneScape

As the long-running PC game, Old School RuneScape is now available on mobile, bringing it to a new audience. This release brings new features such as fishing spot indicators, Buff Bars, and entity highlights for NPCs. Additionally, the game team will post a how-to guide, known issues, and a space for feedback.

This iOS-exclusive MMO is packed with lore-rich quests and offers a unique gameplay experience. The game combines epic puzzles, enchanting storytelling, and point-and-click adventures with reflective elements. In addition, it features two raiding encounters with tyrannous vampires and undead dragons.

For a more traditional MMORPG experience, you can try Old School RuneScape. The game allows you to explore and gather items while also experiencing PvP combat with other players. Old School RuneScape is a great option for mobile devices, as it supports cross-play and offers several opportunities for player interaction. If you’re an old-school MMORPG fan, you’ll appreciate this game!

The game’s rich story and challenging combat make it an all-around game. Not only do you get to fight against other players, but you can also forge alliances with them, forge alliances, and ride into battle together. Old School RuneScape also has cross-platform compatibility and features console-quality graphics. It has a 3D fantasy world and thousands of troops.

While it’s true that Old School RuneScape is a browser-based MMO, it’s straightforward to play on a touch-screen device. Although you will be spending lots of time grinding to level up your skills and doing quests, this game is still enjoyable for players of any age. This game also features open-world PvP and NPCs.

School of Chaos Online

The best MMORPG games for iOS can be challenging to find, but these are the best ones you can play right now. School of Chaos Online is a 3D mobile game where kids battle each other in a school that is no longer has ruled after the teachers mysteriously vanish. This game features a large sandbox world, PvP, and tons of content, including a cash shop and user-created quests.

In this MMORPG, players must complete assignments and fight against monsters to advance in the game. The MMORPG is challenging and features a lot of difficulties, including deadly zombies. To overcome the problems, you should develop a battle strategy and prepare yourself for a tough time. It’s essential to combine intelligence and tactics to defeat the zombies. You must use the skills you learned in previous games to overcome these challenges.

The School of Chaos Online MMORPG is a fun game with many advantages for IOS users. The game is open and allows players to create character types without restrictions. Players can explore various exciting areas and develop a strong spiritual connection. School of Chaos Online is the best MMORPG for iOS because it lets you use your imagination to achieve your goals. Players can move around with a virtual joystick and use the primary action buttons with a virtual joystick.

Another excellent option for IOS users is the Amazon Appstore. It offers a curated catalog of mobile apps. There is also a School of Chaos Online MMORPG app for Windows. While Windows 11 does not support the app, you can install it on your Windows 10 PC via an emulator. And if you prefer an Android-based platform, you can also download the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).

Aurcus Online

Aurcus Online is a free-to-play MMO that flies under the radar most of its time on the Play store. You can make your character, raid with friends, and even engage in PvP combat with your fellow players. Aurcus Online also features easy-to-use combat controls, skill releases, and animations that make it easy to get into the action.

The game combines fantasy storylines and deep combat systems. The character customization tools are easy to use and offer a high level of freedom. Moreover, you can perform daily life activities with the character you create. If you’re tired of playing the same old MMORPGs, you can try Aurcus Online for free. You can download the game on your Android or iOS device to enjoy endless fun.

Aurcus Online is a mobile-friendly 3D MMORPG. Its combat system allows you to hit enemies at the correct range, resulting in more realistic battles. Another notable feature of this game is the inclusion of PVP competitions and the addition of new fields. This game has everything you could ever want from an MMORPG, including plenty of characters and action-packed combat!

Celtic Heroes is another excellent free MMORPG for Android. This game lets you create your character, engage in PvP, and raid boss battles with friends. The graphics and animations are stunning, and you can do impressive acrobatics and other fantastic skills. You can also use auto-play mode to save yourself from tedious tasks. The game is easy to play and requires no training, but there is an opportunity to improve and level up.


The Talion iOS MMORPG puts players in the role of Aegis, a powerful alliance that rules the world of flame judgment. In this action game, you will find three types of characters and up to 48 component types to choose from. Players can use their skills to overcome their opponents, complete quests, and become legendary heroes in the game. Players can use weapons, spells, and items to gain high levels.

One of the most significant flaws of Talion is that it focuses too much on its aesthetics. To make its characters look great, the developer shows a lot of detailed cutscenes up front, making every ability overly flashy. This is a good thing for graphics, but it comes at a cost. If you plan to play Talion for hours, you should ensure your device is plugged in. Talion also has a battery saver mode, but this merely blanks out the screen and is counterproductive to the goal of saving the battery.

Another excellent MMORPG for iOS is the legendary Dungeon Keeper. It is similar to the PC version in terms of features such as dungeons, daily, and party dungeons. This mobile version of Talion also has a handy auto-battle feature and is an excellent choice for beginners. It also allows players to customize their characters and choose from more than 1,500 quests.

Talion will launch in Australia in early 2014. While no official release date is set for a worldwide release, it’s expected to open up in Western countries later this year. This is an exciting MMO for the iOS platform and deserves to be played by all fans of mobile MMOs. It will be one of the best games of 2014, so make sure to get pre-registered before it releases!

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