Best MMORPG Games for iPhone and iPad (2021)

Best MMORPG Games 2021 – for iOS MMORPGs are one of the most popular games that attract huge players be it on the PC, consoles, or mobile devices. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games add a touch of warlike experiences, fantasy, camaraderie, adventure, and thrill elements not found in other games. In this article, we show you the best mmos for iPhone and iPad to play in 2021.

best mmorpg games

Why are MMORPGs so popular in the first place? These games are full of action-packed stories, strategic combats, and endless missions in immersive virtual worlds. Gamers get to travel to fantasy worlds to kill fearsome monsters with well-equipped lethal weapons and troops. Gamers can customize their characters with a range of facial features, wardrobe, versatile skills and powers.

12 Best MMORPG Games for iPad and iPhone in 2021 for iOS 13/14/15

1) Dawn of the Titans

The game mesmerizes with console-quality graphics and ultra-addictive gameplay. In the game, experience the war battle of colossal titans and thousands of warriors. Build your action strategy to capture the enemy’s land, grow your army, and fight to win.

In the 3D fantasy world, you can build your kingdom and dominate the giant titans equipped with gears and weapons. The awarded game enables gamers to enjoy real-time battle controls to rule the world. Here, you can unite with your friends and create alliances to expand your kingdom.

The supported devices for the game are the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


2) Black Desert Game

A multiplayer online role-playing game Black Desert is a great hit on PCs, consoles, and mobiles. With amazing graphics, gamers immerse into a world of quests.

In the game, you can gather resources, trade materials, and expand your camps. With breathtaking action and dynamic skills, gamers indulge in adventurous combats and fast-paced action. The game enables you to go beyond character customization by giving freedom in character building.


3) Raid- Shadow Legends

A visually stunning role-playing game where the gamers enter into the world of Teleria. The task is to save Teleria from the Dark Lord by recruiting champions in your team from 16 factions. Create a team with hundreds of warriors, Sorcerers, Undead, Knights, Elves, and Skinwalkers to dare your enemy.

The game is a classic example of ultimate adventure with a fully voiced background story. Gamers fight epic battles, gain power by vanquishing, take tough decisions, and strategize to lead the powerful conquests. With high ranks, you can empower your champions with unparalleled skills and healing powers.

To experience the dark fantasy world set in13 locations and voiced story, click the link to download the game from iTunes.


4) Order and Chaos

order and chaos mmorpg game

A game by Gameloft has 5 races available where Elves fight for human Order, Orcs, and Undead for Chaos, and Mendels are neutral. In the game, you can travel to the majestic world from dark forests to mountains and jungles with magic all around. With over 1200 quests in the game, you can interact with innumerable friends, enemies, and several characters. It’s a game of epic adventure and heroic fantasy. You can grow your teams with stronger powers and interact with team players. You can customize characters with over 15000 skills to explore in the adventurous battlefields. In the battle, you have to try to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to your region.


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5) Star Wars: Galaxy of Superheroes

star wars best mmorpg game

One of the oldest fantasy stories that have haunted your childhood, Star Wars is all about wars with iconic dark and light side heroes to become the master of the galaxy. In the game, you enjoy making strategies for battle squads, choosing team and Star War characters of every era such as The Rise of Skywalkers, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, etc.

Plan your game with powerful champions and defeat your opponents with improved RPG combat strategy. You get an opportunity to take smart and tactical decisions, unlock fun abilities, destroy enemies, and outsmart your opponents. You can also fight players in Squad Cantina Battles, Squad Tournaments, and PvP Squad Arena.


6) State of Survival: Zombie War

One of the greatest nightmares, the zombie disease has spread to the city. The infected are everywhere. You have to fight to survive. In the game, you can rebuild, rescue, fight, kill, socialize, and research. It’s a new and dangerous world. It’s not easy to survive with scarce resources and people dying everywhere.

With smart decisions, you have to build your settlement to create a safe dwell for survivors and create a large empire of humans. Try to save more and more people to enlarge your army with special abilities. Try to make allies and strategic partnerships to win the war against deadly zombies.


7) Villagers and Heroes

One of the best 3D MMORPG games on mobile for millennials who are game lovers. You enter a 3D world adorned with swords, dungeons, dragons, warriors, quests, sorcery, beasties, wizards, magic, and people.

The game has story-driven quests where you can customize your weapons and outfits with magical spells. Level up with your talents and abilities to beat the enemies and win seasonal event challenges.

Play the epic battles in real-time with the Elders of Mallok to win the best raid gear. You can customize 15 characters and choose challenging stories to play that are voiced by professional actors.


8) Toram Online

One of the most adventurous 3D games, Toram online has won the heart of thousands of gamers. In this exciting virtual world, you have to fight and beat the monsters challenging your strength. Amazing and breathtaking graphics give you the most thrilling experience. Armored with lethal weapons and power, kill the monsters and level up.

Have fun with the customization options, change your dress patterns, and add new skills and abilities to explore adventure.

You will also face random hurdles in the game, just gear up and fight to win. You can also create partners in the game and create your original land.


9) Adventure Quest 3D

As the name says, it’s a game of adventure lovers and fans of fantasy. A role-playing game where gamers enjoy a growing virtual world dominated with swords, sorcery, monsters, and deadly challenges. As you level up, you gain power. The game is very hard to play. There is more than a 90% chance that you would die when you start. It’s a crazy virtual world when challenges and deadly monsters ready to kill you.


10) Last day on Earth- Survival

It’s a future game of 2027, where the world is facing an outbreak with a deadly infection that has destroyed the human race. The dangerous part of the game is that the dead are turning into zombies. You are a survival shooter trying to survive by defeating the intruders.

In the game, try to survive the hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources, create weapons, and transport. Equip the survivor with a dangerous weapon that can hunt wild animals and infected zombies.


11) Crusaders of Light

With amazing graphics, the gamers immerse into the amazing virtual world. With more than 300 hours of gameplay and hundreds of paths, you can enter into a virtual fantasy. You have to prove yourself into an Arena Battle and unlock powerful gears.

Put your survival instincts and take part in Battle Royale mode to win. Show your skill sets and build your glory in the large scale battles.


12) Celtic Heroes

celtic heroes mmorpg game

A 3D game full of magic, adventure, and warcraft with stunning real-time graphics. You can team up with millions of players to enter the world full of challenging battles, adventurous battles, and heroic feats.



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