Best Sega Saturn Emulators 2022

Best Sega Saturn Emulator – In the last few years, gaming has taken a significant leap towards the future. It is still being shaped in front of our eyes, love or hate this constant progression; it is still going to happen. The downside of this progression is falling on the old generation gaming consoles. They are getting obsolete at a fast rate, making it kind of impossible to enjoy the hardcore style of the old generation games. However, the fans of the old generation games are still here and trying to jump many hoops to get their hands on their favorite old-gen console.

Old-gen consoles are discontinued but they can be accessed through specific dealers and online stores. This is a suitable option for the enthusiast players, only if they are ready to spend a lot of money for the gaming experience on an old console like Sega Saturn. On the other hand, employing a suitable Sega Saturn emulator will let you run the vintage games on your current platform, provided that you are okay with a bit of lag.

Sega Saturn

So, what is Sega Saturn?

To most people, this is a console unheard of before. But in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Sega Saturn was a popular moderately priced console. It was launched to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 1 but utterly failed due to its poor marketing strategy and inconsistencies with the games.

However, there is a small but real fan base that exists for the Sega Saturn games. They are the reason the Sega Saturn emulator is a popular topic these days. But it is also true that Sega Saturn is infamous for being difficult to emulate. So, you need to be very careful while choosing an emulator. So, it is best if you just stick to the list we have compiled. It includes only the top Sega Saturn emulators in the market; so, they are safe and you can expect greater performance.

Sega Saturn Emulators

10 Promising Sega Saturn Emulators for Windows PC, Linux and Android

Sega Saturn is hard to emulate. It is a well-known fact but in the past few years there have been several breakthroughs and the release of a few Sega Saturn emulators was one of them.

Sadly, not all of them were proven to be great or recommendable. But this is 2021 and we have come up with a few suggestions.

1) BizHawk


BizHawk is a very capable emulator and it is capable of emulating multiple more than a dozen consoles which includes Sega Saturn.

BizHawk also provides tools specifically designed for the speedrunners like slow-motion, advanced mapping key, and more. Besides this, it also provides the function for automating specific functions in a game. It is a good Sega Saturn emulator and you can expect great performance from it.

2) RetroArch


Another great Sega Saturn emulator is RetroArch. It is a very popular name among emulators that is compatible with 80 different consoles.

This emulator has the simplest operation, just load the Sega Saturn ROMs and start enjoying the retro games. However, if you are into a customized gaming experience, then you will also have a wide selection of features available to you.

3) SSF


The next Sega Saturn emulator on the list is called SSF. Yeah, it has a weird name but it also has a rare functionality. This emulator is capable of emulating games directly from the CD drive or the virtual drive.

Besides, the only special feature and a recording feature, this emulator has nothing more. Only a few sets of simple settings options are available on all the emulators on this list. But it is a reliable option and provides a stable gaming experience.

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4) Mednafen


Mednafen is similar to RetroArch, it can emulate several different consoles, even the most difficult ones. It has the potential to be an excellent Sega Saturn emulator but the UI is very problematic. If you are ready to withstand its UI issues, this is the emulator for you.

Although, this emulator provides users easy access and netplay is also available to enjoy the games online with other players. It is only available for Windows and Linux platforms.

5) Mednaffe


Mednaffe is a better version of Mednafen. It is a user-friendly Sega Saturn emulator with multiple color schemes and advanced features.

It also comes with netplay to enjoy Sega Saturn games online. For the moment, this emulator is available for Windows and Linux platforms only but we hear that it is working on making it more versatile. There are also cheat options that can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

6) Yabause


Yabause was originally developed as a Sega Saturn emulator for the Linux platform only. But later it was ported for Windows and macOS as the Linux version turned quite a few heads with its emulating capabilities and the implementation of Sega Saturn ROMs.

It runs on OpenGL driver and DirectX for audio is also available. Nonetheless, this is an excellent emulator with controller support.

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7) Yabause 2/Yaba Sanshiro 2


Yabause is a Sega Saturn emulator that is considered to be one of the greatest of all time. But it is only available for desktop Operating Systems. The developers saw its potential and ported it for the Android platform and named it Yabause 2 or Yaba Sanshiro 2.

The installation is pretty simple and you can download it straight from the Google Play Store. It has a good rating and excellent compatibility. New updates will be available.

8) Saturnin


Saturnin is the simplest Sega Saturn emulator available on the market. It was created by a French developer and after launch, it takes you directly to the launch screen which is in French. However, this is not an issue as it can be changed from the Languages menu.

On the screen, you will get 4 buttons. 2 buttons for starting and stopping the emulation. There are also Pause and Exit buttons on the Instructions screen. This also provides a separate directory to load the Sega Saturn ROMs.

9) Satourne


Satourne is kind of between RetroArch and SSF when it comes to special functions. This is an excellent Sega Saturn emulator that mainly focuses on functionality and stability.

The emulator uses OpenGL driver and DSound plugins that help to provide a more than adequate gaming experience.

10) Nova


Finally, we have Nova as the Sega Saturn emulator. Unlike a few options on this list, this is a closed-platform simulator. But it is also fast, compatible, and user-friendly.

Recently, Nova got its 0.2.1 update making it perform smoother. Nova is capable of emulating a lot of high-end games including Guardian Force. Basic emulation functions are available like cheats, video recording, and more.


There was a time when developing an emulator for Sega Saturn seemed impossible but now, several ones available on the market. But be very careful while getting a Sega Saturn emulator as all of the available options are not as great as they seem. So, try to stick to our list and choose one that you prefer.

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