Best Spotify Alternatives for iOS on iPhone, iPad

Spotify is a great music app for both Android and iOS users. It is currently used by millions of users as it is the best music streaming app currently available. However the app does have some limitations such as limited songs collection, paid subscription, ads, and region limitations. This has prompted users to try to look for the best Spotify alternatives on iPhone, iPad that may enhance their music streaming experience.

You can use the free version of Spotify++ and listen to unlimited songs. As several music streaming apps have come up in recent years, you can look for different music streaming apps packed with amazing features for free. If you are looking for music streaming apps, you can find a list of popular music apps given below for your iPhone.

Note:- Spotify offers a paid monthly subscription plan along with a free plan as well. Unfortunately, with the Spotify free version, users cannot get offline saving feature, and too many ads in between listening to songs, which is quite frustrating. But now you can get plenty of best Spotify alternatives for iOS for free and enjoy unlimited music streaming.

10 Best Alternatives to Spotify for iPhone, iPad on iOS 15/ 14+/ 13+/ 12+/ 11+

spotify alternatives

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most veteran music streaming apps preferred by iOS users. You can listen to music for free and create playlists. Users can even share the playlists on social media apps. This app is very popular in those regions where Spotify app is not available.

Many artists have collaborated with the app to post their music content on the SoundCloud. It is an amazing app that enables users to listen to diverse music of different artists, albums, countries and genres.

2. LiveXlive

Formerly known as Slacker, the music streaming app is a perfect choice for iOS users. It enables users to create their playlists based on artists, albums, genres, etc. The LiveXlive app learns the preferences of the users and provides them song suggestions. Users may download the free version of the app with no ads between songs for up to 6 hours per station.

The application has a premium version that offers users additional features such as offline listening to music, unlimited skips, etc. The app keeps on updating features to improve your listening experience with premium features.

3. YouTube Music

The YouTube music app is purely dedicated to music streaming. The platform has been launched for iOS and Android users for streaming unlimited music videos. Also, the YouTube music app is not free for users. You can go for a free trial to enjoy and rate the app features.

The app has diverse content and you can enjoy all kinds of music genres on the app. Whatever music content is on YouTube can also be found on the app. You can listen to unlimited songs of different artists and languages. The app picks the interests of the users and provides related song suggestions and creates playlists.

The AI of the app tracks your changing interests and preferences and displays the best for you. After the free trial if you love the features, you can go for the paid premium version.

4. Bandcamp

This app is a great choice for independent musicians looking forward to publishing their music content online. On the app, independent musicians can use the social media network to promote their music and sell their merchandise.

The premium version of the app enables musicians to connect with their fans and send private messages. Other features of the app include an option to disable songs that cannot be listened to, link to Google Analytics, sending songs via private links, and adding more music songs and videos to your profile.

5. Deezer

The app is the perfect choice for music lovers looking for unlimited content prepared by musicians and artists from all around the world. The app is available in more than 189 countries. You can listen to more than 35 million songs from the app.

You can even access different playlists prepared by users and share them on social media platforms. iOS users may listen to offline songs up to a limit. It also has a wonderful feature of on-demand radio. To enjoy the features of the app, iOS users need to create an account on the app.

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6. Apple Music

Nothing is better than Apple Music for iOS users. With extra and premium features, iOS users get to hear the newest songs first on this app. You can find some unique features on this app that are not available on other apps. By paying a monthly fee, you can listen to over 75 million songs without ads. Apple music has gained innumerable subscribers enjoying top-notch music on the Apple Music app.

7. Tidal Music 

This app is one of the best Spotify alternatives for iOS that offers one of the best audio quality to iOS users. You can find standard sound options and also Hi-Fi quality if you are interested in enjoying high quality audio at a price. One of the greatest features of this app is that you can transfer your playlists from other apps to Tidal.

With this feature you can avoid losing your favorite music. Another feature that makes this app a preferable choice is the access to users to buy tickets for shows. Apart from the sound quality, the Tidal app offers a family plan for iOS users allowing access up to five people. You can also listen to CD quality songs in FLAC format.

8. Pandora Music

When it comes to a wide music library, collection of classic podcasts, and popular playlists, Pandora Music is the best choice. The app keeps on updating the features of the app that improves the music streaming experience of iOS users. If you go for a premium subscription, you can access the offline music listening feature. You can also access popular playlists of famous music artists from all around the globe.

9. Amazon Music

It is a decent app available for iOS users included in your Amazon Prime subscription. It offers a good collection of songs and podcasts just like on the Spotify app. You can search for various artists, albums, podcasts, etc. on the app and to your playlists. The biggest advantage is that if you have a prime subscription, you can use this app free of cost.

10. iHeart radio

iHeart is a radio-based music streaming app offering features completely different from the other music apps. iOS  users can get access to different radio stations and enjoy listening to music. As it is a radio app, you cannot use the pause and rewind/forward buttons. With a scan button, you can search for live radio stations and tune in. You can create a customized list of radio stations on the basis of specific artists and music preferences.


There’s no need to worry if Spotify is not available in your country, or if the subscription fee is expensive. The above apps are some of the best Spotify alternatives for iPhone, iPad on the latest iOS 13, 14 that you may download. You can try and compare the features of these apps to choose the best that matches your interests.

Let us know in the comments section which is your preferred music streaming app. Also, please like and share this content on social media with all music-lovers!

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