Apps Like Truecaller and Numler


Hiya is a free app that allows you to identify unknown phone numbers. It blocks spam calls and other unwanted calls and also identifies calls you want to take. Another great benefit of Hiya is that it is free and doesn’t show advertisements. This app is perfect for those who are concerned about spam calls. You can use it to identify spam callers as well. If you are looking for apps like truecaller, read this review to learn more about these apps.


Hiya is a powerful Caller ID application for iOS and Android. The app lets you identify unknown numbers and warns about scams, frauds, and robocalls. Like Truecaller, Hiya also helps you manage your contact list and prevent spam. Here are some of its features:

Besides blocking scam calls, Hiya lets you find and copy random numbers from the web. Identifying unknown numbers can take a while, but it’s more effective than other dialers. The app has some unique features that make it one of the most popular dialer replacement apps for Android. To use Hiya, you’ll need an Android phone. It can be downloaded for free from the Android market.

The Hiya app has a clean, intuitive user interface and features similar to Truecaller. It uses a database of known commercial and spam numbers to block unwanted callers. It also lets you block annoying numbers automatically. The privacy policy is straightforward, too. It’s a handy tool for preventing unwanted calls from telemarketers. A lot of users swear by the app. You’ll be able to block annoying callers with a few taps of the screen.

Among the most popular Caller ID apps for Android is Ayamonte. Ayamonte features a powerful caller identifier, call blocker, and dialer. The ViewCaller app is another good option for Android phones. It offers a dialer, contact manager, and call recording. If you’re unsure which app to choose, try the free version first. It’s worth trying.


Trapcall is a free phone app that lets you block spam calls and identify unknown callers. It also keeps a database of known spam callers so that you can block these numbers. Both apps record incoming calls and let you record conversations. You can even record a call for privacy reasons or ignore the calls altogether. Trapcall is a free trial; you can try it for one week.

While both apps do the same thing – block incoming spam calls – TrapCall also has more features. Besides its caller ID features, TrapCall offers features like recording incoming calls and blocking unknown numbers. Despite its poor ratings on the Play Store, many users still swear by the service. It is available for Android and iPhone users. Although it doesn’t receive as many reviews as Truecaller, its price is comparable to other similar applications.

Besides blocking incoming calls, Trapcall identifies anonymous callers. This feature is handy for those dealing with stalkers, and you can also record these calls and save them to your phone. Its Android app is not nearly as functional as the iOS version, but if you’re an iPhone user, you should try the iOS version. The app has a ton of features and is easy to use. You’ll be able to identify the caller ID behind anonymous blocked callers and easily reject or accept them.

While Truecaller is better than Trapcall for blocking unwanted calls, the latter is the best for those who want to unmask anonymous callers. It also allows you to filter calls from telemarketing companies and robocalls. As the best free phone call blocker, Trapcall has a similar feature to Truecaller – block spam calls. And while Truecall has the edge over Trapcall in parts, it falls short in ease of use.


If you are looking for a caller ID app on Android, you should consider Drupe. It has a smooth user interface and features that make it easy to use. Drupe has many features, including call recording for Android, a smart dialer, shortcuts, and a GIF caller. Users can also block calls and view caller ID information. With so many features, Drupe is one of the most popular caller ID apps.

Another app like Truecaller is Drupe. It is a versatile multi-purpose app that identifies unknown callers. It syncs with social media profiles and can create a photo-based address book. Drupe has a user base of five million on Google Play and is growing twice as fast as its rival. It is also free and does not have ads. It’s worth checking out if you’re curious about who’s calling.

Another app with all the features of Truecaller is Ooze. The actual caller ID app lets you see unknown callers’ names and pictures. It also syncs with Facebook to make your communication experience more enjoyable. Lastly, there’s Dialer One, a T9-like dialer application for Android. You can use it to search for unknown callers and block unwanted SMS.

In addition to Truecaller, you can also check out Trapcall, a community-based caller ID application. Drupe has a variety of features for Android devices, including a call recorder, smart dialer, and GIF caller. Another great option is Should I Answer, another community-based caller ID app. The Drupe community has been using this application for years and has gotten a large following.

View caller

If you are in the market for a caller ID app, you’re probably looking for an excellent alternative to Truecaller. ViewCaller is an Android caller ID app that offers various features. Its primary functions include identifying Dialer ID, recording calls, and blocking spam calls. Additionally, this app is free to download and runs on both IOS and Android devices. It has over 5 million downloads and four stars on the google play store, making it a top contender.

A truecaller alternative is Viewcaller, a free app that works with real-time caller ID and is a suitable replacement for this app. It can identify spam calls, block spam, and block marketing SMS. It syncs with social profiles, has T9 dialing capabilities, and can identify unknown callers. Like Truecaller, Viewcaller can block spam calls and SMS automatically. It’s also easy to use and can be used on both iOS and Android.

Truecaller is a caller ID app with more than a hundred million daily users worldwide. However, its privacy policies are questionable and banned in Russia. In addition, a recent update accidentally registered existing users to Truecaller Pay without their consent. The company apologized for the mistake and will deregister any affected users. In addition, Viewcaller includes an easy-to-use T9 dialer and a call history.

Hiya is another excellent free Truecaller competitor. It’s free and does not require an upgrade. The UI of Viewcaller is user-friendly and easy to use for people who don’t know much about technology. A quick search will tell you whether a caller is known to you or not. If the caller ID is unrecognized, this free app will identify the unknown caller and block it from making further contact.


Truecaller and Number can help you identify unknown numbers with their respective applications. Truecaller identifies unknown numbers based on their phone number, and the Number app helps you block prank calls. Both apps are easy to use, but there are some differences that you should know. If you’re unfamiliar with them, keep reading to learn how they work. These two applications can make the difference between a great experience and a frustrating one.

With TrueCaller, you can type any phone number into a search field to find the name attached to the Number. It will display the name and carrier of the phone owner. You can also see their profile picture. While this may not be as detailed as the Number app, the accuracy of the search is impressive. The more users a phone number receives, the more accurate the results are. You can even block them from calling you if you’re a prankster.

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