GenBasic Quad HD VR Headset Review


Among the best VR headsets for Xbox One is the GenBasic Quad HD. This headset is compatible with both PC and mobile devices. In fact, it’s like having a computer inside a headset. Its 2GB DDR3 RAM and Quad-Core ARM processor provide a smoother visual experience. You can connect it to your PC or game consoles via HDMI, too. But it comes at a hefty price tag.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider the GenBasic Quad HD. Its price of less than $200 is well below the average price of VR headsets, which makes it an excellent value. Although it lacks the high-end OLED technology, its design is attractive enough to attract gamers. You can play games on your PC with this headset, but you’ll need to use a Bluetooth controller for PC gaming. The battery life is also impressive, but you may have to wait too long to charge it. In addition, the GenBasic Quad HD is not compatible with the Xbox streaming app, which means it won’t work with Xbox One.

While the GenBasic Quad HD is a great bargain for the price, it falls short on the inside. It’s not rated for 90Hz refresh rate, so some users may experience nausea. The headset is designed to work in wireless and tethered modes, and you can even access Google Play store content without a PC. The GenBasic isn’t the most high-end VR headset, but it does offer some great specs.

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