Apps Like vShare, iFunbox, and iTongPush


If you want to download high-quality videos and music on your Android or iPhone, you should check out apps like vShare for Android. This app is a free alternative to Apple’s iTunes and Android Market. Not only does it provide free movies and music, but it also has a professional suggestion feature and elaborate wallpapers. It’s a great alternative to Procreate and Apple’s own App Store. The best part is that it’s completely free!


iFunbox is an alternative to iTunes for managing iOS media files. It is a handy utility that allows you to transfer files from your PC to your iOS device and bypasses the restriction that iTunes places on iOS devices. This app can also backup and restore your data and transfer messages and photos between your iOS devices. It can also download content directly to your device. Many options are available if you’re looking for an iFunbox alternative for Windows.

iFunBox is a free application that works with iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the Cydia repository. It’s similar to Mac’s file manager, letting you view the file hierarchy of linked devices. You can move, copy, and backup apps with the help of iFunBox. You can also use iFunbox to install apps that you can’t get on iTunes.

iFunBox is available for Windows and Mac users. It allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch files. This application is safe, fast, and convenient to use. It doesn’t require jailbreak or other gadgets to download apps and manage your data. Once installed, Macgo allows you to browse app files and add, delete, and modify them. It’s free to download, but it does lack a few features.


There are many ways to install free iOS apps on your phone or tablet. One option is to jailbreak or root your device. Another option is to use an app that allows you to install paid apps and games without jailbreaking. Unlike many other apps, TutuApp does not require jailbreaking or logging into your Apple ID. Both options are convenient, and each has its pros and cons. This article will cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of each app.

Blackmart Alpha is another free TutuApp alternative. This app store provides users access to an enormous selection of digital products. Some paid apps are free to download and can even be tried before buying. Some apps are updated regularly, so you will always be able to find the latest versions. If you are worried about downloading viruses, you can also stay away from this site altogether.

In addition to downloading high-quality apps, TutuApp offers thousands of apps. Many of these apps are modified versions of the original versions. This means they provide additional functionality without the ads or fees. Users can also use TutuApp to download free iOS apps and games. While the official app store may have all the apps you want, you can download modified versions of many popular apps. The app store is available for both iOS and Android devices.


While vShare is one of the leading third-party app stores, you will find plenty of free apps on HipStore. It is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8 and offers nearly every paid mobile app free. Another bonus is that HipStore is compatible with non-jailbroken devices. And since it is a third-party app store, you won’t need jailbreak your device to download HipStore.

Aside from many free, high-end apps and games, HipStore also offers many unique games. Users can also download paid apps from third-party vendors and place them on hold later. The store also supports all the major OS versions and doesn’t require jailbreak or root permissions to install. You need to make sure you enable profile settings on your device. HipStore offers screen recorders, games, ringtones, emulators, and uncountable ISO store applications.

If you’re unsatisfied with the accessible version of HipStore, you can always try out the premium version. While you won’t be able to download the free version, you can still access all the premium features. You can download HipStore apps like share without signing up. HipStore is a massive application resource that constantly updates with new apps and games. If you haven’t checked out its diverse categories, you’ll find many of them.


If you’re looking for the best IPA app download websites, iTongPush is one of the best options. It’s similar to vShare, PandaApp, and iFunBox, and can download many apps from the AppStore and other app websites. It’s also a good option if you do not jailbreak your device. To install the iTongPush IPA files, you need a few tools such as tongue and iFunBox.

The main reason people use vShare is its easy-to-use interface. The app is available for both PC and Android users, and it offers access to a significant number of applications. Unlike the Google Play Store, vShare promises the most direct app download and installation experience. There are free and paid apps; you can choose between premium and free versions. Although the free version is more convenient than the paid ones, some users aren’t satisfied with the app’s crash-proneness.

Another vShare alternative is FlekStore. It allows you to download free apps without jailbreak or PC. FlekStore also will enable you to sign apps to download them without a PC. This is an excellent alternative to VShare, as it allows you to download paid apps without a jailbreak. But before you decide to use VShare, read the reviews first. Ignition offers several advantages over its competitors. It provides developers’ support and promises to add new jailbreak tools daily.


CokernutX offers a great way to download modded games and applications for free. It has no jailbreak requirements, Apple ID, and a massive library. This app also has a variety of top-rated games and apps. It is free to download and is the only iOS off-installer that does not require you to jailbreak your device. It is also easy to use and doesn’t require an Apple ID.

Another great alternative to the App Store is the TuTuApp third-party application. It allows you to download games and movies without downloading them from the official AppStore or Playstore. CokernutX has both iOS and Android versions of applications. It is a safe and legal alternative app store that supports iOS and Android devices. You can also find free and paid-up applications, which is excellent if you don’t want to install anything adware.

The CokernutX alternative offers over 5k programs and games and is available for all iOS devices without jailbreaking. The only similar choice to share that requires a jailbreak is AppCake. The CokernutX app also allows you to install signed and unsigned IPA packages. It also features fake-signed IPA packages and is revoke-free. There are a variety of other apps similar to vShare.


If you want to get more apps without jailbreaking your iOS device, you should consider using Zeusmos. This PC-free code-signing service allows you to share and install apps from any website on your mobile device and is supported by both iOS and Android devices. The application is similar to the Appstore, with alphabetical categories and a green button you need to wait for.

Another alternative to vShare is Pastore. This program works with all devices and recommends free apps and games with high ratings. Another advantage is its user-friendly interface and range of features for installation and sharing, including the ability to duplicate the installation of any app. This app is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an alternative to vShare. But remember that while using Zeusmos, you should not be concerned about the legality of your downloads.

Vshare is similar to Installous in its working process, with an interface identical to Kuaiyong. However, if you’re looking for apps in your native language, you’ll have to install the app first. However, vShare users can take advantage of the free app versions without paying for the premium features. If you are not comfortable with vShare, you can always try AppTrackr instead.

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