Best Ways to Download and Install iTunes for Chromebook

iTunes for Chromebook: The Chromebooks are essentially notebooks that are powered by a new platform launched by Google. This platform is becoming significantly popular. Especially among students due to its convenience and affordable price of the notebooks.

But for Chromebooks to become the primary device for everyone, a certain compatibility level is necessary. Now, with the iPhone being one of the most popular choices for smartphones for students a collaboration of these two platforms is necessary. Google and Apple are two very different ecosystems, still, it is possible to install iTunes on a Chromebook.

Keep in mind that the installation of the iTunes app on a Chromebook doesn’t happen with any support from the developers. They still haven’t released anything. But we hope, one day they will come up with something. Till then, you can use the following guide to install iTunes for Chromebooks.

How to Install iTunes on Chromebook

How i Get iTunes for Chromebook download and install OS, PC, Acer, HP

We really are discussing something that most people thought to be impossible. The incompatibility between Google and Apple is nothing new. Apple, being a private and a closed platform, rarely releases support for other platforms, unless it serves them.

Our description is making it quite clear that running iTunes on a Chromebook will not be possible Well, to give you an overview of the situation; iTunes cannot be installed on a Chromebook directly. You have to do it via 3rd party apps.

We are fond of the Wine app known for running Windows 10 applications on Linux systems. Parallelly, you also have to install the iTunes app available for Windows 10 on the Chromebook using the Linux container. It will be difficult to install iTunes for Chromebooks. So, we recommend checking out the guide below.

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Best Ways to Download iTunes on Chromebook OS

Step1: First, you have to enable Linux on the Chromebook. You will be able to do it from the Settings of the Chromebook. Navigate to Settings and locate Linux (Beta) option. Click on the Turn On option beside it.

Step2: This will install Linux on your Chromebook and afterward a Terminal window will be opened. You can do it manually by clicking on the Terminal icon from the App Drawer.

Step3: After opening the Terminal window, you have to type a few codes. Don’t worry, it is easy and we will guide you through it.

Now, you have to get the updates for the system packages and the dependencies. It can only be done by typing the following command in the Terminal window.

sudo apt-get update

Step4: After executing the previous command, a few lines will appear. After which you will have to install Wine, which can be done using the following command.

sudo apt-get install Wine

Step5: After executing the command, Wine will be installed on your Chromebook. Now, you have to enable the support for 32-bit applications via the following commands.

  • sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
  • Next- sudo apt update
  • sudo apt-get install wine32

Run iTunes for Chromebook os linux

Step6: After executing those commands, everything will be set. You are ready to download the iTunes app for Windows (32-bit). The required link is provided below.

Step7: After downloading the iTunes app, move the setup file to the Linux directory. After that, you have to rename the file to iTunesSetup.exe.

Step8: after renaming the app, you are ready to install iTunes on a Chromebook using the following command.

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/username/.wine32/ wine iTunesSetup.exe

Remember to replace the username with the name you are using for your Chromebook. It should be the username you have selected while enabling Linux (Beta). Also, replace iTunesSetup.exe with the name you have used for the file.


Step9: After you have entered the command, hit Enter to execute. An installation panel will pop up. Click Next, complete the installation. Click Finish in the end and you are ready with iTunes on your Chromebook. This is it, iTunes successfully installed on your chromebook.

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Bonus Tip: Create Chromebook Shortcut for iTunes | iTunes for Chromebook PC / HP/ Acer Download

You successfully installed iTunes for Chromebook using the previous method and it also created an iTunes shortcut in the App Drawer found inside the Linux folder.

However, upon clicking on the said shortcut you may get a message stating Path Not Found or Incorrect File Path. In order to fix this inconvenience, you have to create a shortcut additionally. Let’s check out the steps.

Step1: So, from the File Manager navigate to the Linux Files Directory.

Step2: On the top right corner of the window, Three Dots will be visible. It is the Menu icon. Click on it and choose Show Hidden Files option.

install itunes for chromebook os download hp acer

Step3: Now, navigate to the .local -> share -> Applications –> Wine –> Program Files -> iTunes.

Step4: Finally, you will be able to locate iTunes.desktop file. Make the right-click on it and choose Open with Text Editor option.


Step5: After opening the Text Editor, look for a line that begins with Exec=. Find this line and after locating it, you have the add the following code to it.

env WINEPREFIX=” /home/your-user-name/.wine32” wine

“/home/username/.wine32/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe”

Just remember to replace username with the actual name of your Chromebook.

create shortcuts for itunes on chromebook

Step6: After adding the code, save the file. Hit Ctrl + S on the keyboard and close it.

launch itunes for chromebook

Now, open the iTunes app by clicking on the shortcut visible on the App Drawer. You can also pin the icon to Chrome for immediate access.


Frankly, installing iTunes for Chromebook is not a fair game. It is a difficult and really complex procedure. But the good news is the confirmation of running the iTunes app on Chromebooks.

The Chromebooks are becoming really popular among the students. So, maybe in the future Apple with come up with some sort of support. But till then, you can only get iTunes on Chromebooks using the procedure we have detailed in the article. Cheers!

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