5 Best Windows Emulators for Mac

Windows Emulator for Mac? – Windows and macOS are two completely different operating systems. Yet, both are leading and exceptional in their own regards.

Usually, people would choose one of these systems and stick to them by accepting the advantages and settings aside from a few but definite disadvantages. Usually, these issues are neglected by the users as they are pretty minor. But the limitation of these operating systems hits the most profound way to the user who has recently shifted from one OS to another. The issue is especially apparent for the Windows users who have moved to macOS.

Most often, people are used to certain programs for this work, and of course, there are alternatives on Mac. But, they are certainly different and it takes time to get used to. It is the most apparent issue but nothing impossible. Using Windows software on a Mac is most definitely possible with emulating tools. But locating a good and capable Windows emulator for Mac could be difficult for you so, we have compiled a list of such tools, check it out.

Best Windows Emulators for Mac

List of 5 Best Windows Emulators for Mac 2021


1) Boot Camp


Unique Feature – Comes with Mac

Our first pick for this list is the most obvious one, it is Boot Camp.

Why is it obvious?

Well, it comes pre-installed with every Mac device. It works well and it is available for free. So, if you want to run Windows tools on your Mac, you must look into this available option.

But this tool works in a completely different way compared to other tools on this list. It creates a completely separate partition on the startup disk for you to install Windows. This is what is known as the Boot Camp partition.

Boot Camp’s work is amazing. It is a capable Windows emulator for Mac. Other than its availability, Boot Camp works very fast. But remember that Boot Camp doesn’t run Windows alongside or on top of macOS. So, it puts far less stress on the Ram and the CPU. But you also have to restart your Mac every time you make the switch.

2) VMWare Fusion (Paid)

vmware fusion windows emulator for mac

Unique Feature – You will be able to run other OS besides Windows.

Our 2nd pick is VMWare Fusion. It is an excellent addition to this list and it works with the latest editions of macOS as VMWare Fusion gets updated very often. It is an expensive paid tool but it is feature-packed and works pretty well.

VMWare Fusion lets you run on full-screen making the Mac look like a PC. You can also run it on a small panel making the Windows interface look like a Mac app.

Overall, VMWare Fusion is an excellent PC emulator for Mac. It comes with dark mode and sidecar support.


3) Virtual Box (Free)

Unique Feature – Available for free

If you were trying to locate a free Windows emulator for Mac, you could look into Virtual Box. It is an open-sourced tool but the interface looks a bit dated.

Besides the availability, Virtual Box provides nothing much. You will not get any support during installation like the other tools on this list. So, get this tool if you are comfortable with setting it up on your own and additional features like sidecar are not important to you.


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4) Parallels Desktop (Paid)

Unique Feature – Works very fast, a reboot is not required

You could look into Parallels Desktop if you are into paid emulators. The price is not too expensive and it is capable of running numerous old games on Mac . If you do not know how to run Windows programs on Mac? Don’t have to worry as this tool will provide continuous support.

The main benefit of using Parallels Desktop is the installation. It is very simple and you will be able to share files and hardware resources. This tool is frequently updated and there is even a version available for the latest version of Big Sur.


5) Crossover for Mac (Paid)

Unique Feature – Supports Several Popular Applications and Games

Our 5th pick is Crossover for Mac. It is a paid tool for sure but compared to its capability, the price is negligible. This tool is known for its compatibility with numerous popular apps and games.

The crossover was developed by Code Weavers and it is not available for free. Installation of this app guarantees that you will be able to play a variety of windows games and run apps on your Mac. A different version of this app is also available that comes with Telephone support.

Overall, Crossover is an excellent choice if you are willing to pay to run Windows apps on your Mac. It will run several Windows apps and will provide you with multiple running options.



If you are looking for a Windows emulator for Mac, check the above article. We have discussed 5 top-shelf Windows emulators for Mac. You can go look for further options and they are available but we recommend sticking with our list. These tools come highly recommended and the sources have been verified.

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