iPhone home button not working? Here are the Fixes

iPhone home button not working? – The latest iPhones are stunning devices with full-screen touch capability and a big notch on the top. Unlike the latest devices, the older iPhones used to come with a Home button. The Home button was an integral part of the old devices but they were also prone to malfunction. … Read more

5 Best Solutions to Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working Issue

iPhone Microphone Not Working

iPhone Microphone Not Working ?: iPhone is one of the most sought-after smartphones in the market. It is popular due to its attractive design, powerful hardware, and sophisticated software. But even with the moniker of the best smartphone in the market, it is not immune to problems. An iPhone can produce several problems and the iPhone … Read more

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone and Android

print text messages from iphone

How to print text messages from iPhone and Android? – Text messages have become an old school way of communication after the advent of several top-class chatting apps but the trend hasn’t disappeared completely. People still use SMS and iMessages and for some people, they contain some very valuable information. So, if you want to … Read more

How to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iPhone

iMessage Activation Error

iMessage Activation error? – Every iPhone user swears by the tremendously helpful iMessage application which is much more feature-rich than a simple SMS/text application. Unlike the text messaging applications, iPhone users can also send images, videos, sounds, and even location via the iMessage app. Thus, when you encounter a problem with the iMessage activation error, … Read more

How to Fix Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

iOS is considered one of the most sophisticated operating systems in the world. It has the look, the features, and the ways to awe its users. But it is not perfect. There are some glitches and issues with the system that occur from time to time. Apple tries its best to fix them with an … Read more

How to Type Degree Sign on a Mac, iPhone, and iPad

how to type degree symbol on mac

how to type degree symbol on mac? – We are all acquainted with the degree symbol. It is the small circular sign at the end of the number that indicates temperature. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specified keys to type this particular symbol on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. So, most people believe that there actually … Read more