Download Best Torrent Websites On iPhone, iPad

Download Best Torrent Websites On iPhone, iPad: Torrenting is widely popular amongst iPhone users and is a reliable way to download large file sizes like HD movies, music albums, software, etc. However, if you want to know how to download torrents on iPhone, iPad for iOS 12+, 13+, 14+, 15 we have some bad news. Apple has banned popular torrenting apps such as Utorrent, BitTorrent from the official iTunes store.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this limitation. All you have to do is access the best Torrent Websites Downloader on iPhone & iPad and download torrents in a secure and simple way just like on desktop.

Note:- It is legal to download torrent files that are free for distribution like Linux and other shareware. However, we like to inform you that downloading copyright files is illegal and your identity can be stored. We advise you to use any popular VPN service to keep your identity safe.

Top 5 Best Torrent Websites to Download for iPhone, iPad running iOS No Jailbreak

Best Torrent Websites to Download on iOS for iPhone, iPad without Jailbreak

1. me

Looking for a secure download manager that allows you to download files lightning fast while remaining anonymous? You can download torrents, magnets, and more from the internet through The site supports downloads from over 900 media sites and you can transcode the files downloaded and stream them directly to your iPad or iPhone.

The site downloads on your behalf so you can stay anonymous. It provides HTTPS connections that are encrypted to download files to your local device. allows you to download files directly using your browser and bypass ISP restrictions.

Key Features

  • Private cloud storage and secure download manager
  • Download files anonymously on your iOS device
  • Download torrents, audio files, magnets, and more
  • Transcode and stream media to any device

2. Torrentsafe

Download torrents anonymously in a simple, quick, and secure way using! The process requires no prior registration and allows fast and private torrent downloading on your iPad and iPhone. You don’t have to download any software.

The platform allows you to anonymously download torrents on iPhone, iPad and bypass any BitTorrent rate limits imposed by your ISP. All you need to do is simply find a torrent you wish to download. Copy the magnet address URL and paste it on the toolbox provided on the Torrentsafe website and hit the download option. It is as simple as that.

Key Features

  • Download torrents anonymously in a safe and secure way
  • Stream or download or do both
  • No registration required
  • No pop-ups and annoying ads

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3. cc

If you are looking for maximum safety online while downloading torrents, then consider using for the purpose. The site forms a barrier between you and the web thereby ensuring a secure and private torrent downloading experience. Stream anywhere, anytime on any device using Seedr.

You can read, listen, and watch anything and play it online on your iPad and iPhone anonymously. Seedr has also been optimized for mobile devices which ensures that it works smoothly on your smartphone. Get stuff that you need quickly and easily on your iOS device with Seedr. Simply paste the link, download, and stream on your device in no time.

Key Features

  • Ensures maximum safety online while downloading torrents
  • Anything is accessible for you to read, watch and listen
  • Quick and comfortable
  • The site has been optimized for use on mobile devices

4. Zbigz is the easiest and the most secure way to download torrents on your iPhone and iPad. You can download almost any content & even rare content on your idevice with Zbigz. Your connection to the site is secured with the https protocol which ensures that your downloads are carried out anonymously by Zbigz.

Nobody knows your actual IP and your torrents are downloaded securely and safely. You don’t have to download and configure anything to install. Zbigz is the fastest torrent downloader site that permits you to download playlists, watch movies and listen to music conveniently.

Key Features

  • Easiest and the most secure way for downloading torrents
  • No software or network restrictions
  • Download any content that you wish to
  • Fastest BitTorrent application
  • Remote download option available

5. io

Want to access files at lightning speed from anywhere and anytime? allows you to access your files from any device that has an internet connection, whether it is your iPad or iPhone. You don’t have to download or install any file in the process.

All you need to do is access the site from your browser and start streaming all the files that you need from your device. Moreover, all the files are stored on the cloud and nothing gets downloaded to your device in the process. This makes more reliable.

Key Features

  • Downloads files on the cloud server thereby saving disk space
  • Download files with lightning speed
  • Fast and anonymous download
  • No need to install any program on your device

How to Download Best Torrent Websites on your iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

Eager to learn how to download torrents on your iPad and iPhone? Follow the steps mentioned below.

IMPORTANT:- We have explained the entire process for downloading using as an example. But you can rest assured that you can follow the same steps for other torrent downloader sites as well.

  1. Open using a web browser from your iOS device
  2. Copy and paste a magnet or torrent link for uploading torrents to cloud storage
  3. Access the cloud servers to stream the torrent content directly on your iOS device


There are numerous sites available that allow you to download torrents through your iOS device without having to download and install any setup file on your device. Check out the top downloader sites that we have recommended for streaming any content that you wish from the internet quickly and safely.

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