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Among the numerous apps available on Instagram, Rhino for Instagram stands out among others, as it offers users several additional features. These features include more privacy and download capabilities, removing Seen receipts, viewing profile pictures, and self-destructing media. In addition, Rhino can be downloaded and installed using AppValley. This app is free for all users of the platform. You can read our full review to know more about this app.


IG-Rhino for Instagram is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to download, edit, or share media files from Instagram. This tweak works without jailbreaking. You can also hide seen receipts and customize your feed design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your profile. If you’re an iOS user, you can easily download IG-Rhino for Instagram and install it with just a few clicks.

To install Instagram Rhino on your iOS device, download the IPA file from the link above and use Cydia Impactor to install it. When the installer finishes, you’ll be prompted for your Apple ID. You can enter an alternative Apple ID if you don’t have one. Next, open Settings > General > Profiles. You’ll need to trust the profile. Once the installation is complete, you can open IG-Rhino by selecting it from the app menu.

IG-Rhino for Instagram is a tweaked version of the official Instagram app that you can install from the AppValley application store. It features more privacy options, downloads, and removal of Seen receipts. It also includes hidden media, profile pictures, and videos. You’ll be able to view the profile pictures and videos of people you follow. Unlike hacked and modded versions of Instagram, it won’t affect your account’s security or privacy.

IG-Rhino for Instagram is a tweaked app available for iOS 15 and 14. It offers many new features not found in the stock version. Despite its newness, it’s still better than other Instagram tweaks. Besides, you can follow the instructions provided in the IPA file. If you’re an iPhone user, you can install Instagram Rhino from the App store using Cydia impactor.


To install Rhino for Instagram++, follow these steps. To download Instagram Rhino, open the App Valley store or the home screen of your iOS device. You can install the app using your Apple ID or another Apple ID. Once the installation is complete, you can access the app through the settings menu and trust the profile. Once the app is installed, you can view your profile and follow other users with the new “follow from profile” option.

First, install the Rhino tweak. This tweak is a jailbreak tweak created by iOS developer Michael Lema. It adds a Download button to the bookmark button. This way, you can download and share media files from Instagram. You can also hide seen receipts and make your profile look attractive. To install Rhino, follow these steps. You can now enjoy your new version of Instagram! After installing the tweak, you can view your account.

This app allows users to view messages on full-screen without being noticed by the account. Additionally, you can download photos, videos, and live streams, so you can check out what your friends are up to. You can also download the images you want to view from your Instagram profile. Rhino for Instagram++ also allows you to view the profile picture of anyone without having to follow them. In addition, it will enable you to browse your inbox and unsubscribe from ‘SEEN’ messages on your account.

The Instagram++ application has several advanced features only available to the “Pro” subscribers. While the “Pro” subscription is $5.99, it removes the ability to mark messages as liked. Moreover, users can now download all posts in one click using Swift Mode, which makes the process a breeze. Double tapping a bar will display a confirmation message or alert. If someone has liked your post, you can use Haptic Feedback to confirm this action.

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You can install the Instagram Rhino app without Jailbreak or Cydia by following a few simple steps. If you have a Windows PC, you can install the Alt server and access the Altstore to install the Instagram Rhino IPA file. On an iOS device, you can install the Altstore by going to “My Apps” and selecting the IPA file for Instagram Rhino. If you don’t have the Apple ID or want to use an alternate account, you can install the Instagram Rhino IPA file via this method.

The Rhino tweak Telecharge your media with no compression. Download the tweak for free from BigBoss or Sileo. The tweak is compatible with all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices, including the latest version of Instagram. The tweak is a lightweight app, but it comes with powerful features. If you’re looking for a powerful Instagram tweak for your phone, download the Rhino app and begin enjoying the features it offers.

Using Instagram Rhino IPA on iOS devices offers several benefits, including downloading images and videos from Feeds while on the go. Users can also determine whether users are following them or not. And because Instagram Rhino IPA works on iOS 15, it also works on iPads running iOS 15. x and earlier. The Rhino app lets you view videos and photos in the Story feed. The app also allows you to view users’ profiles on full screen.

In addition to the features available through Instagram Rhino for iOS, Instagram Rhino can be installed without a Cydia impactor. This version allows you to view the complete profile picture of users and unlimited views of disappearing messages. It also differs from the hacked and modded Instagram versions in the App Store. So, follow the instructions before downloading and installing Instagram Rhino for iOS.

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To install Rhino for Instagram, you must have access to an iOS device. To install the app, download it from the download mentioned above link. After that, launch the corresponding Cydia Impactor application. Once the download has been completed, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID. You may choose an alternate Apple ID if you want to avoid using your primary one. Once installed, you can use the app by going to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management.

In addition to its UI, Instagram Rhino for iOS has advanced settings, allowing users to customize their feed. It is possible to hide posts containing Seen receipts and views and download media files. The app is available for free on AppValley and requires no jailbreak. The free download does not include any ads or other restrictions. Rhino for Instagram requires an iOS device to work. If you want to use the app, follow the instructions provided by the developer.

Rhino is a jailbreak tweak created by iOS developer Michael Lema. With it, you can download Instagram content from your device. Once installed, you will see a new Download button in the Bookmark menu. You will also be able to view profile pictures and save IGTV videos. The Rhino app will also help you copy comments. After installing the app, follow the instructions on the website to begin enjoying the many advantages of the tweak.

Before installing the Instagram Rhino app on your iOS device, you should trust the app’s profile. Go to Settings > General> Profiles & Device Management. Then, choose the Instagram Rhino app and confirm the trusting action. Once you’re done, Rhino will work properly. If you don’t trust the app, you should consider downloading it from a third-party app store. Once you’ve verified its reputation, you can download the Rhino for the Instagram app from the AltStore.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps, and if you want a more private experience, you should try Rhino for the app. This app allows you to customize your feed, hide the Seen receipt, and download media. This app does not require jailbreaking your device and is free to download from the AppValley. If you don’t have an AppValley account, you can use one of the alternative app installers, such as AppValley.

While the Instagram Rhino app is unavailable in the Apple app store, you can download it from AppValley. You will need a TutuApp profile to download it. After you have installed TutuApp:

  1. Find and select your TutuApp profile and enable the Trust option.
  2. From there, see the Instagram Rhino for iOS app.
  3. After installing the app, move to your Settings and enjoy the additional features!

Rhino’s feature for Instagram is its ability to download videos and images. It is also the first Instagram tweak to save live videos. It works with the latest version of the app and downloads all videos and pictures in the best quality. Unlike other Instagram tweaks, you don’t need to configure media to download videos and images. IG-Rhino for Instagram can be downloaded from your computer. You can use an alternative Apple ID instead of the original one. Once you have downloaded Rhino for Instagram, you can open it from your settings page.

Instagram++ can be installed using an Android emulator if you’re using an Android device. BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator, and updates are often released. Download the Instagram++ app and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, Instagram++ will be accessible through the AppValley website, the best app store for Android and iOS devices. This app will make using Instagram easier, and you can enjoy your new Instagram experience for free!

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