How to Install Snapchat Phantom Tweak on iOS 13, 14, 15

Snapchat has really taken over the world of iOS users when it comes to instant sharing of messages, photos, videos, where users can create short “stories” and share with their contacts. And now, users can do a whole lot more with the latest Phantom Snapchat tweak with never seen before additional features.

Why Download Snapchat Phantom for iOS 13, 14

Phantom for Snapchat is a tweaked app offering a variety of additional features that the stock app lacks. The vanilla version of Snapchat is preferred by regular users, whereas users with jailbroken devices wish to enhance their Snapchat experience with hacks like Phantom.

IMPORTANT: Phantom was developed by tweak developer Cokepokes. The current Phantom Beta tweak supports only two versions of Snapchat, i.e. v10.60.0.17 and v10.84.5.59. To make it work on your device, it is essential to downgrade Snapchat and use the above-given versions.

Best Features to Get Snapchat Phantom Tweak for iOS 14 without Jailbreak

snapchat phantom install ios 13, 14, 15 and enjoy with your chat

  • Keep the snaps in your feed- It enables the user to keep the snaps in the feed and view whenever they want.
  • Multiple recipients- You can select many recipients at once.
  • Screenshot feature- If you like snaps, you can take a screenshot without notifying the sender.
  • Use camera roll- You can even share videos and images directly from the camera roll. You can save received photos in the camera roll. You can create a specific folder or password-protected folder.
  • Avoid notifications- Users can hide and discover live stories. You can also view stories without notifying your friends.
  • Use paintbrush- Use can create new caption effects and utilize the paintbrush tool enhancements in editing. The paintbrush enhancements include change brush size, paint bucket, eraser, and redo stroke.
  • Other features- Users can save their media in a Snap log. It also has an image crop feature for uploading. Users can also disable the hold gesture to keep the snaps open.

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How to Download and Install Phantom Snapchat on iOS 13/14/15 (No Jailbreak)

Download snapchat phantom iOS 13,14, 15

Note: Firstly, you need to install Cydia Impactor which is a great tool to sideload third-party apps and tweaks. If you don’t want to jailbreak your iOS device and still want to enjoy the latest tweaks and hacks, then Cydia Impactor is a must.

To download the tool, visit from your Mac/PC and get the latest working version of the tool based on your OS – whether it’s Windows, Linus, or Mac OS X. Now follow the steps outlined below to install Phantom Snapchat tweak.

  1. Launch Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  2. Go to the Sources tab -> Edit -> Add.
  3. Enter the URL of Cokepokes’s Cydia repository-
  4. In the Search tab, enter “Phantom”.
  5. From the list, select the “Phantom {Beta}” package. Make sure you select the latest version.
  6. Press Install -> Confirm.

install phantom for snapchat

7. Select Restart to apply the changes.

Downgrade Snapchat Phantom to enable 

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Now, Phantom will display the downgrade prompt. You can either select version v10.60.0.17 or v10.84.5.59. Technically, it works on v10.84.5.59. As the DRM Bypass has been developed for Snapchat v10.60.0.17.
  3. It will alert “Incompatible Version”. This means you have updated a version of Snapchat that is not supported by Phantom.
  4. Select Downgrade Snapchat to downgrade the version. If you are not willing to downgrade, you have to wait for Phantom to come out of Beta.
  5. You have to wait until it downloads the older version of Snapchat from the App store.

IMPORTANT: Running Snapchat hacks such as Phantom may be risky as there are chances of account suspension or ban from Snapchat. Snapchat has a new jailbreak detection mechanism (DRM) system with an aim to ban hacks and third-party apps. Phantom v6.1 comes with the ability to neutralize the DRM mechanism rendering a seamless experience. If you are worried about the ban, it is recommended to use a test account.

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