Download Kuaiyong iOS English and Install for iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Kuaiyong app is a substitute to an app store for iOS devices. It is very popular among users as it helps to download cracked and premium apps for free without paying a penny. Since there are innumerable users who are looking to download Kuaiyong on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak and that too in English version, the developers have worked really hard to make the app.

Note:- One big hassle that users had to face was that the Kuaiyong app was available only in Chinese language and this irritated a lot of users. Though it is a Chinese app, users can still navigate through the app easily by converting the language into English, all thanks to the hard work of the developers.

Install New Kuaiyong App on iPhone/iPad English Version No Jailbreak

Kuaiyong app english Download iOS 15

So before we move on to the steps, what are the features that make the Kuaiyong app so much desirable?

  1. Download paid apps for free: It is a third-party app store that allows users to download premium and paid apps or games for free.
  2. User-friendly interface: The user interface of the app is very responsive and easy for all users. You can comfortably navigate through the app and download paid versions of any premium app for free.
  3. Not available in the official App Store: If you want to download certain app which is not available in the official App Store, you can easily get it through
  4. Unlimited games: Users can download innumerable cracked games for free. With cracked games, you can easily achieve top score and have unlocked levels without paying.
  5. No jailbreak required: One of the best aspects of the Kuaiyong app store is that users can download several hacked games and apps without jailbreak unlike some other third-party app stores.
  6. Download removed apps: Another cool feature is that you can download popular apps that had been removed by Apple from their app store.

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How to Download and Install Kuaiyong App (English) iOS 15 Without Jailbreak – iPhone, iPad

  1. The first step is to launch the Safari browser and then go to the
  2. Find the Download button and tap it.
  3. Now the next step is to go to All Applications and Emus.
  4. On the search menu, you have to type the name of “Kuaiyong” app till it appears and then you can install it by clicking on the Install button on the pop up.

kuaiyong download iOS 15

  1. Now, you have to look at the profile name, iPhone distribution. Memorize it for now and then change it after opening the app.
  2. If you need it altered, then go to the Settings, click on General and then click on Profiles and then change it to what you prefer.
  3. Finally, click on the Trust option and get the app up and running.

That’s it, you are done with downloading and installing the Kuaiyong app without jailbreak. Just open the Kuaiyong app and search for your favourite paid iOS apps or games and install them for free on iPhone and iPad.

Kuaiyong App Common Problems & Fixes/Solutions

1. Kuaiyong Cannot Connect To Info

Sometimes you may encounter this error message when using Kuaiyong. However don’t fret, as this might be a simple case of the application server being down. All you have to do is just wait for an hour or so before you try to update the app again, because the developers may have launched a more recent update for the app.

2. No Profiles are Currently Installed

This is one of the most common errors found by users of Kuaiyong. And this arises due to the fact that you may not have clicked on the Trust Profile option while installing Kuaiyong. To fix this error, just go to Settings > General > Profile/Device Management and search for Kuaiyong profile and click on Trust. This will solve the error.

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