Download RecBoot for Mac and Windows PC

If you are in a hurry to download recboot, then you must be in trouble with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. RecBoot is software that allows users to put their iOS device in Recovery Mode. Exit is also possible using this tool, it just requires a click from your Mac or the PC. Sadly, if you are willingly searching for this tool your iOS device must be down. You may have a stuck or broken button or most likely, your iOS device is stuck in a boot loop.

So, if you have iPhone trouble, then surely RecBoot will be of is a free tool and it can un-stuck your iPhone from the boot loop with just a single click. Simply, check out the operational guide below for more information.

recboot download

Is RecBoot Safe?

RecBoot is good software. It is preferably more useful compared to the official iTunes app. It is effective and convenient. As there is an absence of official website, RecBoot provides download links through 3rd party websites.

Warning: These 3rd party website download links are not really safe. Downloading from those sites could lead to virus or malware infestation.

Download RecBoot for Mac and Windows PC


RecBoot is a recovery software that is available for free. It is has the simplest interface and it is easy to use.

Note: RecBoot is a free tool and it is available for both macOS and Windows. There is no official website for this software. So, you have to download it using the links found on 3rd party websites. For your convenience, you have provided the links below.

Download Recboot for Mac

Recboot 2.2

Download Recboot for Windows

Recboot 1.3

Important Note: This software seemingly works really well. It is capable of entering and exiting the Recovery Mode with just a single click. But before you bet everything on this tool, you should know that RecBoot doesn’t work on the older versions of iOS. There is also the issue with the Windows conversion of RecBoot. It only works with the 32-bit version of the OS. While now a day, almost everyone is using the latest iteration of Windows 10 which is 64-bit.

How to Use RecBoot on Windows and Mac

So, download RecBoot from the provided links on a computer. If everything is sound, then proceed with the launch of RecBoot.

  • Step-1: A panel will immediately appear on the screen with 2 buttons. These are the available options. “Exit Recovery” and Enter Recovery”.


  • Step-2: Proceed with connecting the iOS device to the said computer. After following the connection procedure, wait for RecBoot to detect the device.
  • Step-3: After the iOS device has been detected, click on the Exit Recovery button on the panel.

The tool will immediately start working on the device and after a while, it will exit the Recovery Mode and boot in regular mode.


In all regards, RecBoot seems like an excellent tool for fixing the iOS Recovery Mode Loop. it is easy to download and comes with the simplest interface that makes it easier to use. But the absence of an official website and the use of 3rfd party sites to provide download links makes this tool quite unsafe. So, if you are feeling confident about downloading such sites, go ahead. If there aren’t any issues with malware this tool should be excellent.

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