How To Fix Error Connecting To Apple ID Server on iPhone, Mac?

Some people are ardent fans of Mac OS as compared to Windows. The reason is the smooth interface that the former carries as compared to the latter. However, there are some occasions rarely when Mac users experience some errors. Some of these errors are quite descriptive, and they are easy to solve immediately as well. But, one exception to this rule is the error connecting to Apple id server. This is an error that has confused many people over these years. Here, we will find solutions to this error. However, before that, let us understand the meaning of this error:

Error Connecting To Apple ID Server

Meaning of Apple ID Server Error

Of course, the error connecting to Apple id server is a descriptive error. In most instances, Mac users get this error when they try to access Apple services. Examples of these services include App Store, iTunes, backups, and iCloud Services.

Of course, this issue can be pertaining to your Apple ID. Even in some instances, it does not have to do anything with the ID at all. But, the error is related to Wi-Fi connection, time and date settings, or VPN Interface. Otherwise, it can also arise as a result of an operating system bug. Now, let us identify some methods to resolve this issue:

How To Resolve Error Connecting To Apple ID Server?

Check the status of the Apple Server

When you experience an error connecting to Apple id server, the first thing you will have to check is whether it arises as a result of an issue that is completely out of your control. To ensure this, you can go to support-system status page at the Apple Website. On this website, check whether the services that you need including iCloud, App Store and other services are in green. If one of these services has recently undergone an issue, Apple generally leaves a link that you can click to gather more information.

Evaluate Your Wi-Fi Connection

If you have an unstable internet connection, it can also lead to an error connecting to Apple Server in your Mac. To prevent this issue, rather than using your phone’s hotspot, it is better to use a dependable Wi-Fi connection. 

Still, do you get the error message? In this case, you can turn the Wi-Fi off and again switch it on from the menu bar. Otherwise, try switching on and off your router. By doing this, you can check whether your Wi-Fi is functional. You can use an internet speed testing service to know whether your ISP is providing the right download and upload speed as per your internet package. Otherwise, you can call the ISP if there is an issue with the connection as a solution to the inability to connect to the Apple ID server.

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Turn off VPN

Nowadays, with a view to safeguarding their privacy, many people use a VPN connection. However, at times, your VPN might interfere when you try to update your Apple ID settings. So, just try by turning off your VPN and once again try connecting to Apple Server.

Log Out Of Apple ID

Have you confirmed that the Apple servers are working fine? Then, to fix the error connecting to Apple ID Server, one thing you can do is to log out of your Apple ID. After logging out, log in again. By doing this, you can resolve any bugs that prevent you from accessing the ID. But, are you wondering how to log out? Here is what you will have to do:

  • Get to system preferences 
  • From there, look for Apple ID
  • Open the Overview Tab
  • Now, click sign out
  • When any apps prevent and ask to save data, choose the “keep a copy” option.
  • Then, log out. 

Request For An Apple ID Verification Code

Some short-term bugs might prevent you from accessing your Apple Account. So, to fix the issue, you can use another device for signing into your or Apple  ID. But to do this, you should get an Apple Verification Code first.

When you request a code, you will generally get it to your iPhone when you try to log into iCloud with your Mac. But, you might be wondering how to get the verification code without your iPhone. To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to system preferences
  • Then, go to Apple ID
  • Go to the Password & Security Tab
  • Click the option that shows “Get a verification code

  • Copy this code and use it when you log into

Change the Apple ID Password

Authentication issues can prevent you from connecting to the Apple ID server. So, in this case, the solution will be to change your Apple ID password. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Apple ID through System preferences
  • Go to the Password & Security Tab
  • Choose Change Password option
  • Enter your present Mac System Password
  • Then, type the new Apple ID password two times and tap the change option.

Set Date and Time To Automatic

Improperly set time zone and dates can also be the reason for the error connecting to Apple ID Server. If the date and time in your Mac do not match with the ones in the Apple ID Server, the latter might think that there might be a problem. So, you cannot access the Apple ID server. The good thing here is that you can easily resolve this issue:

  • Open System preferences 
  • Then, open date and time
  • Check the correctness of the time and make the appropriate changes.
  • Otherwise, you have the easy option to ensure that the check box near the “Set date and time automatically” is active.

Update or Restart your Mac

The error connecting to Apple ID can arise as a result of your outdated Mac, So, go to system preferences and choose the software update option. Click download and install to the latest OS installed in your Mac. Then, restart your Mac. Now, you can log in to your Apple ID Server.


You know the importance of keeping your Apple ID server password secured. But, nowadays, even the most hard-to-guess passwords are being hacked. So, it is better to have two-factor authentication. Otherwise, use another device with a verification code to sign in to the Apple ID server. Of these two options, the second option is the easiest. So, use it and keep your password safe and secure.

Now, you know how to fix error connecting to Apple ID server with ease. Also, you can use a reliable and intuitive password manager to manage and safeguard your Apple ID password.

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