How To Fix Mac Keyboard Not Working Problem ? Macbook Pro, Air

Let us consider that your Macbook pro/ air keyboard has suddenly stopped working. It can be highly frustrating. When this happens, you cannot do anything with your Mac. You cannot type a keyword to use the internet, you cannot type a document and you cannot do many other things. But, there are some common solutions to the Mac keyboard not working issue. Let us find these solutions one by one here. 

How to Fix Mac Keyboard Not Working Error Issue

How to Fix Mac Keyboard Not Working Error Keyboard MacBook Error

1. Clean the Keyboard

What you have read is right. Is cleaning a solution? If this is your question, the answer is affirmative. The reason is that it is a solution that Apple recommends for Mac Keyboard not working issue. But, how to clean? You will need a straw to control the flow of air and a can of compressed air. Once you have these two things, here is what you will have to follow to clean the keyboard:

  1. Grasp your MacBook at 750 angle.
  2. Using compressed air, spray on the keyboard in left-to-right motion
  3. Now, revolve your MacBook onto its right side and spray the keyboard once again in the same motion.
  4. Do the same thing once your MacBook is rotated to the other side

Do you know how this works? When you let compressed air pass through your MacBook, it will rule out any bits of debris or crumbs that can prevent your Mac keyboard from working. 

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2. Check Whether Your Mac is Updated

check System Update for mac keyboard not working how to fix error

Of course, you might be a person who keeps your system updated at all times. But, it is better to check for updates for your Mac because an outdated driver, firmware, or even the operating system can cause Mac Keyboard not working issue. Now, here is how you can check for updates:

  1. Go to the App Store and click on the icon that shows updates
  2. If you find updates are available, click on them or the “update all” option and get the updates installed in your Mac.
  3. Even, you have an option to check for Mac updates automatically. To do this, you can visit system preferences. Then, go to the app store and check the option that reads “Automatically check for updates”.

update software automatically for mac keyboard not working issue

3. Get Rid of Recently Uploaded Apps

Is the issue of the Mac Keyboard not working is recently occurring? If so, think about whether you have recently uploaded any new app. Sometimes, the incompatibility of some apps can make your Mac keyboard not work. So, to regain the proper functioning of the keyboard, it is better to get rid of the recently uploaded app. Try removing the app.

After removing if your keyboard works fine, then the issue is because of the app. Otherwise, if the problem continues even after removing the app, you can reinstall the app again. But, you might be wondering how to delete apps from your Mac. Here are some options available to you:

 Delete Using Launchpad:

  1. To delete using Launchpad, click on its icon.
  2. Just position your mouse pointer over the app that you recently added and want to delete. 
  3. Click and hold until all the icons begin to shake
  4. Now, press the delete button

This action will help you easily get rid of the recently added app that might be the reason for Mac Keyboard not working.

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Delete with the help of the Finder:

  1. In the Finder option in your Mac, click on Applications
  2. Then, find the app that you wish to remove.
  3. Drag the icon of the app from the app folder to the trash bin.
  4. Again, go to Finder and choose the Empty Trash option to completely remove the app from your Mac.

Use CleanMyMac:

You might feel that it is easy and quick to get rid of any app manually from your Mac. But, this action will not completely remove the app as the traces will still be present in your system. So, to entirely remove the app, you can use the CleanMyMac X uninstaller. Here is how you should do it:

  1. You can download and launch the free CleanMyMac X app online
  2. Then, click on the uninstaller tab
  3. Click on the option that says “View all applications”.
  4. Check the box corresponding to the app that you wish to remove
  5. Now, click uninstall.

Use cleanmymax pro x for mac keyboard not working


Of course, initially, you might feel that when you are feeding something on the keyboard and it is not showing up in your Monitor, there is an issue with your Mac. But, it might be due to the Mac keyboard not working issue. So, relax and try one of the fixes above. You can get to see what your feed gets into your Mac monitor without any issues with one of these fixes. If nothing works, it is better to get help from a Mac Technician.

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