How to Fix Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

iOS is considered one of the most sophisticated operating systems in the world. It has the look, the features, and the ways to awe its users. But it is not perfect. There are some glitches and issues with the system that occur from time to time. Apple tries its best to fix them with an update in time.

Sadly, not all the issues get tackled in time and some of them are really bothersome, specifically impacting the performance of the iOS and the device. One of the recurring issues is not getting text notifications on iPhone. This is an issue Apple has tried to get rid of but failed miserably. This particular issue has been spotted in iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, and the first version of iOS 14. The only positive note about this particular issue is that the fixes are very simple. We have detailed the methods below, be sure to check them out.

Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

7 Ways to Fix Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

As we have discussed previously, not getting text notifications on iPhone is a recurring issue and it has bothered iOS users for generations. But the fixes are pretty simple. There is nothing complex about it, just general fixes that you will be able to execute very easily.

1) Reboot the iPhone

First, you need to reboot your iPhone. This may sound very primitive and it is. But a simple reboot has the capability of numerous minor iOS glitches. So, if you are not getting text notifications on iPhone, at least once reboot the device.

2) Disable Do Not Disturb

If rebooting the iPhone didn’t work and you are still not getting text notifications on the iPhone, you need to focus on the iPhone setting. There are a few like Do Not Disturb in the iPhone settings and if this feature was enabled, you are not supposed to receive any notifications. So, navigate to the following…

Settings Do Not Disturb

If the feature is turned ON, you need to disable it immediately. If it was the cause of the issue, you should be getting text notifications after disabling it.

Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone

3) Silent Mode

You should face a similar issue if the Silent Mode is turned ON. So, check the switch on the left side of your iPhone. If the button has been pushed and it is showing an orange-colored strip, Silent Mode is active. Just flip the switch and you will start receiving notifications.

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4) Disable Hide Alert

If you are not getting text notifications on iPhone, you should check if you have Hide Alert enabled on any specific conversations.

So, just visit the specified conversation and tap on the image/name/number which appears on the top. Now, tap on the info button and you will see if the Hide Alert is turned on. If it is turned on, you need to turn it off.

5) Reset iMessage for Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone Problem

You can also reset the iMessage if you are not getting text notifications on iPhone. It is very simple, you will be able to do it from the Settings.

Step-1: Navigate to the Settings of your iPhone.

Step-2: Scroll down and select Messages. Then, tap on iMessage and turn it OFF.

Step-3: Restart your iPhone.

Step-4: Turn ON iMessage using the same method after restarting the iPhone.

This should fix the problem if it was related to the iMessage.

6) Hard Reset

If the previous methods do not work, you need to be a bit radical and make a hard reset of the device. Do not worry, doing a hard reset will not make your data disappear. This is just forcefully restarting the iOS device that usually fixes minor issues with the iOS. So, a hard reset may fix not getting text notifications on iPhone issues.

hard reset iphone

7) Update iOS

Last but not least, opt for a software update. It is possible that not getting text notifications on iPhone is an issue that appeared with the version of the iOS you are using at present. And Apple fixes these types of issues with iOS updates. So, if a new update for iOS has been announced, wait for it and when the time comes, update the iOS.

Step-1: Simply, navigate to Settings General  Software Update.

Step-2: Tap on Download and Install.

Step-3: Update will be downloaded and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Just remember, this is a conditional fix, if there aren’t any updates available and you are using the latest version of iOS, for the time being, this fix will not be applicable.


Overall, not getting text notifications on iPhone is a recurring iOS issue, this is nothing new for iOS users. But it is a bothersome issue. We have discussed a few potential fixes in the above article, check them out, and implement them properly. You might be able to get rid of this issue permanently.

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