How to Fix Wi Fi Keeps Disconnecting Problem


To fix the wifi disconnecting problem, you must change your connection type from Public to Private. There are other solutions to this problem. These are – Update or reinstall network driver, Reset network settings, and Reset network settings. Let us see how we can do this. Listed below are some methods to fix this issue. Once you have resolved this issue, you should be able to connect to the internet again.

Change connection type from Public to Private fixes wi fi disconnecting issue.

If your computer constantly connects to public wifi networks, you may want to change your connection type to private. Changing the connection type to private will prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to your network. This is especially important if you use a public network for your business. Alternatively, you can use the router tools to identify unknown devices on your network. Changing connection type from Public to private will not resolve your connection issue.

Another easy way to fix the wifi disconnecting issue is to disable the fast startup feature in your system. To disable this setting:

  1. Open the Control Panel and click on “small icons” to open the Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click on “power options” to change what the power button does.
  3. In the Power Options window, click on the wifi icon.
  4. Select the “Change connection type from Public to Private” option to correct the problem.

You can try restarting your router if this method doesn’t fix the problem. You can do this immediately or wait a few minutes to see if that works. Changing your connection type from Public to private is recommended if you want to protect your privacy and security from hackers. While public wifi may seem accessible, it could expose personal information, spread malware, and lead to cyberattacks. Make your network private.

If these steps don’t work, try changing the Network profile from Public to Private. This may also fix the wifi disconnecting issue. The next step is to change the wifi icon from the taskbar to the desktop. To do this, click the wifi icon and select the Properties button next to the connected wifi name. You can now change the Network Profile from Public to Private.

If this doesn’t work, try running a network troubleshooter. You can find this in the settings of your PC. You can either use the troubleshooter built into Windows 10 or manually enter it. Once you have made these changes, you should restart your computer and see if your wifi no longer disconnects frequently. Otherwise, you may need to change the connection type back to Public.

If all else fails, you can also try turning off wifi Sense. This feature is built into Windows 10 and automatically switches off some apps when you are not connected. This is the easiest way to fix the problem. Just be sure to turn on the Windows update for this to work. You should also check for any missing updates. This is a great way to ensure your computer is running the latest version of Windows.

Another simple way to fix the problem is to change your DNS server. DNS, or domain name system, is responsible for converting hostnames into IP addresses. Sometimes, it fails to translate hostnames correctly. If DNS is the cause of the wifi disconnection problem, changing it to Google DNS should solve your problem. To change your DNS, press Windows Key + S on your keyboard. This will open the Network Connections menu. Click on the Properties button and look for the DNS server settings. If you see the option “Make my PC discoverable,” click on it. This will change the network type from Public to Private, which should fix your problem.

Update or reinstall the network driver

To resolve this annoying problem, you must first update or reinstall the network driver for your wifi adapter. However, you should be aware that installing new drivers in your system may be impossible if you use an old one. To update your network driver, follow these steps:

Next, you must disable the power-saving features of your wifi adaptor. These features are designed to conserve power and battery life by cutting bandwidth. However, they cause issues with wifi adaptors and could cause random disconnections. To fix this problem, you need to disable the incompatible features of your device. You can perform these steps manually by opening Command Prompt as an administrator.

Secondly, you must enable the wifi on your device. If you can’t, click the “No internet connection” icon on the right side of your taskbar. Also, make sure you turn off the Airplane mode on your device. You should then open the quick wifi settings and select Manage wifi connections. Then, click Disconnect and wait for a few seconds.

Third, if you’ve installed the wrong or outdated network driver, it could also cause Wi-Fi problems. Besides, your wireless adapter might be causing the pain by causing it to work improperly. Lastly, frayed wires or other radio-transmitting gadgets may affect the wireless signal. This can also be due to older technology or technical difficulties in receiving equipment.

Finally, resetting TCP/IP settings may help you resolve the wifi keeps disconnecting issue. You can do this by opening the command prompt as an administrator and typing the commands you want. Restart your computer after completing these steps. This will clear up the network adapter and let you connect to the internet. You can try resetting the network adapter manually if these steps don’t work.

To ensure the wifi drivers are correctly installed:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Network Connections tab.
  3. Choose Manage wifi Settings.
  4. Click on Advanced. You can click on wifi Sense and change the Network Profile to Private.
  5. If these steps do not resolve the problem, restart the computer. If the problem persists, you should try to reset the WLAN AutoConfig properties.

If your network driver is outdated, it may cause slow wifi connectivity. You can go to the manufacturer’s website to update your network driver. Make sure to select the latest version. If you’re having trouble updating the driver, try the beta version. It may work for your computer. It may fix the issue, but you’ll have to restart your computer a few times to ensure the update is applied correctly.

Another solution that can help you fix the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting issue is changing the DNS settings. To do this, you should open Network Connections and click on Make this PC discoverable. This will change the network setting from Public to Private. This will fix the wifi connection issue. Changing the DNS settings on your computer might be necessary before you try any other solution.

Reset network settings

If your internet connection keeps disconnecting, it might indicate an unstable connection. It might be shifting from network to network and creating a cycle of connecting and disconnecting. Windows lets you forget old network settings to reconnect automatically. If this feature is turned on, Windows will try to connect to the fastest network it can find. To disable the service, you can double-tap the name of your network adaptor and click Power Management.

Another possible reason is that the computer has too much cache memory. This can slow the system. Another way to fix the problem is to restart the system. To continue your computer, press “Start” or “Power Off.”

First, you should disable the Airplane mode. Then, it would help if you disabled all third-party apps from your computer. If the problem persists, you can try rebooting your PC. Then, restart your computer and reconnect to your home network. If this solution isn’t practical, try another solution: reset your network settings to remove any new network configurations. You’ll probably have to reinstall all the networking software.

If your device isn’t connected to a router, you should try resetting your router. Resetting the router may also fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you should check your wifi adapter’s software. If it’s outdated, try updating it. This should fix the wifi connection issue. If unsure what’s causing the problem, you can run a diagnostic tool on your PC.

One tried and tested method to fix the wifi keeps disconnecting issue on your PC is to power cycle the modem/router. This is a quick and effective solution to many problems related to internet connectivity. Moreover, this method is entirely free. And the good thing is that it can also solve your Wi-Fi keep disconnecting problem. You may also want to try one of these steps.

To reset the network settings, you must first enter the password used to connect to the router. Typically, the password is stored in the “Enter the network security key” section. Then click the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the next step. Then the system will ask whether your PC is private or discoverable. You can choose “Yes” to make it private.

A simple router reboot can solve your problem if none of these solutions work. First, unplug your power adapter. Could you wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in? Once your router has rebooted, you should be able to reconnect your device to the network. If this step doesn’t work, try a different one. You can also try restarting your router to fix the wifi keeps disconnecting issue.

Resetting network settings on your iPhone can also solve this issue. You’ll be asked to enter your password when reconnecting to your network. In some cases, the problem is caused by too many devices on the web. If you’re using a Mi-Fi router, try unplugging it and rebooting it. If your iPhone uses Mobile Hotspot, you need to restart it. After restarting, you’ll need to reconnect to the wifi network source.

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