How to Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting

The Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting is a very irritating issue on Windows 10. Honestly, there aren’t any established causes found behind this problem. It is a common problem and it just happens. Still, in order to come up with possible solutions, we had to do in-depth research on this subject. And due to that, we were able to loosely connect this issue to a few possible causes.

So, before diving into the solutions, check out the causes for a better understanding.

Why Does My Wi-Fi Keep Disconnecting?

To be honest, most of the issues with Windows 10 can appear for several possible causes. The automatic disconnection of the internet is one such problem with a vague origin.

Still, after relentless tries, we were able to connect this problematic behavior of the Wi-Fi to a handful of reasons, let’s check them out.

  • Wi-Fi Sense was introduced to make it easier to connect to different networks. But it can also cause issues.
  • The Power Management feature is popular among laptops. This feature comes with several options to save power. One of the options is to disable hardware parts, especially the ones that are known to consume more power.
  • Old or corrupted drivers.
  • The Wireless Adapters configured badly.
  • A damaged Router will also make the Wi-Fi disconnect constantly.

The list can become longer depending on the situation. So, if your internet keeps disconnecting, these are the most probable reasons.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting

Best Fixes for Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10

It is not easy to fix a problem without exactly knowing its origin. Still, you need to do something if the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting continuously.

So, we have compiled a list of fixes. Try each one out from start to the end and find out the one that works.

1) Restart Both Router and Computer

Let’s start with something simple like rebooting the devices, involved in the process. So, you have the router and the computer/laptop. Restart both. Try to connect to the Wi-Fi after rebooting both of the devices. If the Wi-Fi is still disconnecting, move on to the next solution.

2) Forget the Wi-Fi Network

This is also a pretty basic fix but it has worked a lot of times. Usually, we save the home Wi-Fi network and it automatically connects to the computer when turned on. So, just make the computer forget the saved connection.

  • Step-1: On your computer, navigate to Settings Network & Internet.
  • Step-2: On the left side of the panel, click on the Wi-Fi option and then click on Manage Known Networks.
  • Step-3: In the Manage Known Networks panel, all the known networks will be listed. Select your network and click Forget.

You have successfully made your computer forget the saved network. Now, click on it again to connect. Providing a password is required. Check if the problem persists.

3) Network Troubleshooter

Do not get disappointed if Wi-Fi continues disconnecting, we can run the network troubleshooter to fix the problem.

  • Step-1: Navigate to the Control Panel and change the View Mode to Large Icons.
  • Step-2: Select the Troubleshooting option and click on Network and Internet.
  • Step-3: In the following panel, click on Network Adapter.

After that, you just have to follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the network error. Then, reboot the PC and the problem should disappear.

4) Change Home Network to Private

Most often, users fail to configure the Wi-Fi settings properly and that can lead to a lot of issues. So, if the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, configure the Wi-Fi settings properly.

  • Step-1: Click on the Network & Internet icon on the system tray and click on the network your computer is connected to.
  • Step-2: Click on the Properties and locate Network Profile. From here, you will be able to change the connection from Public to Private.

Now, just reboot your computer and test the connection.

5) Power Management Settings

If the connection issue is especially focused on your laptop, then you need to check the Power Management Settings. Power management comes with an option to disable the wireless network adapters. Maybe you are having a problem due to that function.

  • Step-1: Navigate to the Device Manager and click on Network Adapters. It will expand.
  • Step-2: Click on the adapter you are using and go to the Power Management tab.
  • Step-3: There will be a box beside Allow the Computer to Turn Off this Device to Save Power option. Uncheck the box and click OK.

Now, reboot the computer and check if a reconfiguration of the power management settings has fixed the problem with the Wi-Fi.

6) Wi-Fi AutoConfig Service Reset

If you are still having trouble, then you need to check the services tab. Possibly, the internet keeps disconnecting due to a disabled service. You need to enable it.

  • Step-1: Bring out the Run utility using Windows + R keys.
  • Step-2: Type, services.msc and click OK.
  • Step-3: In the Services tab, find and click on WLAN AutoConfig and navigate to its Properties.
  • Step-4: In the Properties, change the Startup type to Automatic, Afterward, click Apply and end with clicking on OK.

Now, restart the computer and check your Wi-Fi.

7) Update Wireless Drivers

Lastly, you also need to be on the lookout for outdated drivers. If the hardware is new but the drivers are old, it can lead to a conflict. So, always try to use updated drivers.

  • Step-1: Navigate to the Device Manager and click on the Network Adapters.
  • Step-2: Locate the adapter that is being used and make a double click. A new window will appear, navigate to the Driver tab.
  • Step-3: Click on the Update Driver button.

Now, Windows will automatically try to locate the new drivers and install them. Follow the on-screen instructions.

It is also possible that Windows will return empty-handed without any new drivers. So, it will be a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website as well.

8) Damaged Hardware

You also need to be aware of the condition of the router you are using. The chances of this happening are pretty thin but a defective router can be responsible for disconnecting Wi-Fi on Windows.

So, check the condition of the router. If possible, use it somewhere else to check its integrity.

Signing Off

Without any ideas about networking, it is difficult to fix Wi-Fi that keeps disconnecting on Windows. But we are here as a support. Check out the solutions we have listed. Those are the best fixes for Wi-Fi issues on Windows 10.

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