5 Best Free Solidworks Alternatives

If you are planning to use Solidworks but are concerned about the huge price tag, you will be looking for a free Solidworks alternatives. Here are a few for you.

When talking about the CAD domain, you will come across many designers stating that they know about Solidworks. The purpose of this design application is to help designers model and render those models. Its simple user interface and extensive set of features make it the best choice for designers. But, the problem with this modeling software is its huge price tag.

If you are a designer concerned about the high price tag of this application but wish to get the same features in a free app, you will be looking for the best free Solidwork alternative. You are in the right place to know about the top 5 free options available for designers like you.

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Best Solidworks Alternatives Free | Best Free Cad Programs/ Software

Top Free Solidworks Softwares

Top 5 Solidworks Alternatives Here for Cad Programes/ softwares free online


Freecad is soliworks alternative free

FreeCAD is an application suitable for beginners to professional designers alike. It is supported by Linux, iOS, and Windows operating systems. This open-source parametric software is popular as a free Solidworks alternative. The good thing about this tool is that a great community is continuously working around it to improve its features as per user preferences.

It provides you with popular 3D modeling tools like extrude, booleans, etc. Even, it offers many dedicated tools like modules. Examples include mechanical machining modules, architecture, rendering, robot simulation tools, and technical sketching.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is free soliworks alternative download online

You might be a student or an amateur designer. Otherwise, you might be owning a designing startup. In all these cases, this tool is a free Solidworks alternative. This free Solidworks alternative comes as a wholesome tool with different 3D modeling tools.

Further, it provides a wide range of simulation, motion studies, and assembly modeling tools. However, if you are neither a hobbyist nor a startup designer, you will have to pay for this tool.

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SketchUp is free soliworks alternative

This Solidworks alternative is free on the web. But, if you need the desktop version, you will have to pay for it. The tool suits beginners to professionals alike. This tool is popular among industry experts. Landscape architects, interior designers, and architects use this tool primarily.

However,  it is helpful for video game development and engineering projects as well. The reason is that the tool works both for the creation of 2D and 3D designs.  It is intuitive and user-friendly as it has an easy learning tool.


onshape is one of the soliworks alternative free

If you look for a free Solidworks alternative for non-commercial purposes, you can rely on this free tool. It comes with a wide range of version control and import and export options. Even, you can get add-ons from the tool’s app store that provide you with extra functions and options.

The unique feature of this tool is that as against other CAD programs, it saves your data on a central database. So, your fellow designers can easily access them without having to save locally.


openscad is one of the solidworks alternative free

The main purpose of this free Solidworks alternative is to help designers create solid 3D CAD  models. Also, with this tool, designers like you can create complex 3D models as well. It is yet another open-source tool for designers. It is more focused on the modeling part of designing as against artistic designing.


These free Solidworks alternatives will help with creating the best-quality designs without having to spend a huge sum of money on Solidworks. As they are free, you can try one by one and can finally choose the one that you feel fits your needs the best.

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