4 GBA Emulators Alternative Apps For iOS

GBA Emulator has always played a huge role in properly running the good old Game Boy games. But since it has some issues working with iOS without any problem, we have assembled here some alternative apps for GBA Emulators that are fully compatible with iOS.

Best Alternative Apps for GBA Emulator iOS  | GBA4iOS Alternatives to

gba emulator alternative apps

Get to downloading as soon as possible and rekindle the joyous moments of your childhood where you just couldn’t get your hands off of that Game Boy device! You can play songs in the background while playing a game, get access to cheat codes to easily pass difficult levels, and have fun while playing using the fast software!

  1. Happy Chick Emulator

GBA emulator ios

First and foremost, we have Happy Chick for you to install to play classic Game Boy games on your modern iPhones and iPads. This emulator not only works on various gaming formats but is also amongst the most organized and preferred game emulators; especially when it comes to looking for a decent alternative to GBA.

Furthermore, Happy Chick grants you access to game cheats to enhance the fun and excitement in the gameplay while you choose from a large variety of available games.

  1. RetroArch

GBA Emulator Alternative Apps iOS

RetroArch is a free open-source and cross-platform software that is used for integrating video games, media players, game engines, and other apps. It is an emulator that allows you to play good old classic games on your iOS gadgets like your iPhone or iPad.

Its features include:

  • Easy-to-use and easily navigable.
  • Easy to understand the settings of the emulator.
  • Ability to record the gameplay.

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  1. OpenEmu

GBA Emulator Alternative Apps for iOS

OpenEmu is a great GBA Emulator alternative as it is an open-source emulation app that works brilliantly on iOS devices. It also supports other consoles like Nintendo 64, Nintendo NED, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, and more! It is also great for macOS.

  1. Visual Boy Advanced

This GBA Emulator alternative app lets you play any Game Boy games on your iOS devices. It works as the full package; it provides multiple features like cheat codes, game recording, and screen filters.

Moreover, other than iOS devices, Visual Boy Advanced works just as well on Android devices including gaming consoles such as PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, 2DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and many more!

It is an incredibly balanced platform and works with several Game Boy games that were made for Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy, and the Game Boy Classic. However, one drawback may be that it has not been updated since 2005.

In conclusion, it is never too late to relive some of your best childhood memories. These were GBA Emulator alternatives that work brilliantly with iOS and that you can use to play Game Boy games on your iOS device whenever you want!

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