Best 3 GBA Emulators for iOS 15

Best GBA Emulator iOS 15: The portable gaming market is not what it used to be. There was a time when portable gaming consoles were booming but with the advent of mobile games, portable consoles came to an end. Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance comes from the said older generation of portable consoles.

It is one of the most beloved consoles of all time, but its production has been discontinued.. Still, there are a few stores that keep a few from the remaining old stock but they cost a pretty penny. But that significant strain on your wallet can be avoided very easily with the use of an emulator or specifically with a GBA emulator iOS.

As the name suggests, this is a tool that will enable you to play the old Game Boy Advance games on your iOS without spending a penny. The Emulator for iOS is easy to use. They are easily available on the internet and they also come with multiple customization functions like OpenGL, Rendering, BIOS emulation, and more. The GBA4iOS is considered by many to be the best Gameboy advance emulator. Sadly, it has been discontinued. So, we are here with our pick for the top 3 iOS emulators that can be called the successor of GBA4iOS. Let’s check them out.

gba emulator ios

Top 3 GBA Emulators for iOS 15, 15.1, 15.2, 14.6 | iPhone, iPad

1) Delta

Starting off our list with Delta. This is an excellent GBA emulator iOS and it is considered the direct successor to GBA4iOS as it is developed by the same man. This is an awesome emulator, packed with features and offers support not only for the Game Boy Advanced but also for all the members of the Game Boy family.

The list of important functions includes touch screen controls, gamepad support with applied vibrations. Just remember that the use of this emulator isn’t allowed according to the App Store rules. So, you need to use AltStore to overcome this problem.

  • Supports the latest version of iOS.
  • Supports cheat codes.
  • Available for free
  • Jailbreak is not necessary
  • iTunes and iCloud support for loading games
  • A Third party storefront called AltStore needs to be installed
  • Installation is difficult

2) RetroArch

Unlike Delta, Retroarch is not a Gameboy advance emulator specifically. It is considered the king of emulation among its users due to its versatility.

If you are using Retro arch, then you have to select which systems to emulate. You will be given a lot of options and also have to install several cores. This GBA emulator iOS comes with some attractive sets of functions and customization options that put this emulator at the 2nd position on our list.

  • Supports the latest version of iOS
  • Available for free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports cheat codes
  • Open-source
  • Automatically adds the game into the collection after scanning
  • There are instances where Retroarch requires jailbreak.

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3) Atlantis

The last and final emulator for iOS on this list is Atlantis. If you want to skip the installation of any 3rd party storefronts on your mobile, then use Atlantis. With the App Store restriction measures, it must seem quite difficult but the developers cleverly designed Atlantis to be a web-based GBA emulator iOS.

The installation is quite convenient but due to Atlantis being a web-based emulator, its performance is not quite so smooth. And you also have to customize it cleverly for proper video resolution and controls. Atlantis completely runs via internet browsers and the developers have provided specific support for the Safari browsers on iOS devices.

  • Supports the latest version of iOS
  • Web-based emulator
  • Available for free
  • Jailbreak is not necessary
  • As it is web-based the performance is not smooth.
  • More than adequate customization is required to play the games.


So, if you want to reminisce your childhood memories by playing old Nintendo games, you do not need to pay a hefty amount for purchasing a game boy advanced. Simply, use a GBA emulator iOS of your choice from the provided list and start playing the older Nintendo games on your latest iOS devices.

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