Download and Install Happy Chick Emulator iOS 15 No Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad

If you want to find out how to download and install happy chick emulator on iOS 15, iOS 14.5 without jailbreak, then we will help you with a step by step guide. Apple has a very clear policy about third-party apps.

It does not allow users to access apps other than those listed on the Apple Store. This limits the usage of the fun for many users who like some of these third-party apps. 

Happy Chick is an amazing emulator which can emulate some of your favorite apps and games on your Apple device. It emulates over 18 systems like FAB, PS, PSP, MAME, NDA, GBS, GBC and so on.

You can play a wide range of games using this emulator and even backup the games on cloud storage. It is known for its rich classical games, including Super Mario, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter. 

Requirements for Downloading the Happy Chick Emulator

  • Uninterrupted internet connection either through device data or through Wi-Fi
  • Adequate storage on your Apple device to download the app to the device
  • iOS 7 or above

Happy Chick can be used on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Here are the steps to follow if you would want to happy chick on iOS.

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How to Download and Install Happy Chick Emulator iOS 15 Without Jailbreak

happy chick emulator download ios

   1.  Backup your iOS device

Our advice for using any third-party application is to always begin by backing up your Apple device. This ensures that you always have a fallback plan if at all something does not work out properly, and you decide to go back to everything as it was before you installed the app. 

  • Go to -> Settings
  • Click on your name, then select iCloud and click on -> iCloud Backup
  • Then choose Back Up Now

After backing up your Apple Device, we proceed to downloading and installing the Happy Chick Emulator. 

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    2. Download the Happy Chick Emulator App from the GameSir website

  • Open Safari on your phone and go to the Happy Chick download page.
  • Click -> HappyChick Option 1
  • On the popup window, choose Install

happy chick ios 14, 15 download iemulators no jailbreak ipa

  •  The installation will begin, and you will find the app on the home screen. 

    3. Trust the ‘Happy Chick’ Emulator 

  • When you click -> Happy Chick Emulator icon from your home screen, you will notice a message that warns you that the app is a third-party app and is not trusted on your device. The only option you will have is to click on Cancel and close the warning. 
  • Click -> Cancel
  • Then click -> Settings then choose General and scroll to Device Management
  • You will see the developer information for Happy Chick mentioned here. Click on it.

happy chick ios 14, 15 download iemulators no jailbreak ipa file

  • An option saying Trust the developer will show up. Confirm your decision by clicking on -> Trust on the pop-up window on your screen. 

happy chick emulator download ios 15

  • Then click -> Allow so that Happy Chick can access your location. 
  • Now the app has been verified. You can click on the app icon and start using the app. 

This is the best way to install Happy Chick as recommended by the developers too. If you try to proceed with the download directly from the website on a non-jailbroken device, then you will be asked to use WeChat.

Instead, by downloading through the QR code, you will be able to complete the installation without problems, and then you can start using the emulator. 

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