Download and Install HipStore (HIP4u) iOS on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Hipstore (Hip4u) App Free Download: Everyone knows that Cydia is a great tool for all iPhone/iPad users to get the maximum out of their devices. With Cydia, users can install cracked versions of paid apps as well as so many customization features not found on original App Store.

However, users shy away from installing Cydia because they need to jailbreak their device. But now, there’s a great alternative when you install HipStore for iOS on iPhone, you can still get all premium apps and games for free.

Why Download HipStore for iPhone/ iPad on iOS?

Download and Install Hipstore hip4u on ios 15, 14 for iphone, ipad no jailbreak free app

HipStore is one of the popular third-party app stores for your Apple Devices. You can install the app without jailbreaking on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The app is very beneficial for users keen to download paid apps and games for free. The HipStore app can also be downloaded using Cydia installer and official homepage.

There are several reasons to recommend users to download HipStore app on iDevices. One of the most important reasons to download the app is that it enables users to download premium iOS apps for free. Thus, you can save a lot of money which otherwise you would spend on microtransactions on the official App Store.

Note:- There are some other popular third-party installers like vShare and TweakBox. But the advantage with HipStore app installer is that the app size is too small and even the features are updated regularly. Users have also reported less bugs on HipStore compared to other apps.

People find it very challenging to upload their apps on Apple Store. Firstly, uploading on the Apple store is not free. So, HipStore can be a great alternative where you can upload your apps on the store.

Features of HipStore App Download and Install Free for iOS 11+/ 12+/ 13+/ 14+ / 15

  • Collection of unlimited apps: Users can explore one of the highest collection of iOS apps not found on other third-party app stores.
  • No Jailbreak needed: You can get the HipStore app both with and without jailbreaking your devices. The app provides easy navigation for any non-technical user.
  • Unlimited gems as rewards: Users get unlimited gems as rewards used to unlock cards, special privileges, features, upgrades, boosts, etc. You earn a limited quantity of gems while playing games.
  • Good speed: The app provides users with normal, advanced, and super fast speeds for playing games, uploading, and downloading files.
  • Responsive user interface: On your device, you can enjoy the best user interface with easy navigation in comparison to the official App Store.
  • Easy Downloads: You can download all apps without your Apple ID and Password easily with HipStore.
  • No crashes: Unlike other apps, the HipStore does not crash while using the app. The user experience of HipStore in gaming and downloads is amazing.

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How to Download and Install iApps4u on iOS 15/ 14 and other versions also

How to Download and Install HipStore – HIP4U App Free on iPhone, iPad for iOS | No Jailbreak

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your idevice – iPhone or iPad.
  2. Visit the page
  3. Scroll down to see a purple button called “Click to Download Hipstore configuration file” and tap on it.
  4. Now a new screen with a Download option. Tap on the Download
  5. Wait for few seconds. After tapping the download button, you will see an Install page profile. Click on Install
  6. You have to enter your Device Passcode.
  7. A pop-up message appears on the screen, tap the Install
  8. Lastly, click again on install to finish the installation process.
  9. Go to the Home screen, you can see HipStore app on your device home screen.


So, this was all about installing HipStore on your iPhone, iPad without requiring jailbreak. You can find hundreds of latest premium apps to download and use for free from HipStore app store. If you liked this guide, you’ll be happy to know that we have many more such great iOS tricks and hacks in store for you.

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