How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone? – iPhone is one of the most sophisticated and advanced pieces technological marvels in the market but it is still far from being perfect. iPhone has a lot of different issues that only a true iPhone user can think of and the nine-minute snooze is one of the said problems.

iPhone’s snooze time is nine minutes. No one knows why? Even the company failed to mention anything about it but a lot of users are irritated by this particular runtime. So, it is possible to change the snooze time. If yes, then how to change snooze time on iPhone?

Well, we have to take a deeper look into the matter. So, check out the article below.

Why Is the iPhone Snooze Time Stuck at Nine Minutes?

The snooze time on an iPhone is by default set to nine minutes. This is unfortunate. After multiple versions and updates, there should be an option to change it but there isn’t any.

So, Why 9 Minutes?

We do not have a verified answer but we do have a couple of theories. The main theory is a technical one. The iPhone snooze mechanism is designed around the old alarm clocks. So, they had to keep the time period as long as possible while keeping it in single digit. This has provided them with several technical solutions.

The second theory is based on the user experience. Nine minutes is an excellent amount of time to get a brief amount of rest before getting up. And it is theorized that if you pass the 10-minute limit, your body will start to fall asleep again.

Still, this is the digital era and there should be options to change the snooze time. It could be that Apple hasn’t looked into it or it is a homage to a more traditional side of Apple. But why Apple decided to stick to nine minutes and why they didn’t try to get over this limitation; can only be answered by Apple.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

3 Ways to Change the Snooze Time on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no definite or official way to change the snooze time on an iPhone. But we can offer you several workarounds, that may be helpful. Let’s have a look.

Here’s how to change snooze time on iPhone…

1) Set Multiple Alarms

The best workaround is to set multiple alarms. You just have to schedule different alarms to go off at different times and you have to plan accurately.

Suppose, you have to wake up at 7.15. So, set up an alarm at 7.00. This gives you 15 minutes to wake up until the final alarm at 7.15 starts ringing. But you do have to disable the snooze option. Here’s how to change snooze time on iPhone.

  • Step-1: Open the Clock app on the iPhone and tap on the Alarm. Tap on the “+” button to create a new alarm.
  • Step-2: Set the wake-up time at 7.15. Disable the Snooze and tap Save.
  • Step-3: Now, tap on the “+” button again and set an alarm for 7.00. Disable the Snooze and tap Save.

So, you will wake up by the alarm at 7.00. You will get rest for 15 minutes until the final alarm at 7.15 rings. You can also add more alarms to keep you awake for those 15 minutes if you want. But if you do this, you will wake up in time and do not have to snooze alarms.

2) Use Songs with Long Runtime instead of Alarm Tunes

The previous method was an excellent workaround for iPhone’s default nine-minute snooze time. But this will not work for every iPhone user. Some people just easily fall back to deep sleep after the initial alarm.

If you have the same problem, then the previous method won’t work for you. After the initial alarm, you will fall back to sleep and with the final alarm, you have to wake anew. This is not fruitful and most likely; you will not be able to wake up in time. So, we recommend using long songs as your default Alarm tune.

So, when the music stops, you will know that it is time to get up. We also have come up with a list of 10 songs that will be suitable as your Alarm Tunes.

  • Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand (10.31)
  • Pink Floyd – Dogs (17.05)
  • Dream Theater – Octavarium (23.58)
  • Guns N’ Roses – Coma (10.16)
  • Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner (13.39)

You have to purchase these songs and get them downloaded on your iPhone. Of course, if you have other options in your mind, go for them too. Whichever suits you best. After getting the songs, you have to set them as your default Alarm tune. Here’s how to change snooze time on iPhone.

  • Step-1: In the Clock app, tap on Edit.
  • Step-2: Then, tap on the Alarm you wish to change.
  • Step-3: You will see the option to change the alarm’s Sound. Tap on it.
  • Step-4: Then, tap on Pick a Song option.

You will see the option, go through them and choose the music of your choice.

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3) Third Party Alarm Clock

Last but not least, you are still having trouble waking up in time or bothered about the snooze time; switch to 3rd party alarm clock options. You will find multiple alarm clock applications on the App Store.

We are listing a few alarm clock apps of our choice if you want to choose from them. These are good apps and provide versatile options.

Progressive Alarm ClockDownload
Alarmy – Morning Alarm ClockDownload
Sleep Cycle – Sleep TrackerDownload


Ultimately, there is no definite way to change the snooze time on an iPhone. But if you are asking, how to change snooze time on iPhone, then the workarounds we have discussed in the article will be able to help you. This may not be what you expected but if your goal is to wake up on time every single day, you will not be disappointed.

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