How to Merge Videos on iPhone For Free


If you’re interested in learning how to merge videos on iPhone for free, you’ve come to the right place. While the process isn’t complicated, it does require the right tools and apps to make it easy. Here are some of the best apps for merging videos on iPhone. You can quickly join your videos; they all work with different steps. Use these apps to connect your videos and make your movies!

Video Mixer

You can combine two videos on your iPhone by using video mixing apps. There are a few different steps you need to follow to accomplish this. If you want to merge videos on your iPhone, you must first find the videos you want to combine. After selecting the videos, you want to join, tap the checkbox next to them and the Create Movie button at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can edit the videos and preview the final product. To customize the look of your movie, you can change the theme, add effects, and much more.

Next, open the Video Mixer application on your iPhone and select a project. You can merge two videos with this free app. You can choose the output format for the new video. Choose a design that best matches the new video. Choose an output format for the video you’re trying to combine. In this case, you want to mix tapes with the exact resolution, so you should choose a solution that allows you to view the video in its highest resolution.

Once you’ve merged your videos, you’re ready to share them with your friends. Video Mixer allows you to share the finished product on social networks, including Facebook and YouTube. The app lets you preview the videos in a single location and syncs with your social media accounts. Compared to other apps, it’s easy to use, even for beginners. The only drawback to Video Mixer is that you can’t edit your merged videos, but you can share them on Facebook and Twitter.

For those who prefer a different method, there are 3rd-party apps available for this purpose. With these, you’ll be able to merge videos on your iPhone while getting professional-looking results without spending a dime. Luckily, many excellent video editing apps help you combine different videos. But finding the right app is not always easy. With some research, you should be able to find a decent option.


If you’re wondering how to merge two videos, iMovie can help you do this. It’s free, and you can join videos as long as you have the proper iOS devices. To begin, you’ll need to import the videos using the Movie Maker app. This is located on the Home screen. After importing the videos, you can edit their videos by selecting different transition styles after importing them. Depending on your format, these transitions can be Dissolve, Slide, Wipe, or fade.

Once you’ve imported your videos, you can choose to edit them, add titles, or combine them with other video clips. You can merge videos using iMovie’s drag and drop capabilities. You can also rearrange your videos or save them as-is. Once you’ve finished editing, save the resulting movie, share it, or send it to a friend. It’s that easy!

When you combine videos, you’ll end up with a longer video you can share or keep. Besides merging videos, you can add audio files, photos, backgrounds, and multimedia. Using iMovie, you can also combine photos on your iPhone. But if you want to keep your photos separate, you should use a video editor app. After you’ve merged your videos, you’ll see a new project.

When merging videos on iPhone, you can edit titles and add author information. You can also add filters and themes. Once you’re done editing, you can share the merged videos to your favorite social networks, like Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, or save them in Dropbox. You can also share the linked videos to e-mails and Dropbox. This is a great way to combine videos on iPhone without spending money.

You can combine two videos on your iPhone using iMovie, Apple’s video editing app. While the free version may not be the best, it offers a range of features that you can use to combine multiple videos. The free iMovie app provides the most features for connecting videos, including a timeline. Using other video editing apps, you can merge multiple videos into one.

Online UniConverter

If you’re wondering how to merge videos on iPhone for free, you’ve come to the right place. The online software from Online UniConverter allows you to combine videos with or without transitions. You can also choose to merge videos with a crossfade or no changes. Because most videos are created in landscape orientation, you might want to consider converting your videos to portrait format. If you’re unsure of the correct aspect ratio for your iPhone, Online UniConverter can help you out.

When you’re ready to convert your videos, you can import multiple files or manually add them to the software. Online UniConverter offers built-in preview capabilities, which will allow you to hear the output audio. It will also handle the compression of your files for you. You can even create custom presets to meet your specific needs. After you’ve uploaded your files, the software will let you upload them to your favorite hosting sites for free.

Besides being free, you can also use UniConverter for professional-grade video editing. It has all the editing tools you need for your projects, including a video downloader, audio converter, disc burner, and built-in player. There are also features to crop, add a watermark, delete the background, and add a subtitle. Even if you don’t need to use UniConverter for professional-level video editing, you can use its free trial to convert your video files.

Once you’ve completed the steps of the free video conversion, you can choose a destination for your output video. By default, the output video will be saved to your local disk. Click File at the bottom of the UniConverter’s interface to change the save location. Then, choose the directory you’d like to keep the converted videos. In most cases, your new video will be ready to watch.

Wondershare Online UniConverter is an excellent choice if you want to merge two or more videos on your iPhone. It offers cross-platform compatibility and thousands of video formats. This iPhone video conversion software will also allow you to use other video editing tools such as background music and fading transitions. It even supports the raw iPhone camera videos and can export merged videos to MP4 or other popular video formats.

Wondershare FilmoraGo

You can merge two videos on your iPhone free of charge using Wondershare FilmoraGo. It comes with powerful tools to help you join videos and add elements, filters, and backgrounds to them. You can share your merged videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites. You can even upload the linked videos to Dropbox. This article outlines how you can do that. Read on to learn more.

You can use this app to stitch multiple videos into one. It supports all major video formats, including shot camera videos, recorded TV programs, and downloaded YouTube videos. You can even edit the videos with transition effects and background music. You can also save your merged video project and resume it later. The finished product can be shared with friends and family. Wondershare FilmoraGo merges videos on iPhone for free without watermark or other restrictions.

For beginners or intermediate users, Wondershare FilmoraGo offers a powerful video editing app that balances a user-friendly interface with professional features. Its advanced video editing tools allow you to combine multiple videos and add music or soundtracks. FilmoraGo also supports importing and merging clips. You can use the app to edit photos and videos, add transitions, and add subtitles and effects. The software lets you immediately share your videos through various social networking sites.

FilmoraGo also has picture-in-picture editing options. You can insert stickers, transitions, and filters into your video. For more extensive videos, you can use FilmoraGo’s Pro Unlimited version. FilmoraGo Pro Unlimited has many features and premium editing materials. Besides, you can remove the watermark and access paid add-ons. Its easy-to-use interface is aesthetically pleasing.

You can use this tool on Mac and Windows computers as well. Its advanced features will enable you to merge two iPhone videos for free. Another helpful feature is that it can transfer your combined videos to iPhone. With Wondershare FilmoraGo, you can create split-screen videos on your iPhone and transfer them to other mobile devices. It can also edit and convert videos on both Mac and Windows systems.

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