How to Combine Videos on iPhone?

Have a bunch of videos you wish to combine on your iPhone? Enjoy all the funny videos in one go by creating a single video. Individuals who have lots of video clips on their iPhones can merge them into one. Here are some useful, incredible apps that will teach you how to combine videos on iPhone.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

Method 1: How to Combine Videos on iPhone with Live Photos using the Photos App

The newly released iOS update has included some incredible features to the photos app. You can combine multiple Live Photos together and save them to form a slideshow or a new video. Here are the simple steps you can follow to combine Live Photos on your iPhone.

  • Launch the Photos app and tap on the Select button you can find on the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Select the Live Photos and tap on the Share button present in the lower-left corner of the screen. Choose Save as Video option to combine multiple photos together.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

Method 2: How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

iMovie is one of the apps on the list that can assist in merging videos on your iPhone. You can create beautiful movies using this option. Upon combining videos on iPhone, this app will allow you to transfer your videos between various iOS devices via iCloud Drive or AirDrop feature. Here is how to combine videos on iPhone by adding them together using this option.

1. Tap on the iMovie app and open the “Project” section available on the top of the screen.

2. Tap on “Create Project” and select the video type of the options available. You can choose from two options – Trailer and Movie. Select the Movie option and then tap on Create option. You can also choose to import video from File.

3. Your project interface is now successfully loaded on your screen. Add the source video file and tap on the “Media” option present on the top left of your timeline. This will load your video gallery on your screen. Choose the desired source video and tap on the “Add” icon to upload the video to the iMovie timeline.

4. Once your preferred video has been added to the timeline, you can scroll your timeline to the right or left to allow the vertical line known as “playhead” to appear on the screen. Now, place the playhead by scrolling left or right exactly at the place where you desire to combine the video.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

5. At this point, you can include another video in the source video. Follow the same procedure mentioned above to include more videos in the timeline.

6. You can preview the added videos by simply hitting the “Play” icon present just above the timeline.

7. You can use transition effects to apply the desired effect when your first video is switched to another. You can also choose the traditional fade-in or fade-out option as well.

8. When you are done with the video, you can hit the “Done” option present on the left top corner of your screen. The next interface will land you up on a screen where you can save the merged video file on your local storage. You can also directly upload the videos to various cloud storage platforms.

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Method 3: How to Combine Videos on iPhone using Videoshop

Videoshop is an incredible editing app you can use to combine your video clips in the list. This app helps you to trim, crop, and include sound effects in the videos you are trying to combine. Also, it allows you to record your own voice and resize the video frame and try out exciting new features. Here are the steps you need to follow to merge videos on your iPhone using the Videoshop app.

1. Download the app from App Store by clicking this link and launch it upon downloading.

2. Hit on the plus signed icon to start adding your videos.

3. You need to now choose the different settings or editing options like making speed changes, typing texts, adding audio track, and more.

How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie

4. Now, You can then tap on the “Next” button.

5. Move further by giving the title of the video, include author, date, place, and whatever else you want. Also, you can customize videos with themes and filters.

6. Once you have merged videos on your iPhone, you can tap on the Sharing button and store the file. You can also upload your file to Vimeo, YouTube, send it via e-mail or also save it to Dropbox.


When it comes to how to combine videos on iPhone, you can follow any of the above three methods outlined above. You can have a lot of fun sharing the combined videos on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to like and share this guide with all your friends. Keep watching this space for more such regular updates and iPhone hacks.

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