How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone, iPad

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone and iPad? – Since its inception, the calendar app has been a significant part of iOS. It turned out to be a useful tool that was adored by the users. Apple made it a staple, ever since.

It’s an awesome app. You will be able to add and remove events. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t forget any special dates. Unfortunately, some users have complained about having trouble deleting the iPhone calendar events. Now, we do not know, if this is due to an issue or the said users are just having difficulty executing the proper steps. So, we have decided to answer how to delete calendar events on iPhone? By elaborating the proper steps below.

How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone, iPad

Steps to Delete a Calendar Events on iPhone, iPad

Deleting a calendar event on an iPhone involves some of the easiest steps. Let’s check them out below. Here’s how to delete calendar events on iPhone…

  • Step-1: Launch the Calendar app and tap on the date that has an event. Remember, the Dates with Dots are the ones with events.

  • Step-2: Tap on the Name of the Event.

  • Step-3: After that, tap on the Delete Event option.

Now, if you are trying to delete an event that was supposed to repeat, you will have to choose between Delete This Event Only and the Delete All Future Events option.

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Removal of Subscribed Calendars on an iPhone

This method we are about to discuss is especially for the people who want to delete the subscribed calendars. This is a difficult task compared to simply deleting an event. So, read carefully.

  • Step-1: Navigate to the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Step-2: Locate Accounts and Password and tap on it.
  • Step-3: Under Accounts and Password, tap on Subscribed Calendars.
  • Step-4: Now, choose the calendar and tap on the Delete Account option.

In the end, you will be asked for confirmation. So, just confirm your action and the subscribed calendars will be removed immediately from the iPhone.

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Troubleshoot Calendar Events Not Deleting on an iPhone

This is an unlikely event but if this happens to you, be sure to implement the following troubleshooting steps in order to successfully delete calendar events on an iPhone.

  • Disabling Cloud Sharing for the Calendar

The problem can be caused due to an issue with the iCloud sync. So, deactivate iCloud sharing for the calendar and then try to delete the event or events. After that, surely activate iCloud sharing again.

  • Add New Calendar

If the Delete option is not showing up, then create a new calendar. After creating a new calendar, go back to the old one and tap on the Information button. The Delete Calendar button should be visible now.

  • Unsubscribe from Calendar

If the event was created by someone else, then we recommend unsubscribing from the calendar. But you have to use your Mac for this procedure.

Just open the Calendar app on the Mac and Control + Click on the calendar. Lastly, click on the Unsubscribe button.

  • Remove Sender’s Email Account

Finally, if you are still having issues with stubborn calendar events, we recommend the removal of the sender’s email account from your iPhone. Of course, you can add the email account back again, once you have successfully deleted the calendar events.

It is unlikely to face such an issue with the iPhone calendar. That being said, a small number of users had to deal with the said problem and it was very difficult for them. So, we are adding the troubleshooting steps as a precaution in our article.

Signing Off

Hence, deleting the calendar events on an iPhone is a simple task. Still, if you are having difficulty and asking, how to delete calendar events on iPhone; then we recommend checking out the steps we have mentioned in the above article. But in an unlikely event, if you are facing difficulty, do not forget to check out the troubleshooting ways that we have also detailed in the article.

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