How to Dial an Extension on iPhone and Android


You might be wondering how to dial an extension on iPhone or Android. You can try adding an extension to a contact’s phone number and then listen to the menu options. If this doesn’t work, you can also try the Wait method. Sadly, the Comma method is not supported on Windows phones. If you’re looking for an alternative, read on! We’ll walk you through the steps!

Add an extension to a contact’s phone number in Contacts.

Double-click the contact to add an extension to a contact’s phone in Contacts. The phone numbers section will open. Then, click on the “+” button to add an attachment. In the extension field, type the number. Using an iPhone, you can also use the pause key to insert commas. Then, tap the “Done” button.

If you frequently dial extensions, you can add the symbols to a contact’s phone number. In most cases, this is not necessary. In a pinch, you can type the extension in an existing connection. Adding an extension is easy, but you should be able to do it manually. After you have entered the number, click the “Done” button on display to complete the process.

You can also add an extension to a contact’s phone number on Android phones. The process is straightforward. To add an attachment, type the extension number as a part of the phone number. Alternatively, you can write the extension number using the + symbol or “ext.”. You’ll notice that the extension is now displayed with the main phone number. After adding the extension, you can call the contact with the extension number directly from the contact card.

Alternatively, you can add an extension to a contact’s phone number using the “Phone” app on Android. Then, you can call the contact using either the “Pause” or “Wait” methods. You can also add an extension in the “Dial” method to make the call more convenient for you. You can even save a phone number as an extension on your phone.

If you’re sick of redialing the same phone number, add an extension to your contact’s phone number. This way, you can avoid the long phone tree, wait for an operator to answer your call, and dial the main number. This saves you a lot of time and energy. And, it’s very convenient! You can set the waiting time, pause your phone, and signal when to call the extension.

Listen to the menu options if your extension doesn’t work.

If your extension doesn’t work on iOS and Android, you might want to look into the menu options. Some extensions won’t work until an entire automated menu has been played or a particular option has been selected. In this case, you may need to listen to the menu options or enter the extension manually. Once you’ve identified which menu options you need to navigate through, you can fix the issue quickly.

Wait for method

Try the Wait method if you’re looking for an easy way to dial an extension without a landline—type in the extension number, followed by a semicolon. Then, tap the call button. A voice prompt will pop up, prompting you to press a “call” button. If your extension doesn’t answer, try pressing “Wait” twice or use the pause button.

To dial an extension on an Android or iPhone, you can activate the “Add 2-second pause” feature by holding the “*” key while pressing the keypad. You can do the same using an iPhone with the “kebab” menu. Select the “Add 2-second pause” option and then type in the extension number. Then, press the “Call” button to reach the department. You may also want to wait for the automated message to end before dialing the extension number.

This method is not recommended if you’re unsure how long you should wait for the extension to answer. The phone’s pause feature doesn’t always work in the right circumstances. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to spend time navigating through a menu. But, if you’re going to use this method, make sure you follow these steps:

To activate the pause feature, insert a comma between the phone number and extension. Then, the phone will wait for three seconds before sending the digits. This method is helpful if your extension code accepts the extension code immediately. Once the pause is complete, press the pause button to continue the call. So, wait for a few seconds to dial your extension code.

Some extensions won’t let you enter them until the full automated menu plays or you select a particular option. So, you can use the “wait” method to dial an extension on an iPhone or an Android device. The key to using the Wait method to dial an extension on iPhone and Android is to know the specific extension you are trying to dial. Some phones even allow you to program the extension into your contact list. You may have to enter the extension number to confirm the dialing process.

Comma not supported on Windows phones

If you use the comma key, you may notice that your keyboard no longer supports the punctuation mark. The comma key has been relegated to special characters in Windows Phone 8.1. To change this, go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Advanced and check the box labeled Show a comma key when available. Additionally, the new cursor key differs from Windows 8 Metro, making selecting and placing the appropriate text easier.

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