iOS 15 Release Date, Features | How to Download and Install iOS 15 on iPhone, iPad

Apple always surprises its users with new features and experiences, and this time, it has upgraded its iOS to 15 with amazing features and more flexibility of notification, photos, face look, and lots more.

What is the Expected Release Date of iOS 15?

Apple has not yet announced a specific date for the release of iOS but based on its previous releases, everyone is expecting it to be around September or October. And, of course, you will get a refined look of iOS latest version 15 before its actual release date. Moreover, it will act more like a consumer operating system with fewer bugs.

What are the Features of iOS 15?

iOS 15 release date, features and download install ios 15 on iphone, ipad without jailbreak

Latest iOS has got tons of improvements, but most of the services are not technically updated. Let’s discuss the new features of iOS 15 that can enhance the experience of iPhone users.

User Profiles

iPhone is finally getting the feature of the user profile. These profiles are called Focus which allows its user to choose which notifications will be followed based on your activity. For instance, sleep Focus could let a call from only family members. Further, you have a work focus that lets messages and emails related to work. It also facilitates the customization of focuses.

Changes in Notification Outlook and Features

With iOS 15, notification has gotten a refreshed design. You get contact photos with notifications of messages or calls. In the update, you can set the notification bar according to your need and can easily mute notifications for a certain period.

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Smarter Spotlight

You can search better with iOS 15. With the iOS 15 spotlight feature, you can get information from your photos, and can also search TV shows, actors, and lots more by using photos.

Face Time

Face time got updated and it allows you to chat with family and friends, even schedule the changes made. Most importantly, a non-Apple user can also join your face time chat room.

Apple Maps

Notably, the Apple maps updated with its 3D view, meaning it monitors while driving, walking, and biking. Moreover, you get pretty cool options like lanes, crosswalks, bike lanes, etc.

Apart from these, with this iOS, your iPhone apple wallet, safari search, etc., will also upgrade.

How to Download and Install iOS 15 on iPhone, iPad

iOS comes with many bugs, so before downloading, you may need a second iPhone that you can use to check out the iOS 15 betas.

  1. Firstly, backup your phone, through iCloud or by plugging it into your computer.
  2. Then, navigate to the website of Apple Beta Software Program.
  3. Tap “sign-in” from the list of the beta program.
  4. After, log in your Apple ID
  5. Under “Get Started” tap “enroll your device”.
  6. By following the instructions, achieve your data and files.
  7. Scroll down, tap download profile -> Allow.
  8. Open settings, then profile downloaded.
  9. Tap “Install” present at the top right and then restart.
  10. Open settings -> General -> Software update. You will find an update to iOS 15.
  11. Your device will download it and once the download completes tap “install now.”

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