What’s New on the iPad 15 Release Date?


When is the iPad 15 coming out? Hopefully, the wait is over. With the new tablet, you can expect some great new features. We’ve rounded up some details below. Here are the essential elements: the Multitasking menu, App Library, SharePlay, and Widgets. Once you’ve read those, you can expect a lot more from your new tablet. The iPad 15 will make your work on the go more accessible than ever.

Multitasking menu

The new multitasking menu on the iPad 15 release date will make it easier to switch between apps. Previous versions only allowed you to select one app at a time from the Dock, but now you can choose multiple apps at once, all in one place. The multitasking menu is also easier to access than ever, as it includes new keyboard shortcuts and a Shelf feature, which floats above the current app. You can quickly jump between open windows and paired apps by dragging them onto each other.

Multitasking on iPads has long been a frustrating process. But with the release of iPadOS 15, the multitasking experience will become much more manageable. The multitasking menu will feature new features, including a dedicated multitasking menu. The new multitasking menu will sit at the top of the screen and include options for Split View, Full Screen, and Slide Over. It will also have a multi-window shelf, allowing you to see all of your open windows. You can also open apps from the Center Window by dragging and dropping.

The new iPad OS features are also available for iPad minis (4th generation), iPad Air 2, and later iPad Pro models. The latest update will include iPad mini, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro models. All three versions of the iPad will come with iOS 15. Multitasking has been upgraded with improved shortcuts and a new Multitasking menu. You can also see a larger image of apps, contact photos for people, and a Notification Summary to collect non-time-sensitive notifications.

App Library

The App Library is one of the many changes that will be included with the iPad 15 release. This new feature will allow you to organize your apps into categories that you can easily access from the home screen. It will also feature a new way to re-order apps and hide those you don’t want to see. The new iPad also brings several changes to Notes, such as Mentions and Tags for better note organization.

The App Library will keep track of all apps and automatically organize them into helpful categories. Moreover, you can easily hide Home Screen pages that you don’t need. You can also access the App Library from the Dock. You can also use the App Library to create and maintain different Focuses for each task you want to perform. There are several apps you can install on your iPad, and they will automatically be listed in the App Library.

One of the most anticipated features of the new iPad is the new Memories feature. It will integrate with Apple Music and will feature a new design. Apple has improved city details with road colors, elevation, and custom-designed landmarks. The latest version of Mail will also include a Privacy Protection feature to prevent trackers from reading your emails and apps. The App Privacy Report will also let you know how your apps share data.


When the iOS 15 release date was announced last week, it wasn’t clear when SharePlay would be available on iPads. SharePlay, an application that enables you to broadcast and receive FaceTime videos, was supposed to arrive with the new operating system. Then, it was delayed until later this fall, but now it’s back as part of the latest iOS beta. SharePlay was removed from iOS 15 at the start of the release date, but it has re-appeared in all betas.

In September 2017, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 15.1 for developers and made the final version available for the public on October 25. Originally, SharePlay was scheduled to launch with iOS 15, but the delay forced Apple to postpone its release to a later software update. If you have an iPad with the newest version of iOS, you can download it now via Settings, General, and Software Update. Once the update is installed, you can enjoy a better-quality video experience.

Apple also shared the official video guide for SharePlay. Besides videos, users can also find apps that support the service. However, geo-restrictions prevent you from sharing certain content if your iPad is locked to a specific region. Thankfully, SharePlay is supported by several apps, so you can start watching content immediately. The app is compatible with various devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. Eventually, Apple will also expand the service to other Apple products.


The iPad has new features: Home Screen widgets, the App Library, and more. Widgets are shortcuts that display information from parent apps on the Home Screen. They can be larger than the previous iPad size and double as app launchers. Apple has also redesigned the App Library, making it easier for users to organize and access their installed apps. The App Library is now accessible through the Dock.

The new multitasking menu will have buttons for Full Screen, Slide Over, and Split View. You can also create a center window by holding down a message or note. There’s also a new “shelf” that shows open windows. One of the first rumors about iPadOS 15 is the addition of more flexible widgets. The latest version of the operating system is expected to ship to retailers in the first half of 2019.

The iPad 15 release date is just around the corner. Widgets for iPad 15 will arrive alongside the new version of iOS. Devices for iPad 15 will improve multitasking and include a new Home Screen widget. It also brings new features to the App Library, including an expanded app catalog. You can access the App Library from the Dock, making multitasking more accessible than ever. With this update, you’ll have an easier time switching between apps and browsing the web.


The next major update to iOS will include new features for VoiceOver users. iOS 15 will bring Grouped Navigation, which allows you to group similar screen items. For example, if you’re in the Mail app, Grouped Navigation groups the messages list and the “dictate” button so you can interact with the messages with a single touch. This update will be available to download on September 20, 2021.

In addition to new accessibility features, the latest version of VoiceOver will improve the way people with disabilities navigate the system. With VoiceOver, you can easily explore images, navigate receipts, and discover the nutritional value of foods and beverages by simply moving your finger over a picture. You can also navigate a menu by dragging your finger across the screen and discovering people’s positions with your voice. Ultimately, you’ll be able to access everything you want, wherever you are.

When you go to a new screen, VoiceOver will play a sound to let you know that you’ve reached the desired location. It will also let you know that you’re on a new screen, dimming the screen, or locking it. In addition to these features, VoiceOver also changes how you use gestures to control the iPhone. While you can still use the Home button and fingerprint scanner, you must now triple-click the side button to access VoiceOver.

Redesigned home screen

Apple’s redesigned home screen is a significant upgrade over last year’s version, but many things are still missing from the new iPad. Users may lose their home screen widgets, though Apple has made it possible to edit the stacks that they have created. Apple also offers two different layouts for the Home screen, allowing users to customize it for portrait and landscape orientations. Undoubtedly, the redesigned home screen will make it easier for users to stay on top of the essential information.

Among the other significant changes is a new version of the App Store. The app store is still the first place to go for iPad apps, but it has been made easier to access. The App Store is now accessible from the Dock. Moreover, Apple has introduced a new size class for widgets. The XL-sized device occupies eight app icons and works with just a few apps. It provides a pseudo-desktop experience when used with the Files app.

They redesigned the home screen. While Apple has finally released the iPad 15 software, a few more features are still missing. The new date picker is no longer a scrollable wheel, and a guidance screen is now available for users. Erasing and moving devices is now more accessible, but sharing content with other devices is still a pain. However, with the new iPadOS 15 betas, the rough edges have been rounded off. But it’s still missing two significant features: SharePlay and Universal Control. We’ll have to wait a few months to see if they make it.

Support for Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Apple recently introduced several privacy and security features with the launch of iOS 15. The new operating systems include eight significant improvements, each designed to make the user’s device more secure and private. The following article will provide a rundown of the changes in iOS 15 and how they can improve privacy and security. In addition, we’ll cover how to disable Intelligent Tracking Prevention. Once enabled, the app privacy report will list your apps’ sensors during the past seven days and the domains they were connected to.

First, Intelligent Tracking Prevention prevents websites from using your IP address to build profiles on your browsing habits. Intelligent Tracking Prevention will default prevent third-party websites from tracking you using Safari. This feature will prevent websites from tracking browsing habits and advertisers from gathering information on your online activity. Second, it blocks ads and allows third-party cookies to be set for a day after the user last visited a site. Finally, you’ll find that the new iOS version of the software also restricts cross-site tracking.

Third-party cookies are a significant concern for users. While most browsers block third-party cookies, the Apple company has a different approach. Intelligent Tracking Prevention prevents websites from using cookies to collect information about you. Apple uses machine learning to identify websites that use these tracking tools, and it strips them of the data they collect. Moreover, it allows you to block third-party cookies if you don’t wish to share your information with third parties.

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