How to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Issue

iPhone Alarm Not Working? – Let’s face it, very very few of us ever use a real physical alarm clock. That’s because we all trust our smartphone that’s lying beside us to wake us up in the morning. That familiar Alarm app on the iPhone is probably the one thing I take for granted and just cannot live without.

Right from waking up on time to reach college/office to setting up stopwatch timers are activities which we always use the app for. The timely functioning of the alarm to start our day is necessary to for each subsequent activity.

However, when something that you trust so much gives up on you, the frustration can be devastating. When the alarm doesn’t go off on time, you are bound to be late in the entire day’s schedule. So, what do you do when your trusted iPhone alarm not working as it’s supposed to be?

Let us list down the possible solutions that have to be followed to fix this error.

iphone alarm not working

12 Simple Solutions to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Problem

Note: Before we start off with advanced troubleshooting, its always better for us to try out the simple techniques and solutions to fix iPhone alarm not working. You can follow the solutions listed number wise to go from simple methods to advanced.

Solution 1: Check the Mute Switch

This may seem like a trivial issue, but it has to be checked at the very beginning. You need to make sure the mute switch is OFF. It’s the RING/SILENT button on the top-left side of your iPhone. If it is in ON mode, then change it to OFF mode.

Solution 2:  Check the volume levels

Once again, we run through the simplest solutions first. The alarm needs to have a sufficient volume for the alarm sound to penetrate the ears. To change the volume level:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In settings select Sounds.
  3. Then under RINGER & ALERTS, swipe the slider to the right to bring the volume to a high level.
  4. At the same time, turn OFF Change with Buttons

volume levels in iphone

Important:- This is to ensure that the volume of the RINGER and ALERT will not be impacted when the volume level is increased by pressing the volume button.

Solution 3: Check the Alarm Tone

Sometimes it may so happen that the alarm sound is set to – NONE. If sound is at NONE, it means that no sound is possible to be used for the alarm. This is one of the most overlooked solutions by users. To change this –

  1. Open the Clock app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Alarm.
  3. Then tap the Edit sign on the top-left corner.
  4. Now tap Sound and choose the desired ringtone as the alarm sound. Here if it is None, then you get the iPhone alarm not working issue.

check iphone alarm tone

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Solution 4: Disable or Change the Bedtime Feature

Note: The Bedtime feature on the Alarm app is a functionality that can track your sleep time. It’s a unique tool to analyze your sleeping patterns by reminding you when you should go to sleep everyday and what time you should wake up.

If you have enabled the bedtime feature on your iPhone, you may face alarm conflicts. If your wake time is same as your alarm, the alarm would never go off. To avoid this, change the timings for bedtime or alarm. To change the bedtime timings, follow these steps –

  1. Open the Clock
  2. Tap Bedtime tab at the bottom
  3. Disable bedtime by tapping on Bedtime Schedule in the top-right to OFF or slide to change the timings.

Solution 5: Check the Alarm’s Time Settings

If you have set an alarm, but doesn’t work the next day, try to change the settings.

  1. Open the Clock
  2. Click Edit in the Alarm section.
  3. Tap on the alarm you want to edit. Keep in mind about the AM and PM.
  4. Enter the Repeat Checkmark to repeat the alarm for the next days of the week.
  5. If you want to disable the alarm for a particular day, tap to disable the alarm for that day.
  6. Tap to Save when you are done.

Solution 6: Reset Location and Privacy

Important:- Sometimes, it may so happen that when you’re travelling to a different place, the location settings may update based on the time zone. Once you’re back home, the location may still show up as the former place you had been. This could cause iPhone alarm not working.

If you want to reset your location and privacy on your phone, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General > Reset > Reset location and privacy.

reset location on iphone

Solution 7: Remove all third-party Alarm Apps from the iPhone

Note: When you try to use a separate alarm app from the App Store along with the default iPhone alarm app, then you may run into issues. This is purely because, other alarm apps may lead to conflict with the original built-in clock app on the iPhone.

  1. Open the third-party alarm app among the list of apps.
  2. Keep it pressed it till the X button appears
  3. Select Delete from the pop up.

Solution 8: Disable Bluetooth and Unplug Headphones

The alarm set on iPhone may ring on your Bluetooth connected devices; it may be due to a software bug. If your Bluetooth accessories are located within a range, it may ring on it and you won’t hear anything on the device. To repair, follow these steps –

  1. Go to Settings and turn OFF Bluetooth.
  2. Unplug anything attached to the headphone jack.
  3. After you unplug, check if the iPhone alarm is fixed.

Solution 9: Set a New Alarm on the iPhone & delete the old alarms

For this, the Clock App has to be launched once more. Steps to be followed are –

  1. On the iPhone home screen, select the Clock
  2. Tap on the Alarm button present at the bottom.
  3. Next tap on the Edit option in the top-left corner of screen.
  4. Select on the Red “–” button at the left side of each active alarm.
  5. Tap Delete on each active alarm.
  6. Switch off and restart the device.
  7. Once restarted, launch the Clock app again.
  8. Set a new alarm in the Alarm option by tapping on the “+”

Solution 10: Update to the Latest iOS version

The latest versions of iOS on your iPhone helps to keep the device safe and secure. It prevents the occurrence of different type of errors and may also solve iPhone alarm not working issue. Steps for the same are –

  1. Go to Settings
  2. In Settings, select – General.
  3. Select – Software Update (if there is an updated version, it will be shown).
  4. Select Download and Install.

Solution 11: Reset and Restart the iPhone

When the iOS is upgraded, sometimes the settings may overall change. This could cause the alarm to stop working. It will always be useful to do a settings reset in order to reactivate the alarm. The steps to be followed for this are –

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In settings, go to General.
  3. In general, select the Reset
  4. Select – Reset all Settings. (The user can rest assured that there will be no data loss upon doing this).
  5. Switch off your iPhone and restart it again to reactivate the alarm. For this, keep the Sleep/Wake button pressed and then swipe on the slider to power off.

reset all settings on iphone

Solution 12: Restore the iPhone

This option is to be done only if the previous solutions specified do not work at all.

  1. Connect the iPhone to a PC/Mac
  2. On the computer, open iTunes.
  3. Select your device and click on Restore iPhone.
  4. In the pop-up window, select Confirm.


The iPhone alarm not working issue must be fixed with any of these solutions given here. In a worst-case scenario, if none of them work out, then it is always better to get in touch with the Apple customer service at or on the country specific toll free numbers.

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