How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem?

Here 6 Best Ways for How to Fix your iPhone Camera Not Working Problem: Nowadays, for most of us, our smartphone camera has turned out to be our primary camera. So, when you face an iPhone camera not working issue, it is rare that you will have a DSLR Camera in your backpack as an alternative. So, when the camera does not work suddenly, you will look for fixing the issue as quickly as possible. The good news to you is that you can rectify this issue within seconds.

What If Your Phone Shows A Black Screen?

Are you stating that your iPhone camera not working problem shows up as just a black screen? If you are seeing nothing other than a black screen when you click the camera icon in your iPhone, here are certain things you can check.

Best 6 Ways for How to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working/ Focusing

How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem

Something Blocking the Camera:

Check whether something is blocking your camera lens. There are chances that your phone case might be covering the camera lens on the back of the phone. Even there are chances of dust or dirt covering the camera. When you remove it, you will find that the black screen is gone and the camera works rightly.

Use iPhone Camera App:

As against using a third-party camera app, you can try using the iPhone Camera App. The reason is that this app is dependable as compared to third-party apps and can work correctly. 

Once you are in the camera app, move from the back to front cameras to check whether both are working fine. You can check this by tapping the camera flip icon that you can find on the right side of the screen. If you find that a single camera is working, it can be due to a hardware issue.

Resume the Camera App:

One more solution you can try is to resume the camera app. For this, you can swipe up the center of the screen if you own iPhone X or later models.  If you have iPhone 8 or earlier models, you can double-click the home button.  Now, close the camera app. You can do it by sliding it off the top of the screen.

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Try Turning Off The Phone:

One more method you can follow is to turn off the phone. You can do it by holding the side button.  If your phone is iPhone X or later, you will have to hold the volume button together with the side button.

Now, slide to power off the phone. Is your phone shut off now? Wait for around 30 seconds before you long press the power button to restart the phone. If you are not able to restart the phone with these methods, you can force restart the phone instead.

Switch Off The Voice-Over Feature:

You might feel surprised to know that the iPhone camera not working problem can arise when the voice-over feature in your phone is kept on. Here are the steps to follow to resolve this issue:

  • Go to the settings menu on your phone
  • Touch the general category
  • Then, go to accessibility 
  • Here, turn off the “Voice-Over” feature.

After you follow these steps, wait for a few seconds. Then, launch the camera app again and you will find that it will start working again without any black screen issue.

Update the iOS Version:

There are chances that the black screen issue on the iPhone can arise as a result of either an unstable or outdated version of iOS. So, updating the iOS version of your iPhone might help fix the iPhone camera not working problem. Here is how you can update:

  • Go to settings, general tab and then click on Software update
  • Now, you can find the latest version of iOS
  • Tap on the “update and download” or “Install now” option to update.

Before you start this update, it is better to make sure that your phone battery is charged at more than 60%.

Now, you can follow the tips above to fix the iPhone camera not working problem. These tips will help if you find nothing other than a black screen when you click the camera icon in your iPhone to capture pictures.

What to do When the Flash Does Not Work?

Of course, most photos taken on iPhone look better without a flash. But, in some places for additional lighting, you might intend to use the flash. If the flash function is not working, you can try the following:

  • In the camera app, check whether you have set the flash to auto-on mode.
  • Test the LED of your phone by turning on the flashlight from the control center.


Most of us rely on our phone cameras these days for many things. Not just for capturing some personal memory collection but even for some professional works, we rely on our phone camera. It can be highly frustrating and even it can lead to loss of income when your iPhone camera does not work. So, try one of the above-mentioned tricks to get your iPhone camera up and running again!

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