How to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working | No Sound on iPhone

The iPhone is a real pleasure to use when it is working fine. However, in all honesty, there are times when many iPhone users face issues related to sound sometimes. Some of the common problems are no sound in videos, alarm sound not working, speaker not working, no sound in games or apps, ringer sound not working, no sound on incoming calls, no sound on text typing, etc. If you too are faced with the issue of iPhone sound is not working, you can find different ways to fix it no sound on iPhone right here.

12 Ways to Fix iPhone Sound Is Not Working | No Sound on iPhone

iphone sound not working, no sound on iphone ringing

1. Check “Silent” option of and Volume Adjustment

If you are unable to hear the sound means iPhone not ringing, first check the ring/silent switch. If you have turned on the silent switch and later forgotten to turn it off, you may not hear any sound. So, if your iPhone is on silent mode, you won’t hear the sound. To turn it off, move the switch forward so that the orange bar is not showing. After that, adjust the volume with volume buttons.

2. Test the iPhone Speaker

Volume not working on iPhone, Another option to check is to check the iPhone speaker.

Go to Settings ->Sound and Haptics –> Ringer and alerts.

Try to increase the volume; if you hear the sound, it means that the speaker is working. But if still the iPhone sound is not working, it means the speaker needs repair.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

If you regularly use Bluetooth, it may happen that you are unable to hear sound as Bluetooth is turned on. To hear sound on your iPhone’s speaker, disable Bluetooth.

4. Check Third-party app Settings

Many third-party apps provide customized volume and sound settings. Some games offer exclusive volume, sound and mute settings, sound effects, audio, and more. Open the particular app on which iPhone sound is not working and look for sound settings. You can turn off/on the customized sound settings, adjust the volume sliders, and adjust the audio. You can adjust the settings of the app to enable or disable the sound settings.

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5. Try Headphones

If your iPhone sound is not working, look for iPhone headphones. If you have the older model of iPhone, plug the headphones into the headset port. For newer models, plug the headphone into the lighting port. Check the audio using the headphone with an audio app.

6. Restart your iPhone

The easiest option to check the sound of an iPhone is to restart your device. Once you restart, check the speaker for any sounds. If you can hear the sound, the problem is solved. If not, look for other solutions.

7. Check the Notification Settings

If you are unable to hear the sound for a specific app, there may be some problem in the notifications. Go to Settings to check whether you have allowed notifications and sounds.

To do, go to Settings -> Notifications -> choose the app.

On the next screen, ensure that all the options to allow notifications are green.

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8. Check for app Updates

If you are unable to hear the sound only on a specific app, an iOS update may fix the problem. Check if there are any updates available for the particular app–– if so update the app. After updating the app, your problem may get solved.

9. Check for System Updates

Apart from app updates, there may be notifications related to system updates. If your iPhone sound is not working, you can try system updates to fix the problem. So check for software updates from Apple, download and install the latest iOS updates.

10. Turn off do not disturb mode

DND (Do not disturb) mode is a unique feature available on the iPhone. When the DND mode is turned on, you won’t get notifications on your phone except calls from starred contacts and alarms. If your speaker is not working, make sure you have checked that the DND option is turned off.

11. Reset all the Settings

If you have tried the maximum solutions given above, go for the last resort to reset the settings. Don’t panic as it is not a factory reset. You won’t lose your data as it just resets the sound, network, and display settings to default.  After the reset, you may have to add-in your favorite ringtones on your iPhone.

To reset, open iPhone Settings, select General -> Reset -> Reset all settings.

12. Try This Last Trick

After all the above options, you may also try a last trick if you are facing problems with iPhone sound is not working. Just press or squeeze lightly the button on the right corner of your iPhone where your speaker is located. To do it, you can place your iPhone on your palm or on a flat surface. Press that button gently for 15-20 seconds. Make sure you are not harsh in the process. Now check the sound from the speaker to see if this trick worked for you!


If you ever faced the issue of iPhone sound is not working, let us know which solution worked out for you. If you found out any other way to fix the sound on your iPhone, then we would be happy to include it in our list of fixes. Lastly, support us and share this guide with everyone on social media.

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