How to Get/ Use Internet Browser on PS4 Web Browser

How to Get/ Use Internet Browser on PS4 Web Browser: When it comes to the PlayStation 4, most people consider them only a gaming console. Well, gaming is a part of it. But in reality, PlayStation 4 is a complete entertainment system. You can play games, watch movies and browse the internet. 

So, yes! There is a PS4 web browser and it is easy to use. More about the PS4 browser is in the article below. 

Is There an Internet Browser in PlayStation 4? 

How to Get Use Internet Browser on PS4 Web Browser

What is a PS4?

For most people, PlayStation 4 is the legendary gaming console developed and launched by Sony and it is designed only for gaming. 

Contradictory to popular belief, that is far from the truth. PlayStation 4 is at its core a gaming console but it is also much more. Similar to a computer or a smartphone, PlayStation 4 does have an internet browser that enables you to access the world wide web.

The PS4 web browser also has an excellent interface. It’s stunning. Although, an internet browser is not a necessary element for a gaming console but it is there. Sony has done an excellent job with it. It is easy to use. There are dedicated buttons assigned to the buttons of the controller, making it easy to type and search for the users. So, if you are interested in using it, just hit the Triangle button on the controller to bring it up. 

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The Use of PS4 Web Browser

Most people follow the belief that it is difficult to use the PS4 web browser. But the truth is exactly the opposite. It is similar to using an internet browser on smartphones or computers. So, let’s check out the steps below and understand the simplicity of using a web browser on the PlayStation 4. 

How to Open the PS4 Web Browser

Step1: Just turn on your PS4 and navigate to the Home Screen

Step2: Locate the Internet Browser block/tile on the screen. The tile will have a WWW icon.

If you are unable to find this icon, navigate to Library –> Apps

Step3: Now, you have to select the Internet Browser. So, hit the Circle button on your controller.  

Now, you have launched the browser successfully. So, open a website by typing the URL and hit the R2 button to open it. This is not complicated at all.


Hence, there is a PS4 web browser. It is visible on the Home Screen. Otherwise, you have to look for it in the Apps. And the most important part is the use that is as simple as it can be. You have to use the controller buttons for opening a new website.  

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