How to Merge Videos on iPhone, iPad

How to Merge Videos on iPhone? – The best reason to get an iPhone is its exceptional camera. The device comes with the most stunning lens and sensors in the world. But that also means users will more likely snap a lot of pictures and videos with it and try to edit them.

When it comes to merging videos on an iPhone, a lot of people struggles. They fail to see any available tools to do the task. So, how to merge videos on iPhone? Well, there are specified tools available, you just have to download them from the App Store. For more details on the subject, check out the article below.

how to merge videos on iphone

How to Merge videos on an iPhone, iPad with iMovie

When it comes to video editing, Apple has already hit the mark with iMovie. This is a video editing tool developed by Apple for iOS and Mac computers.

iMovie is equipped with several state-of-the-art features and the result is professional-level video quality. But this app doesn’t come pre-installed on the iPhone. However, you can download it for free from the App Store. So, with that cleared, let’s check out how to merge videos on iPhone with iMovie;

  • Step-1: After downloading the app, complete the installation on the iPhone.
  • Step-2: After the app is successfully installed, run from Springboard.
  • Step-3: On the main interface of the application, you will see 3 tabs. Tap on the tab that says, Projects to Create a New Project. Then, tap on Create Project option.
  • Step-4: Tap on the Movie option when you are asked about the type of project.



  • Step-5: Now, you can choose video files from the Camera Roll. So, select the videos you want to combine and then tap on the Create Movie button below.

These are the main steps for merging 2 videos on an iPhone. As iMovie is an excellent app and it facilitates several features, you will add effects or other addition but to the next screen. When the merger is finished, tap on the Done button to save the file.

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Best 3 Tools to Merge Videos on an iPhone Besides iMovie

While the answer for how to merge videos on iPhone is quite clearly iMovie; but it is also true that this Apple-developed application is not the only tool available to you.

There are a lot more options available and we are here to list our top 3 picks after iMovie.

1) Splice


This is a wonderful video editor tool for iOS. The app has a very intuitive user interface that will let you merge videos quite easily. There are also several advanced options like transition effect, fonts, filters, and more available.

2) Magisto


Magisto takes only 5 minutes to create a magnificent combined video. This is a very versatile application with numerous customization options. But if you want to enjoy the advancements of this video editor, you have to get the paid version.

3) Quik


Our last pick is Quik but it is no less exceptional. This is a very advanced editing app for videos with several features and filter options. This app will allow you to create 3.20 min long videos.


Hence, the answer for how to merge videos on iPhone is quite clear now. It is also a simple one. Tools are available, just waiting to be downloaded from the App Store. Now, the most popular choice and recommended option is iMovie but it is not the only option. There are also other great options to choose from and we have listed them in the article. But if you are requirements are basic, then iMovie will get the job done.

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