How to Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile on PC and Mac


As online harassment cases continue to rise, people are interested to know who has viewed their Facebook profile. They want to determine the popularity of a profile or even just see who has viewed it. The fact that this information is now available is a welcome development. Fortunately, there are now several methods available for you to find out who has viewed your profile. In this article, we’ll discuss the different methods to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile.

Using the old method, you can view the ID number of the person who has viewed your Facebook profile. You can also copy different IDs and paste them to the Facebook URL to find out the name of the person who has viewed your profile. There are many Google Chrome extensions that claim to do the same thing, so if you’re using one, try one. But beware of scams! The only way to make sure you’re getting an authentic response is to test a few extensions.

Although the option to view the name of the person who has viewed your Facebook profile was announced in April 2020, some reports state that it has already been available. These reports may be an April Fool’s Day hoax. And since this feature isn’t yet available for Android devices, it is unlikely to roll out to mobile devices anytime soon. However, if you’re curious about who viewed your Facebook profile, there are browser extensions and apps that claim to do the same thing. They’re incredibly useful, but you should be wary of the safety risks and reliability of such products.

Another way to see who viewed your Facebook profile is to use the “View Page Source” method. First, sign in to Facebook using your preferred browser. Google Chrome is recommended. Next, type “view page source” into your browser’s search box. This will give you the source of the page. You can then see which profile URLs were visited by whom. If you want to check the views of your profile on PC or Mac, try using this method.

While Facebook doesn’t let you see who viewed your profile, you can get other information about your account. Third-party apps, such as “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile”, can only provide this information if you’ve signed up for the app. Third-party applications, on the other hand, may not have such a feature. Changing Facebook’s policies has affected the market for these apps. People have become more cautious when accepting permissions for third-party apps.

As a result, many fake apps have been developed to steal information about the people who view your profile. However, Facebook does not make such data publicly available, and you must report any app that claims to do so. It is possible to download such apps but be wary of them as they are mostly fake. Besides, they might violate your privacy. So, don’t fall for the hype and use them responsibly.

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