How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone from Old iPhone

How to Transfer Messages to New iPhone? – Getting a new iPhone is pretty much one of the most exciting events and at the time of the purchase, you know that it is one of the best smartphones in the world. But getting a new iPhone also means transferring all the data, files, pictures, videos, and messages to your new iPhone from the old one. While most people know how to transfer photos and videos, it is the transfer of text messages where they face difficulty. 

This transition is a necessary part of the new purchase and it saves us from going through the trouble of manually transferring everything to the new device. Unfortunately, the methods to transfer text message is not quite clear to everybody. But regardless of all the hurdles, if you must transfer the messages; be sure to check out the article below. We will show you the ways to transfer messages to new iPhone. The methods are simple, just stick to them and you won’t have any issues. 

Transfer Messages to New iPhone

3 Best Methods to Transfer Messages to New iPhone

Once you get to know the procedures to transfer messages to new iPhone in detail, you will see that it is not so difficult. There are 3 definitive ways to transfer text messages between iPhones and we have discussed them below in the simplest way possible. You must check them out and decide which one of these methods you are most comfortable executing. 

1) Transferring Text Messages to a New iPhone Via iCloud Backup

Before starting to describe this procedure, we need to clarify the age-old question; does iCloud backup messages? 

Fortunately, iCloud does backup text messages and iMessages. In this part, we will be discussing the way to use the iCloud backup to transfer text messages to new iPhone.

  • Step#1: Let’s start by connecting your old and new iPhones via Wi-Fi. 
  • Step#2: Now, open your old iPhone and navigate to Settings > (Your Name) > iCloud. You need to tap on the iCloud option. 

  • Step#3: Activate iCloud Backup. And then, tap on the Back Up Now option to immediately back up the old iPhone including the text messages. 

icloud backup

  • Step#4: Now, open the new iPhone. This device hasn’t been activated yet. So, open it and tap on Restore from the iCloud Backup option. 

If you already had the new device activated, then you have to erase the iPhone from the Settings first. After that, you will be able to restore it using the iCloud backup. 

The restore process will take time but the speed is dependent on the Wi-Fi connection. As it is transferring all the files to your new iPhone, including the messages. 

Note: The only downside is that you won’t be able to selectively restore just the text messages, you have to restore the entire backup file.

2) Transferring Text Messages to a New iPhone without a Backup

This method is only applicable for the users of iOS 11.4 and the later versions. Apple has integrated a brand new feature that enables users to share messages on different platforms. So, you will be able to use this feature to transfer messages to new iPhone, only if the iCloud sync is turned on. 

  • Step#1: Just open the old iPhone and navigate to Settings > Account Name > iCloud. Tap on the iCloud option.  
  • Step#2: Now, scroll and locate Messages. There will be a switch beside it. If the switch is not turned ON, then you have to turn it ON and the messages will be synced to the iCloud. 

  • Step#3: Now, connect the iPhones using Wi-Fi
  • Step#4: Now, go to the new iPhone and repeat the same procedure.

Now, both devices will share all the contents of the iMessages. Just remember that iCloud won’t notify you after the sync process is complete. You have to check it constantly. 

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3) Transferring Text Messages to a New iPhone Via iTunes

Besides iCloud, you can use the iTunes app to transfer text messages to new iPhone. iTunes is an Apple integrated application and is capable of all the default tasks. This method is a bit different to check out the steps below for details. 

  • Step#1: First, make sure you are using the latest version of the iTunes app on both your computer and iPhone. 
  • Step#2: Now, connect the old iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Then, run the iTunes app on the computer.  
  • Step#3: When your old iPhone is visible on the iTunes panel, click on the Back Up Now option. iPhone backup will be initiated immediately. Wait for the process to get finished successfully. 

  • Step#4: Open your new iPhone. Navigate to App & Data > Restore from iTunes Backup

If you have already activated the new device, then you have to erase the device first and then you can restore it from the backup.  

  • Step#5: Connect the new iPhone to the computer and run the iTunes app. 
  • Step#6: After the new iPhone is visible on the iTunes screen, click on the Restore Backup option and you also have to select the iTunes backup that contains the backed-up text messages. 

iTunes is a slow app and you will have to wait a while for the procedure to get complete.  

Note: Similar to iCloud, iTunes is also incapable of selective backing up files. So, you have to restore the entire backup file. 


Contrary to popular belief, a lot of users still hold text messages quite dear to them. So, when transitioning, it is necessary to transfer messages to new iPhone for them. Sadly, users are still a bit confused about the entire text transfer procedure. We hope, our article will clear things up for them. 

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