How to Transfer Text Messages From iPhone to Computer


There are many ways to transfer text messages from your iPhone to another device. iExplorer is one of them, but it is also available for Windows. Here is how to do it. iExplorer will first open your Messages app. When prompted, click Create a backup before continuing. Next, select a conversation to Export. Click the conversation you want to export, and then click Export Selected Chat.


If you want to export text messages from iPhone to another computer, you can use iExplorer. This handy app allows you to export conversations, text messages, shared files, photos, and cards. You can even backup and restore entire discussions. To get started:

  1. Download iExplorer and install it on your PC.
  2. Connect your iOS device to the computer.
  3. Click “Device Overview” and choose your device.

After the device is connected to the computer, launch iExplorer and click on Messages, the application will open a panel with your saved messages. You can then select which conversation you want to back up. Click Open to view your statements, then choose Export to move them to a new location. Once your messages are saved, you can view them in XML format and change the local folder. After you’ve backed up, you can view them in iExplorer.

To transfer text messages from iPhone to PC, you can use iExplorer. This program is easy to use, fast and supports all types of messages. The most popular format to transfer iPhone messages is PDF. PDFs are similar to iPhone text messages, and the time stamps remain intact. In addition, you can export photos and attachments separately using iExplorer. This app is available for free from CNET.

Another feature of iExplorer is the ability to backup messages. This program can save notes in TXT, CSV, and PDF formats. Importantly, you can retain the timestamps. Another advantage of iExplorer is its keyword research tool. The tool also offers an option for exporting phone contacts, calendar events, notes, and videos. Despite its limitations, it is still an excellent way to transfer text messages to another device.


iMazing is a valuable tool for transferring text messages from one iOS device to another. It can export messages from both live devices and backups. This tool supports drag-and-drop workflows and a variety of export formats. Notes can be shipped in a PDF file with default export options. iMazing also supports exporting multiple conversations at a time.

When transferring messages from an iPhone to a Mac, fabulous offers several valuable features, including a date-range picker, text search fields, and message attachments. Using the date range picker, users can specify a time range that only includes messages from the period they select. Similarly, users can use the content-search field at the top of the window to search for specific words. Besides that, users can also use the chat session search bar to find particular participants or chat sessions.

iMazing also includes a dedicated Migration module, allowing users to transfer data from their old iPhones to their new ones. This module will enable users to select and share content from one iOS device to another while ensuring that the information is not lost or corrupted. Unlike iTunes, iMazing offers free, automatic wireless backup solutions and allows users to transfer data from one iOS device to another.

iMazing iexplorer transfer texts message

iExplorer Torrent

iExplorer Torrent can help you transfer your iPhone messages to your Mac. The application lets you browse your conversations and Export selected letters or all of them. iExplorer supports various file types, from text messages to shared photos. It will even allow you to back up your voice notes, too. Here’s how to use the app. Here’s a quick guide. Hopefully, this article will make the process easier.

iExplorer Torrent is a multi-language program that lets you browse and transfer your iOS devices. It also features a self-dialect of ECM script known as JScript. It can also help you move your iPhone’s voice mail messages. It also allows you to rebuild your playlists with just one tap. And what’s more, you can download and use all these applications for free.

It also has a registration code to access the file system and allows users to browse and back up their files. You can also import your iPhone’s voicemail and export your music to iTunes. This program has many features that will help improve your iPhone use. It will allow you to export and back up your iPhone’s data and make it easier to share with others. You’ll never have to worry about losing an important message again! IExplorer Torrent Crack is a great software to download if you have an iPhone. IExplorer Torrent is free and works on both Mac and PC. Its interface is user-friendly and is free to download.

iExplorer Crack Mac can transfer your entire music library from your iOS devices to your computer. You don’t have to worry about duplicate songs since it will rebuild your playlists for you. It can even transfer your movies. Another great feature is exporting your call logs to CSV or TXT files. This is an excellent tool for accessing your iPhone’s call history and calendar.

iExplorer for Windows

iExplorer for Windows allows you to save and transfer text messages. You can export notes in TXT, CSV, or PDF formats and retain their original timestamps. The program will enable you to select individual messages and backup conversations. However, there is a slight difference between the Mac and PC versions. Here are a few key differences between the two versions:

iExplorer for Windows supports both Mac and iOS devices and lets you retrieve messages from iTunes backups. The program costs $40 for its basic license, but you can download a demo version for free to try it out first. You’ll need OS X 10.9 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, and iTunes. You’ll also need to enable two-factor authentication and enable the iCloud Keychain.

iExplorer works with all text messages, including those in groups and media. The free version offers limited features and can crash frequently. In addition, it can’t transfer files from iOS devices to your PC. You’ll also need to download the latest version of QuickTime for the program to work. You can download it for free from the official website. Make sure you back up your phone before you begin the transfer.

iExplorer for Windows also allows you to save message history. It works with attachments, including images and videos. It also supports exporting calendar events, contacts, and notes. It can also transfer photos, iMessages, and voicemails. If you have a Mac, you’ll find iExplorer for Windows more valuable than the Mac or PC version. Its easy-to-use interface and bright interface make sorting and organizing your content pleasurable.

iExplorer for Mac

To export text messages from your Mac, download iExplorer for Mac. Open Messages in iExplorer and click the “Export to PDF” option to ship your conversations as a backup. You can then choose to view all or selected parts of conversations or select those that you want to keep. In addition, you can export shared photos. iExplorer allows you to choose from a variety of file formats and allows you to import them into your Mac.

The program is a free download from CNET. It supports the import and Export of all popular iOS file formats. iExplorer can transfer SMS, MMS, and iMessages from your Mac to a PC. Before using it, you must install the QuickTime drive and disk mounting framework. Otherwise, you will have to install the app again. If you are not sure whether you need iExplorer or not, download it for free from CNET.

You can transfer text messages from any iPhone or iPod to your Mac using iExplorer. It features seven valuable utilities. These utilities let you search through iPhone databases, preview them and export them. The application also enables you to listen to voicemail messages and ship them. This software helps you control your content while transferring text messages from your iPhone to your Mac. This way, you can access and organize them without worrying about losing them.

You can also transfer music, video, and other media files from your Mac to your iOS device. You can also convert a song to a ringtone with iFunbox. The program lets you view and manage your iOS files and monitor the syncing process. This software has many features, including transferring purchased content from an iOS device to an iPhone or iPod. Besides sharing music and media files, iExplorer for Mac also supports exporting photos, videos, and contacts to other devices.

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