How to Type Degree Sign on a Mac, iPhone, and iPad

how to type degree symbol on mac? – We are all acquainted with the degree symbol. It is the small circular sign at the end of the number that indicates temperature. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specified keys to type this particular symbol on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. So, most people believe that there actually isn’t a way to type the degree symbol.

Well, they are wrong. It is possible most people just don’t know how to type the degree symbol on Mac? It is very simple, a few key combinations are involved. So, check out our article and learn more about these key combinations.

how to type degree symbol on mac

How to Type the Degree Symbol on a Mac?

1) How to Type the Degree Symbol on a Mac with Key Combinations

There are actually 2 key combinations available to type degree sign on Mac. The combinations surely are different but the outcome is the same. We have detailed the said key combinations in the article below. You should open an app on your Mac and try them out.

Step-1: So, open an app like TextEdit or Messages or Pages.

Step-2: Select the text position and enter any of the following key combinations.

  • Option + K
  • Option + Shift + 8

This is it. The degree symbol Mac will appear on the screen as soon as you press any of these combinations. Now, the degree symbol looks different for each of the combinations. Some might think that it may indicate something different. But we have looked into it and there isn’t any mystery. Both symbols are identified by iOS as degree.

2) Insertion of Degree Symbol from the Emoji & Symbols Menu

This must be the first time you are hearing that you can add the degree symbol from the Emoji & Symbols menu. It is actually true but most users tend to forget about the Special Characters menu on the macOS. So, do the following.

Step-1: Place the mouse cursor on the location where you want to add the degree symbol.

Step-2: Navigate to Edit > Emoji & Symbols or Press Control + Command + Space.

Step-3: A brand new window will appear. Type Degree in the search box.

The degree symbol will appear immediately along with C or F. you need to double-click on the C or F to insert it.

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How to Type the Degree Symbol on an iPhone or iPad?

It is also easy to type degree sign iPhone. There is nothing complicated about it and the same procedure works for the iPad too.

Step-1: So, open an app on your iOS device like Messages or Notes.

Step-2: On the keypad, press 123 and the numerical keypad will be revealed.

Step-3: Now, press and hold the Zero (0) digit until the degree symbol appears on the screen.

Slide your finger over the degree symbol and when it is highlighted, let it go.  This is the way to type the degree symbol iPhone.


Most people do not know, how to type degree symbol on Mac? As there is not dedicated degree symbol on the keyboards, they just don’t overthink it and just types ‘degree’. It also works. But if you ever feel the need to type the symbol, you do not have to wonder anymore.

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