How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Problem

” The flashlight of my iPhone is not working. I have never thought something like this could ever happen. I am having a flashlight issue. Nonetheless, I am having trouble fixing it. Are there any genuine ways to turn it back on again? “

The iPhone is known all over the globe for its stunning design, sturdy built-quality, and exciting features. But the device is also known for some of the most creative issues known to humankind.

This sounds too much like an exaggeration but it is a fact. The iPhone is a beautiful device but users also have to deal with some of the weirdest issues like the iPhone flashlight not working. The flashlight is known to stop working on numerous occasions. It troubles the users a lot but the only silver lining is that fixes are pretty simple and work most of the time.

Why Is the iPhone Flashlight Not Working?

Tech does not always come easy for most users. It is difficult to understand for them and when they are facing something like a faulty iPhone flashlight, they do nothing but panic. So, before we dive into the appropriate fixes for the iPhone flashlight not working, let’s try to understand the issue and where it is coming from.

There isn’t any individual reason for this that can be specifically pointed out as the influencer of this iPhone issue. The problem can act up for several reasons, like after updating the iOS the flashlight may stop working or even start acting differently. This is the minor software glitch that comes with easy fixes.

iPhone Flashlight Not Working

7 Effective Ways to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

As we have notified you previously, the fixes for the iPhone flashlight not working are very simple. It will only take a few minutes of your time to execute them after which your iPhone flashlight will light up whenever you want.

1) Charge the iPhone

charge your iPhone 100%

This doesn’t look like a real fix and we are aware of that. But the thing is that the flashlight of an iPhone can stop working if it is running on a low battery. This is not a usual issue but is known to happen to some of the users.

So, check the battery. And even if it is not too low, connect it to the charger and charge it till it shows 100% on the screen.

2) Restart the iPhone

If the iPhone flashlight not working, restart the iPhone. This is a very simple fix but also very reliable. Restarting the device can get rid of the temporary glitch in the software.

So, hold the Power button and wait for the Power Slider to appear on the screen. Drag the Power Slider to the edge of the screen and the iPhone will be turned off. Now, wait for a minute and turn the iPhone again by holding the Power button.

3) Exit the Camera App

Now, the flashlight issue can be the result of interference with the Camera app. The problem is that both the flashlight and the camera use the same bulb. So, it can create a problem.

Still, you need to give it a try in order to fix the iPhone flashlight not working. Just launch Task Manager on your iPhone and remove the Camera app from it. If the flashlight starts working again after closing the Camera app, then you can be sure that it was due to the conflict.

4) Hard Reset

Hard reset or Force restart, whatever you want to call it, is one of the best fixes of numerous iPhone problems. This is as simple as forcefully restarting the device, giving the system a shock with the hope to eliminate all the glitches from it. This is a simple procedure and it will not erase any data from the device.

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5) Reset iPhone Settings

This procedure is not as dramatic as it sounds. And this will not erase any data from your mobile also. This procedure will simply erase all the custom settings and move them back to default. Probably this will deal with the issue at the same time.

So, navigate to the Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings. Lastly, click Confirm to execute.

reset all settings on iphone

6) Factory Reset

This procedure is as bad as it sounds. A factory reset will not only erase all the settings but data as well. So, backing up the iPhone is recommended before initiating this procedure.

Just navigate to the Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. You will probably be asked for your Apple ID and password to verify your identity. Provide the details and it will take a few minutes to reset the device.

7) Apple Store

If you have tried everything from this list, but haven’t been able to fix the iPhone flashlight not working, then visiting the Apple Store for an official consultation is the best hope for your iPhone flashlight.


It doesn’t matter how you look at it, a flashlight not working is a big problem and this shouldn’t come from an expensive device like an iPhone.  iPhone flashlight not working is a terrible issue for the users to whom that specific function matters the most. So, we humbly request our readers to use the fixes described in the article before taking the device to the Apple Store. Maybe, you will be able to fix the issue from the drawing-room of your home.

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