“Message Blocking is Active” Error and How to Fix It

Message Blocking is Active” is a common error notification often come across by iPhone users when they are trying to send a text message. Texting is a common way of communicating with our friends and family in our daily lives, but such errors can hurdle our routine. We have put together a small guide that will help you understand this error and what you can do to fix it.

What Does Message Blocking is Active Mean ?

The error notification is displayed when you are trying to send a text, but instead of a sent notification, you get this message – “Message Blocking is Active”. It usually happens when the sender or receiver is on the list of blocked contacts, but there may be other reasons too.

“Message Blocking is Active” Error and How to Fix It

Some Common Possible Reasons to Why Message Blocking is Active:

1. Blocked Contact

As discussed above, one of the most common reasons to why you are receiving this notification is because either the sender or the receiver has been blocked by the other. For some, parental controls may be enabled.

2. App Restrictions

At times, the error received may also be because certain messaging apps may not be compatible with your carrier. You must go to the Settings of your phone, to try and see if you can allow them manually.

3. Service Outage

There are times when network providers have paused messaging service for maintenance purpose. You can confirm about it with your network provider and ask them when the services would resume.

4. Plan Not Suitable

There are a couple of messaging apps that don’t permit sending or receiving premium messages. So, if you are using one of such apps to send your text message, then you may not be able to send your message. Please check your plan and app to ensure seamless texting.

5. Text Content

Another reason to why you may be encountering this message is when you may have added non-text elements such as GIF’s, attachments, etc. There is a character limit for all standard messaging apps, which is usually 160 characters. If this happens, the text message is converted into an MMS. Try sending your message without any extra attachments.

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Some Basic Troubleshooting Steps | Message Blocking is Active iPhone, iOS and Android

  • Restart your iPhone and try to send the message again
  • If you are using your device network, then turn off the Wi-Fi
  • Check your Block List to confirm if the number you are trying to text is on it
  • Use a different number to send the text message to the contact you are trying to reach out. This will help you understand if you are on their block list.
  • Check if the date and time on your iPhone is correct – you must enable it for auto-update
  • Are there any messaging apps that you have recently downloaded? Check to see if they have been set as priority messaging. Uninstall them and then try and send your text message again.
  • Get in touch with your carrier and request them to guide you to ensure that the SMSC or Short Message Service Centre settings are correct on your device
  • Check if the number is correct
  • Check your iMessage Help. If the person you are trying to send a message to was using iPhone but has recently switched to different OS, then they will not be able to receive the messages.
  • Check the messaging app and your device for latest updates. If there are any updates pending, update them to the latest version.
  • Backup your messages if they are important and then delete text threads from the app. Exit the app and then try to send the message again.

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Some More Troubleshooting Steps: Free Msg Unable to Send Message | Message Blocking is Active

1. Check the Contact Details and Add it to Contact Book Again

If you have recently added a contact to your contact details and are trying to text them but are faced with the “Message Blocking is Active” then you must re-check the number. You can also try deleting the contact details entirely and then add them as a fresh contact once again. Also, check if you have put the correct area code.

2. Check if Your Phone Number is Active

If your number is suspended or you had applied for it to port and it is still pending, then you will not be able to send or receive any text messages. You must get in touch with your network provider for this.

3. Check if Messaging Service is Enabled

If you are getting the error in your settings that check if your iMessage is enabled to send and receive messages in the standard format. Apple uses iMessage to send and receive text messages – you will know this with the blue bubble. However, when iMessage is not available, it still sends the message as standard SMS and for this, the indication is used as green bubble. But you must have this option enabled and a proper message plan also. Without a proper plan, you will not be able to send text messages in standard way in case iMessage is not available.

Go to Settings > Messages – Send as SMS – toggle this option ON.

This will allow sending SMS when iMessage is not available with the receiver who you are trying to text.

Follow these instructions and troubleshooting tips to fix the “Message Blocking is Active” error notification. If you find that none of the fixes have worked for you, then you must visit an Apple Store to have your problem resolved.

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