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Are you interested in downloadable ROMs for your Nintendo DS? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss what to expect in the game, from its First hunt and Survival mode to its Xenomorphs and Voice Chat. Then, we’ll cover what’s new in the upcoming sequel. So, go ahead and download this fantastic game for your DS!

First hunt

The Nintendo DS released a demo of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt in 2004. The demo features one map, the first mission of the entire game, and two characters that you can use in multiplayer mode. This demo is much different than the full version. You will find a lot of information about the game in the tech demo and a few screenshots of the actual game.

The game received positive reviews and many honors. It was named Best DS Action Game, Best Shooter/Action Game, and Best Wi-Fi Functionality. It sold over 410,000 copies in its first month in North America and was Japan’s fourth-best selling game of 2006. It is currently available for download on the Nintendo DS and Wii U.

The first game in the series, Metroid Prime Hunters, is a demo version of the main game. This demo was included in Nintendo DS packages at launch. The demo consists of three short single-player games, a trailer for the entire game, and a small multiplayer section. The demo also includes training missions for Samus, and you’ll learn how to combo enemies and avoid missing shots.

Survival mode

The Nintendo DS game Metroid Prime Hunters aimed to fit as much of the original Prime series’ gameplay as possible into the handheld system. It occurs between two significant tournaments, Samus Aran and Metroid II, and involves Samus exploring a mysterious cluster known as the Alembic Cluster. While exploring the Alimbic Cluster, Samus becomes a target for six bounty hunters. Though the game is not as great as the original Metroid games, it was a fun little experience back in 2006.

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However, the game’s single-player component has some shortcomings. The level design is somewhat clunky, with many areas featuring the same layout as the multiplayer game. In addition, there is a lack of exploration in some areas. For example, Metroid Prime Hunters have no hidden items or item hunts, so you’ll need to explore to find the things you need. This way, you can unlock new areas and fight bosses that might otherwise be impossible to reach.

There are also many enemies to contend with in the game. While Samus is supposed to fight all of them alone, there are also many “good” hunters, which could add some depth to the story. Samus could take their side temporarily, stealing them after they’re tired. Other hunters may be more adept than she is at finding artifacts. But even the good guys can fall victim to the Hunters, making the game all the more compelling.

In addition to the story, this game also boasts several improvements that make it stand out from its predecessors. The game features voice acting throughout the game and plenty of save stations, as well as auto-saving before bosses. The scavenger hunt has become more accessible, with optional final area keys. Overall, this game is a fun experience and even more enjoyable than the previous two Metroid games.

In the game, you’ll find that you can control Samus’ Gunship by pressing the “B” button or a combination of buttons. Using your Wii Remote and the DS’s touch screen controls, Samus can also use her gunship to shoot enemies. There are also charms to find, but it will take some digging. So, if you’re looking to play this Metroid game, download the DS ROM and experience it for yourself.


If you’re a fan of the series, you can download the Metroid Prime Hunters Nintendo DS ROM for free! This game requires an emulator, but it’s still an excellent way to enjoy it on the go! The ROM also includes the English (USA) variant. This is the 4th installment in the series. It’s a fun game to play and has many great features.

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The first hunt is a Metroid Prime Hunters demo included with Nintendo DS packages when it first came out. It contains three short single-player games, a trailer for the entire game, and a small multiplayer section. The multiplayer area is made up of Bounty Hunter training missions where Samus’s abilities are put to the test. Using combos to defeat the enemies without missing a single shot, she’ll learn her new skills as a hunter.


If you’re a fan of the Metroid series, you’ll love this new game for the Nintendo DS. This first-person shooter features touchscreen controls, 3D graphics, and telepathic messages. There are many different game modes, including first-person shooting and multiplayer, and the gameplay is remarkably smooth. However, the game isn’t perfect, and you’ll need time to adjust to the controls.

In addition to the lackluster story mode, Hunters’ level design is disappointing. It’s not a good match for its Metroid roots, as it tries to emulate the Metroid series’ better games. Instead of incorporating exploration, Hunters focuses on non-stop action. That’s a missed opportunity. As a result, the game has little sense of progression.

The game’s enemies are classic Metroids, and there are several new ones as well. In addition to several variants of the game’s enemies, the game features a select few new species. Though most creatures are variants of one another, it does feature two interstellar species – Blastcaps and Ithraks. The game also introduces new enemies and various abilities, so you’ll likely encounter some new creatures.

Despite its lack of continuity with the Prime series, Hunter is a fun experience for shooter fans. While it has limited ties to the Metroid franchise, it’s still an essential purchase for any Nintendo DS owner. And with its online multiplayer component, it’s well worth the price. This game is for you if you’re looking for a new shooter. We highly recommend it. This game is worth every penny. The demo gives you a taste of what’s to come.

The multiplayer modes are fantastic, and the single-player game lasts about as long as Metroid Prime on the console. Despite this, the game’s controls can be exact, and it’s essential not to lose control of the controller too quickly. For this reason, Metroid Prime: Hunters is a must-have for any DS owner.

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