Mojo Installer for iOS Download and Install on iPhone, iPad No Jailbreak

Every iOS user knows that Cydia allows one to have pure customizable experience on iPhone along with getting any premium apps for free. However, not everyone likes to jailbreak their Apple device. Mojo iOS Installer for iPhone is a great third-party app as an alternative to Cydia.

The app effectively works on non-jailbroken devices. Users can easily find unlimited cracked, hacked, ++Apps and tweaks for free without any hassles. Being a free and open source app available for iOS users, many users prefer Mojo Installer over other such apps like TweakBox, AppAddict and AppValley.

Note:- With Cydia app, users would get repos and download them on their iPhone to get the tweaked version of the app. But in Mojo installer, users can simply download a host of cracked apps directly found on the app store or hosted on their server for free without paying or jailbreaking their device.

Features of Mojo Installer Download for iOS on iPhone, iPad

mojo installer

The Mojo installer offers great functions to iOS users such as

  1. No coding functions: To download and install Mojo Installer, you need no coding skills. Users can simply download and install any cracked or ++app on your idevices.
  2. Responsive UI: The app is very responsive with a good UI that is easy to navigate.
  3. In-built features: The app is amazing as it has inbuilt features within the app. You can track downloads, save the preferred list of apps, use search tool, etc., on the Mojo Installer app.
  4. Language translation: For the convenience of idevice users, language translation feature enables users to download and use the app in a variety of languages. You can change up to 5 languages within the app.
  5. Quick search tool: The quick search tool enables users to find their favorite apps from the third-party app store and download on their devices.
  6. No Wi-Fi required: One of the best functions of the app is that you do not need Wi-Fi or internet access to download the apps and games.
  7. Compatibility: The Mojo Installer app is a highly compatible on almost all iOS and Android versions.

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Download and Install AppEven iOS for iPhone, iPad

How to Download and Install Mojo Installer on iOS 15/ 14+/ 13+/ 12+/ 11+ Without Jailbreak

  • Open the Safari browser and paste this link on the address bar
  • Open the Mojo Installer website and tap on the blue download button written as “Install directly from your idevice”.
  • A specific page appears containing data as “What’s that doing?” Just go through it and click on “Build Custom Profile” button.

IMPORTANT:- Now, navigate to the profile page to see whether the iOS version is compatible with your iPhone/iPad. This is done to check if the Mojo Installer app is verified or unverified with your current iOS version.  If “Press Install” button is checked, then click Update Mojo setup.

  • Click on “Download Now”. A pop-up appears and again click on Download to start installing the Mojo Installer app.
  • The final step appears to tap on “Install Mojo” on your iPhone and iPad. A pop-up appears asking you to install Mojo. Tap to complete the installation process.
  • Now go to the home screen to see the Mojo Installer icon appear. Open the app.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error on Mojo Installer?

As you open the app, a message displays “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Click Cancel.

  • Navigate to Settings > General Settings > Profile and Device Management > Find the latest installed profile installed of Mojo app and tap on Trust
  • After tapping on the trust option, you will face no problems in using the app.

How to Fix Mojo Installer Profile Installation Failed?

Many iOS users have reported profile install failed when installing Mojo app. This kind of Profile Configuration Failure message is often due to overloaded Apple servers. The easiest trick to perform is to wait for a while and then try again to access Mojo Installer. If you still get the same error message, then follow these steps –

  1. Select Airplane mode on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data.
  3. Tap on Clear History & Website Data button.
  4. Switch off Airplane mode and wait for a couple of minutes.

Now try installing Mojo app again, and it should work fine.


Moj Installer is a simple, yet powerful third-party app store which is also a great Cydia alternative. You can enjoy amazing tweaked apps without shelling out a penny out of your pocket. Please take time to hit the like button and follow us on Facebook & Twitter to receive the latest iOS tips and hacks delivered right on your iPhone.

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