N64 Nintendo Switch Emulator PC, Android For Online Games Download

N64 Nintendo Switch Emulator PC, Android for Games Download: Nintendo is probably one of the first gaming console companies that brought a change to the gaming industry. Their advanced input controllers and a smooth fluid experience on the screen was the reason why Nintendo became famous and solidified as one of the top companies. But, not everyone has the money to purchase a console, and therefore, gamers often rely on emulators to get an almost similar experience.

On the other hand, Nintendo switch emulator pc is not available online easily and you have to research a bit and try to select which one is the best out there.

So here we are today, presenting an article to all of our fellow gamers that we have done your part and researched which one’s the most popular and best Nintendo switch emulator pc online. So stay tuned and continue reading this page to know more about the same.  Also, for android users, keep reading there is something for you too!.

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4 Best N64 Nintendo Switch Emulator for PC and Android

4 Best N64 Nintendo Switch Emulator PC, Adroid Games Yuzu, Ryujinx


If there is a list of best Nintendo Switch emulator PC and there is no name for Ryujinx, then probably that list is not complete. Because Ryujinx is one of the most widely used emulators for all OS straight from windows to Mac and even Linux!.

It contains some of the best features like a super friendly user interface which even a 5year old can use and a superfluid movement on the screen which gives the best experience you can have. Also, it can run games as high as 60FPS!

Mega N64

Android users, finally something good for you. MegaN64 is the Nintendo Switch emulator for android which is widely famous for its best in class performance. With the availability of the 64-bit option, you can play almost every Nintendo classic game on your device straight from Mario to Resident Evil 2.

Also, the feature to add Bluetooth controllers will help you play your games using a controller. Besides all this, the amazing rendering power will load the best graphics possible which will increase your user experience many times.


Amongst all the Nintendo emulators out there, Yuzu is the one that has the biggest user base. And all this is due to the excellent features that Yuzu provides to its users. Straight from the stunning user interface to the ability to run top games with almost no lag what makes it different from others.

Yuzu is available for Windows and Linux. Besides all this, the installation process and other loading times are also very less which makes it easier to use for anyone.


Another good emulator for Nintendo is the NSEmu which is free for windows since it is open-sourced. The emulator can be used to play almost all the top names that you can find under the Nintendo list.

Lag-free experience and ability to support all games at near 60FPS what makes it interesting. The high-resolution gaming experience and the UI will make you think like you are actually using the console.

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