A Complete Guide for Openemu Mac

OpenEmu is a free open-sourced emulator. It’s an extremely popular GBA emulator Mac that lives up to all the expectations. This emulating tool enables you to play old-school games on your latest Mac device. Supports multiple systems including Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and even the Arcade systems.

Setting up OpenEmu Mac is also pretty simple. Get the installer and then simply select the emulators you want to download. A simple drag and drop and the systems will automatically identify the titles. But the question remains. Is OpenEmu really that great emulator? Well, you have to check out our article below to learn more details.

Openemu mac

Openemu Windows?

Due to its huge potential and popularity, a lot of people ask for the Windows version of OpenEmu. Sadly, Openemu Windows is not available, it is a Mac-only tool. But there are other options available for Windows like Retro Arch. You can check it out, it’s pretty good.

Is Openemu Safe?

So, is OpenEmu safe?

Of course, OpenEmu is safe to use. It has an official website and as it is specifically developed to be used on macOS, you do not need to worry about compatibility. Simply, visit the website and download the tool. The website link is given below.

Download Openemu

How to Play Retro Games Using OpenEmu on Mac

Playing retro games using OpenEmu on Mac is not a difficult task. As we have previously hinted, setting up this tool is simple. Still, if you are worried, be sure to check out the detailed steps we have provided below.

Step-1: Open Google on your Mac and type OpenEmu. Hit Enter and click on the OpenEmu website. Or you can use the following link and visit the website directly.


Step-2: On the OpenEmu website, click on Download Now. A small panel will appear, select Save File and click OK.

Step-3: Now, run OpenEmu on your Mac, and a warning message will pop up stating that the app cannot be opened. Close this message by clicking Cancel.

Step-4: Now, click on the Apple Icon at the top left-hand side of the window. Navigate to System Preferences Security & Privacy > General. Click on the Lock button at the bottom left corner of the panel.

Step-5: You have to enter the System Administrator Password and click Unlock. Go to Allow Apps Downloaded From and click on Open Anyway. The OpenEmu will be launched immediately along with another warning message.

Step-6: When prompted, click Open System Preferences and allow OpenEmu to record keystrokes from all the apps. After that, close OpenEmu.

Step-7: Now, click on the Lock button when the Security & Privacy panel appears and enter the System Administrator Password. Click Unlock.

Step-8: Check the box beside OpenEmu. This will allow OpenEmu to record all the keystrokes from the apps.

Step-9: Lastly, click on the Lock button to save it and prevent any unauthorized changes.

Step-10: Now, run OpenEmu on the Mac and click Next. Select or Un-select all the emulator cores that you do not want to download and click Next to proceed.

Now, you will be able to play old school games using OpenEmu on the Mac, after downloading the required game ROMs. Just drag the ROMs on the OpenEmu window and you are ready to play the games.

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Best List of Retro game collections

OpenEmu supports a wide array of retro games for Mac. It supports more than 10 different gaming platforms and each of these platforms has more than handful of games in their portfolio. So, adding a comprehensive list would be difficult.

So, let us begin by listing the most popular franchises that can be played using OpenEmu.

  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle
  • Contra Anniversary Collection
  • Castlevania Anniversary Collection
  • SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
  • Disney Afternoon Collection
  • Sega Genesis Classics

Besides these legendary titles. You can also play the following SNES and Genesis titles.

SNES Titles

  • Super Mario Kart, World and All-Stars
  • Street Fighter 2 (Whichever Version You Like)
  • A Link to the Past
  • ActRaiser 1 (Not so much ActRaiser 2, but some like it)
  • Super Punchout!
  • Final Fantasy 2 & 3
  • Mega Man X
  • Secret of Mana

Genesis Titles

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Lion King
  • Strider
  • Shinobi
  • Battletoads & Double Dragon


There are a lot of emulators available on Mac. Some are good and some can even be considered great. But in terms of capability, nothing comes to OpenEmu. It is safe to use, comes with a simple installation procedure, and flexible enough to run lots of old-school games. Sadly, there is no Windows version available but on the said platform you will have access to a different array of options.

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