Pokemon Conquest – Important Differences Between the Two Series


Pokémon Conquest, also known in Japan as Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition, is a crossover between the Pokémon and Nobunaga’s Ambition video game series. It was developed by Tecmo Koei and published by The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo DS. The game features both classic and new characters and has a storyline that follows the adventures of the famous Japanese Pokémon. However, there are several significant differences between the two series, and the game is recommended for players of all ages.


Pokemon Conquest is a great strategy game. With its many campaigns, it is by far the giant Pokemon game ever made. The game features seventeen different kingdoms that all have diverse terrain and obstacles. The game was developed by Japanese video game developer Koei Tecmo and had an appealing graphical style that evokes classic anime. For a more challenging experience, players can opt for a dungeon mode, a more randomized version of a traditional dungeon.

The battle system in Pokemon Conquest is an excellent adaptation of the regular Pokemon game. The battles are fought on a grid, and Pokemon must move around to reach their opponents. Each attack has a different pattern, sometimes affecting a single square or several squares in a complex way. It’s best to be prepared for this when you begin the game, as you’ll want to learn all the different attacks available.

Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest uses a unique mechanic called linking. Achieving this Linking will allow you to capture a Pokemon in the future. Once you’ve captured a Pokemon, you can use it to fight other Pokemon. Use it correctly because it can make all the difference in your battle! Once you have mastered this new feature, you’ll be able to conquer half the nations in the game!

While the game’s gameplay is more similar to the original Pokemon games, several differences exist. This game uses a tactical RPG engine and allows players to deploy up to six Warlords in each battle. You can link each Warlord to one Pokemon and use their unique abilities to change battle strategies. Some Warlords have special skills which boost stats or allow Pokemon to move more than once.


In Pokemon Conquest, players can control historical figures and legendary Pokemon linked with their trainers. Each character has their unique trait and Best Link Pokemon. Players can receive new costumes and stats as they gain strength and evolve. However, before forming a partnership with one of the legendary Pokemon, players must first bond with the character’s most powerful ally. They can then use other Pokemon to help them with their quests.

The game’s protagonist, Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga, is the titular character. Nobunaga’s legacy is the beginning of the unification of Japan, although his ambition was not realized as his retainer betrayed him. Nobunaga introduced merit-based promotions to the Japanese government but is generally villainized. In Pokemon Conquest, he is paired with a Dragon-type Pokémon, Zekrom.

While the franchise has been known for its challenging battles, fans have often complained about the series’ lack of variety of characters. Thankfully, there was an RPG-type game in the works. Pokemon Conquest, released in 2012, blended elements of a battle strategy game with those of a Pokemon game. The game was set in the Ransei region and included a female version of the legendary Eevee.

In addition to characters, Pokemon Conquest features many historical figures from Japanese history. Ujiyasu, a Crgaspur warlord, is also the protagonist. Kai is the daughter of a vassal, and Kotaro is a Yaksha Warlord. After Kotaro leaves, Keiji becomes the Yaksha Warlord. Among the other characters are Hanzo, the ninja of Ieyasu, and No, the Septra Warlord. In the middle of all this, Okuni, a junior ninja, is the only female Warlord in the game.


The storyline of Pokemon Conquest was designed to expand the franchise and the players’ horizons. It introduced a Fairy Type, two new variants of the Alolan/Galarian/Hisuan Pokemon, Z Moves, and Mega Evolutions. It was also one of the most exciting spin-off games in the series. Still, critics questioned how well the game was marketed and whether it would appeal to non-Pokemon fans.

Even though the mechanics of Pokemon Conquest are simple, the game offers dozens of storylines. These campaigns are divided by Warlord and include different campaign goals. In some instances, players will unlock new Pokemon and Warlords. These quests also contribute to the game’s Perfect Links quest. However, the storyline is flawed, as the game fails to make its goals obvious. As a result, many players may be put off by this.

The storyline of Pokemon Conquest isn’t solid, but it is tolerable. The game does have some weaker points than many strategy games, but the gameplay makes up for those. A lack of a good storyline may make the game less engaging, but it isn’t enough to make it unplayable. For those who crave storylines, this game isn’t for you. But if you’re a fan of Pokemon, you’ll probably find it a blast.

One of the most notable changes from the previous games is how the plot is told. Instead of one extensive campaign with multiple chapters, the game has 38 interconnected movements. These campaigns are as long as the first tutorial campaign in the previous games. While there aren’t any major plot twists or surprises, the game’s plot does remain intriguing. There are dozens of new characters that you can collect along the way, and a new challenge awaits you each time you play.

Character designs

While Pokemon Conquest has a lot of similarities with Nobunaga’s Ambition and Samurai Warriors, the two games are distinctly different. While Pokemon Conquest focuses on another genre, its character designs have similarities with both games. Some of the character designs directly resemble the games they are based on. Here are a few of the most notable.

Pokemon Conquest uses the Historical Domain Characters in its characters. The characters in Samurai Warriors have a variety of traits, including the ability to fight. The game also features Pokemon from the first five generations. Because the game is intended for a western audience, the character designs may differ slightly from those of the original games. In this case, the main character’s look is similar to the other characters, while different character designs are based on a Japanese legend.

Some of the character designs in Pokemon Conquest have ties to the Pokemon franchise. Anaheim, for example, has a similar motif to the characters in Pokemon. Inahime’s armor resembles the Best Link, making her more reminiscent of the iconic creature. In addition, her power is named Yamato Nadeshiko, and her attacks all hit for three turns. A great deal of attention is paid to this character’s iron heart.

Several other character designs in Pokemon Conquest have inspired fans of the series. While the game is based on the classic Pokemon series, it also features some unique portraits. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire both have amazing pictures. It isn’t clear whether or not the game will feature general cutscenes or focus on specific character designs. There are plenty of other characters in Pokemon Conquest, so it’s up to the gamers to decide what suits them best.

Legendary Pokemon

If you have ever been intrigued by the possibility of capturing a Legendary Pokemon in the game, you should probably try Pokemon Conquest. The game offers a lot of content to keep you busy, and the post-game campaign is filled with 37 new movements to complete. You’ll be able to play as Warlords or evolve legendaries in these campaigns, but it’s best to start at the beginning to learn how to catch Legendary Pokemon.

Players can control both the Pokemon and the Warlords in Pokemon Conquest. Some characters, like Motonari and Kunoichi, were altered in appearance to associate with Perfect Link Pokemon. Motonari’s hair was changed from brown to green to look more like Service. Kunoichi’s outfit was also black to represent the Sneasel more accurately. In addition, the appearances of several characters were altered to reflect Samurai Warriors 3 characterizations. For example, Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori are depicted as young children, and most characters do not carry weapons. However, if they were not particularly weapon-like, they retained them.

Aside from the new game features, Pokemon Conquest also features unique characters. The antagonist of Pokemon Conquest, Oda Nobunaga, is modeled after real-life samurai. The Warlords that serve Nobunaga’s army are also based on real-life samurais. In addition, the game includes post-game campaigns that nod to the historical backgrounds of the characters. In this case, an Ice-type Warlord named Mitsuhide decides to leave Nobunaga, inspired by real-life betrayal. The latter two, Akechi Mitsuhide, are based on the real-life assassination of Nobunaga.

The process for linking a Legendary Pokemon is very similar to catching a regular Pokemon in a game. It also requires players to use a Poke Ball to capture a Legendary Pokemon. However, the process is slightly different with Legendary Pokemon because you only have one chance. If you fail, you may have to delete all the data associated with your Legendary Pokemon. If you are unsure if you can link a Legendary Pokemon, you should make sure to save your game before going to face one.

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