How to Print Text Messages from iPhone and Android

How to print text messages from iPhone and Android? – Text messages have become an old school way of communication after the advent of several top-class chatting apps but the trend hasn’t disappeared completely. People still use SMS and iMessages and for some people, they contain some very valuable information.

So, if you want to print one or more such conversations for obvious reasons from your mobile, you won’t be disappointed. There are ways to print text messages from iPhone and Android, the methods are also pretty simple. For more detailed information, check out the article below.

print text messages from iphone

3 Effective Ways to Print Text Messages from iPhone and Android

Although technology has advanced significantly, the perception of most people remains the same. There was a time when printing a document was a task specified only for desktops or Macs but times have really changed.

It is possible to print text messages from iPhone and Android. There are numerous methods available and you can choose any one of them that feels the most convenient to you. So, without further ado, let’s check out these methods.

1) Using Email to Print Text Messages from iPhone and Android

Email is one of the best ways to print text messages from iOS and Android. It is easy and everyone will be able to do it. The procedure is simple. Just copy the content of the messages or take a screenshot and then sent it to yourself via email. The steps are detailed below.

Step-1: Just open the Messages app on your mobile and locate the conversation you wish to print.

Step-2: Now, open the Email and compose a new email. Paste the copied content and draft a new email.

Step-3: Now, access your email account from your computer and check the drafted messages.

Locate the messages and print them. It is very simple.

2) Using Air-Print Enabled Printer (iOS)

This procedure won’t help you to export text messages from iPhone to PDF but if you have an Air-Print enabled printer, you will be able to use Apple’s Air-Print service to your advantage. The only requirement is that your printer has to support AirPrint.

Step-1: First, take the screenshot of the conversation.

Step-2: Then, navigate to the Photos App and select the desired screenshot. Tap on the Share option.

print text messages from iphone

Step-3: Locate the Print option and tap on it.

Step-4: After specifying the number of copies you want, tap on the Print option at the top corner.

This is the most suitable way to print text messages on an iPhone but your printer has to be AirPrint enabled. So, when getting a printer, beware of this particular criteria.

Note: Sadly, you won’t be able to export text messages from Android to PDF using the AirPrint feature. It is only for iOS devices. But there was a similar tool available for Android users as well. It was called Google Cloud Print but the said app has been discontinued.

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3) Using 3rd Party Applications

print text messages from iphone

Last but not least, if you do not want to use the previous procedures, you can still use 3rd party application to print text messages from iPhone and Android. Of course, you have to use different applications based on the platforms but these apps are easy to use and get the job done perfectly.

If you want to print text messages from iPhone using a 3rd party app, then TouchCopy would be the preferred choice. It is popular, has been tested, and works really well. Of course, this application requires the use of a computer. The operation is simple, just connect the mobile and run the app to print the messages.

There are 2 versions of TouchCopy available. One for Mac and one for Windows. Links are provided below accordingly.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

If you are an Android user, then the SMS Backup + app is recommended. Its use is simple. Just install the app and print text messages from Android using your Gmail account. Check out the download link below.



It is not difficult to print text messages from iPhone and Android. Multiple procedures are available. Some require the use of a computer and some don’t. In this article, we have disclosed the best possible ways to print text messages on the said devices. Please, check them out and decide which one is the best suited to you.

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